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Cock-Bitch Blent Gets His Ass Rammed To The Hilt By Black Dick! (Twinks Destroyed 4 Scene #3 HD)

3.3/5 (Total votes: 62)
Added: 12/August/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


England meets Holland in a terrific interracial pairing, with the wonderful Kris Blent once again showing off all his sluttish credentials – a performance that a hardened ass-lover like Gareth Grant is clearly quite unable to resist. Not that that’s in any way a criticism of the horny Brit. After all, there aren’t many guys around who could willingly hold back from taking full advantage of the kind of fine bubble ass that Blent has to offer!

Meantime, Blent is totally mesmerised by the terrific bulge that Grant is showing in his pants – a handsome mound that serves as a foretaste of great delights to come. Needless to say, it’s no time at all before the Dutchman is peeling away the covers and taking a sneak at the treats inside – an act that signals the start of a delicious slurp on Grant’s oversized ramrod! All this cock action evidently gets Blent in the mood – if indeed that was actually necessary! Before you know it he’s grinding his hips back and forth in a totally explicit manner; inviting his buddy to first rim, then finger and then finally fuck his sweet, hungry ass-hole. And believe us, a lad like Grant doesn’t need a second invitation!

So sit back and enjoy the sight of Blent taking that almost obscene salami right up to the hilt in a wild succession of positions; culminating in him riding the full length like the bitch he is, before throwing himself down onto the bed and having the jizz banged out of him. All of which is nicely topped off by the lad pouting out his ass so that his older mate can cream his dirty little pucker. In short, a filthy, sweaty, jizz-inducing display!

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No thank you.

Jay, 12/August/2015

I agree :(

Fuckslut, 12/August/2015

Alright scene, I love interracials but I don't love Gareth :( He was better in this scene than in his previous scene with Kris, but still a bit robotic and to me he doesn't have the looks to be a model :( Just imagine if eg. Hector would have switched places with Gareth , then I think this scene with Kris as a bottom, a nice setting and so forth could have been something pretty spectacular =)

biggerthebetter, 12/August/2015

Sorry but this video doesn`t reach me..Gareth is a totally upturner and isn`t handsome at all...the hole scene feels funless and robotic (agree with biggerthebetter)..for me there`s a feeling as if both models aren`t into each other and just go there way waiting till its over:-( Could only allot 2,5 points of it...

Chris, 12/August/2015

armer Kris, du hast so einen Upturner wie Gareth nicht verdient!! Bitte gebt Kris die Boys die er verdient und nicht so Models wie Gareth!!! Kriss 5 Stars, Gareth 0 Stars

gandalf0123, 12/August/2015

Bien que d'un haut niveau pornographique, cette scène n'a pas convaincu grand monde pour des raisons qui ont été fort judicieusement exposées par Biggerthebetter. Je mets néanmoins la note de 4/5 à ce clip. Décidément, Gareth ne fait pas l'unanimité. N'ayant pas pour habitude de faire le moindre commentaire péjoratif sur le physique d'une personne, je ne dérogerai pas à ce principe ce soir. Je crois surtout que Gareth a dépassé la limite d'âge pour être modèle dans un site à minets.

Pascaloux, 12/August/2015

A pity. :(

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/August/2015

Seriously guys, did Bob Smith or whatever his name is, just go onto Facebook and pick the first mixed race guy he could find? Whoever recruited this guy has obviously no idea what he's doing. "less scenes because we are spending more on quality models" - what a crock of shit ! This is NOT a quality model under any circumstances. Oh and the video was dreadful as well, another Bob Smith classic.

Joel K, 13/August/2015

It would be interesting to know Gareth's heritage, he kinda looks samoan rather than black :P And I agree that I could be worth taking a little extra time to look for really hot black guys =) (Unless the black model has a 11-12 inch cock and able to give the bottoms super rough poundings, then all else is forgiven ;)

biggerthebetter, 13/August/2015

While its good to see the site trying different things, this is a really poor scene. Gareth just seems like a very poor choice for this, and a bizarre choice to be paired with Kris.

john, 13/August/2015

Joel dont think your language is very suitable. Sorry you didnt like the scene or the model.But i do not think this kind of language is needed. Its very hard to find black models who will do gay porn in europe. we had someone drop out last minute and had to find a replacement fast. And you can never tell til the day what the performance will be like. Yes this scene is not our best but phrases like Crock Of Shit are not helpful and are in fact extremely rude - of course you can criticise but i do not think language like that is respectful at all.

steve, 14/August/2015

Have you tried looking for black models on escort sites like seems like there's tonnes of gay black men putting up sex ads on craigslist, perhaps some of them could be interested in modeling =)

biggerthebetter, 14/August/2015

Steve, my use of the expression "crock of shit" wasnt aimed at the model, it was aimed at your statement that there are less scenes because you are spending more on "quality" models. You made his statement some weeks ago, then commented on a scene that you have to use some bad models to keep your agents happy, now tell us that you had to use this guy as a last minute replacement, and without sounding rude he is awful, just look at the comments on the scene. Surely it would have been better to cancel the scene and find a GOOD quality model than rush in a bad below quality model? And If its that hard to find black models to do porn in Europe, surely it would be better to focus on hot caucausian models, rather than using below average black models? Its not the fact the scene is not one of your best, its the fact the model is just awful. And certainly whoever made the decision to cast him in a porn scene should get their eyes tested.

Joel K, 14/August/2015

Joel K is right. Gareth is not a good model. Full stop. If there are no good model for interracial scene, well focus on normal scene. Staxus has a good team of twinks who can play top/bottom role. I hope, one of this day, to see an orgy scene with such guys, like the one in ITALIAN JOB with Brad Fitt. Do your job and do it better! Sorry for the grammar, I'm italian

Luca, 16/August/2015

Why all the fucking nasty comments about a model who is only doing his job?!

Johnny, 17/August/2015

yes joel i got it - you were saying i was talking shit - charming. Thanks for that. Chris is a very expensive model - i get you dont like Gareth - fine.

steve, 17/August/2015

@steve, final comment on this. NODOBY liked Gareth (read ALL the above comments). And I reirerate the point I made above "And If its that hard to find black models to do porn in Europe, surely it would be better to focus on hot caucausian models, rather than using below average black models?"

Joel K, 18/August/2015

Joel K - don't be so fucking rude about models

Johnny, 18/August/2015

I really wonder why Joel K still pays for something he does not like. And especially after all his comments in the past from which NONE was fully positiv. And the unnecessary rude language to other members, models and the Staxus crew just says everything. Garath was indeed not hot but I rather have Garath all day than reading JoelK comments.

secondsky, 25/August/2015

very hot

wally99, 11/October/2015

The licking of Kris asshole is awesome!

Ryan, 20/July/2016

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