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Two Horned-Up Recruits Park Up For A Hard Fuck & Sticky Facial! (At Ease Scene #3 HD)

4.6/5 (Total votes: 86)
Added: 16/August/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


STAXUS favourite, Jaro Stone, and new recruit, Will Simon, should be keeping a watchful out for hostile rebels as they scoot along in their army truck; but, as ever with our horny young officers, they’re much more interested in exercising their cocks than combating the enemy. As a result, they’re parked up in a field at the first opportunity, taking a chance to jump out of the vehicle so that they can take it in turns to feast on the handsome dick that they’ve both got stashed inside their khaki trousers!

Stone, in particular, can’t get enough of his mate’s nicely curved shaft – but that’ll come as no surprise to his legion of fans, who already know what a complete cock-bitch he is. Ever the versatile guy, however, he’s clearly prepared to take the upper-hand in this pairing; and before long he’s giving Simon’s ass a rigorous rimming, probing his tongue right into his pal’s eager little crack in preparation for what ultimately proves to be a terrific, open-air pounding! Fuck knows what the enemy would’ve thought had they stumbled upon these two cuties rutting away for all they’re worth in the bright, Czech sunshine.

What we can say with some certainty, though, is that you lot of horned-up bastards are in for a treat, with young Simon taking every inch like a veritable pro! All of which culminates nicely with Stone creaming the fellow’s well-pounded pucker; before getting down on his knees and taking a full wad of hot jizz over his face and in his mouth from the depths of Simon’s erupting rod! If every military excursion was this hot and jizzy, we’d all be fucking enlisting!

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What a nice fuck :)

Randy, 16/August/2015

Wow, two really gorgeous guys, one the naughty tattooed and pierced rogue and the other one looking like the perfect handsome sports-star boy next door. Performances were great as were the camera angles. One thing, however - both cumshots were a little, shall we say, underwhelming. Come on, guys - as porn stars you must surely know all the techniques for producing incredible ejaculations! It's particularly a pity when the rest of the video was so horny. No offence - I love you guys xxx

Aino Wave, 16/August/2015

WOW, wow, Jaro and Will are so hot and cute! A joy to watch and..!

hetloo, 16/August/2015

Thank you for showcasing the devine Will Simon. !!!!! He will be haunting my dreams for days to come. More of him soon please.!

bodoman666, 16/August/2015

I have to agree that Will Simon is quite perfect as twinks come. Tall, lean and such a pretty face! Very nicely hung as well. It was nice to see Jaro too! If I had to rename this scene it could very well be: Porcelain Soldiers. I hope to see Will in upcoming videos very, very soon! Thanks.

Stuffedpuppy, 16/August/2015

das ist eine echte Staxus-Scene, pefekte Boys, geile Location, und heiße Action. Mehr davon und viel viel weniger Garath!!!!

gandalf0123, 16/August/2015

Both Boys with identical cocks !amazing show. I do have Jaro at the top of my favorites & would love to see a solo showing his real character.More of Jaro please xxxx

Puggsy, 16/August/2015

Yummy! very,very horny..nice to see Jaro again in action..both boys are blessed with horny big dicks..the rimming moment is very good..hope we`ll get to present also more of Will..I´m into young smooth and thin boys with tatooes

Chris, 16/August/2015

Cette scène remarquable devrait faire cesser les critiques qui ont été faites sur le clip précédent au cours duquel le pauvre Gareth a exagérément été frappé d'anathème. Jaro est vraiment un jeune homme magnifique avec beaucoup de prestance et de charisme. Quant à Will, il est adorable et très sexy. J'ai remarqué cependant que les fiches signalétiques des nouveaux modèles sont systématiquement mises à jour avec du retard (c'est le cas notamment pour Will et Xavier). Y-a-t-il une raison particulière à ceci ?

Pascaloux, 16/August/2015

cute guys! sadly I'm not so over-excited of this scene, the oral part was mainly penis head licking, no deepthroating (or attempt) and no element of roughness. It's great seeing Jaro back in action, on his part I think he did a good scene. Nothing wrong with Will's look but he lacked energy, and in some parts he was a little bit like a "dead fish", maybe this was his first scene ever, so it's probably to early to make any real judgements yet =)

biggerthebetter, 17/August/2015

It may be true that a bit more visible passion from Will's side might have made this clip even more perfect. But already the way it is, it's a very hot one, two wonderful guys (missed Jaro a lot! he's definitely good for more! - and Will is a great new find, what a face!), esthetically perfect, and in an outdoors & military setting (a total turn-on for me). Hot stuff and 5/5!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/August/2015

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