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Staxus Classic: Wet Dream - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

3.4/5 (Total votes: 38)


Miro Benks, Drago Lembeck, Robin Liu

Added: 14/August/2015
Comments: 25


It’s difficult to guess who had the greater sense of sexual anticipation at the start of this classic threesome from legendary director, Vlado Iresch. Miro Benks, the young blond masseur, suddenly presented with the opportunity to give hunky Drago Lambeck a real hard rub-down after his swim? Lambeck, who gets the massage? Or Robin Liu, who starts the scene on the sidelines, perhaps hoping to feel Benks’ hands on his tired, rippled muscles?

The sad fact is we’ll never know. What we do know, however, is that all three of these young fellows are very quickly in the mood for something much more intense than a simple back-rub. As a result, it’s no time at all before the masseur’s hands have found their way inside Lambeck’s trunks – at which point Liu promptly crosses the room and joins the other two fellows for a fabulous ménage-a-trois! Of course, it’s pretty obvious from the start as to which of these three fellows is going to be getting hard dick up his ass; and having witnessed all of the guys taking it in turns to slurp on each other’s cocks, we’re soon treated to the glorious sight of Benks being bundled over the massage couch so that the two horny tops can pummel his arse and mouth in equal measure.

All this in itself is surely more than enough to get you creaming big-time; but just in case it’s not enough, we are then treated to Lambeck spunking up the blond boy’s ass and Liu spurting all over his face. All of which is nicely topped off by seeing Benks getting his arse energetically fingered to the point of him jerking out his own creamy wad!

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Good scene really. But a remastered scene after only two new scene is a bit too much , even great . after three or four new would be enought, we haven't subscribed to see films we had sawn years ago...

NOELMEAR, 14/August/2015

This video is getting a bit long in the tooth..the boys are not that unattrative but not feels like "modern porn"..also HD adaptation didn`t result in really lascivious porn..maybe for the years in the mid 2000 standard but for 2015 old fasioned...

Chris, 14/August/2015

I loved this update. While it might be an "old" one, there are a lot of members here who haven't seen some of the classic videos, and they do look better once they've been remastered. All three of these guys do it for me.

Tommy, 14/August/2015

I submitted a support ticket on your system on the 7th August and a week later still no reply. Maybe I have to write glowing reviews in French on every scene to get a personal reply from Staxus staff?

Joel K, 14/August/2015

Hi Joel - andrei replies to every ticket he gets in the support suite and he cant see one from you. can you email him directly so he can help you asap thanks steve

steve, 14/August/2015

Hi Joel! We had issues with the support suite for 2 days last week and some tickets might have not gotten through. Can you maybe resubmit the ticket or email me directly? I apologize for any inconveniece!

Staxus - Andy, 14/August/2015

My original support request was no 1031, have just resubmitted it again under no 1084. I dont have any email address to email Andy on.

Joel K, 14/August/2015

That looks an awful lot like a young Pierre Fitch to me!

Etienne, 15/August/2015

These classic scenes - which I haven't seen - are great. Keep them cumming.

London81, 24/August/2015

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