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Hard Black Stud Takes His Young Masseur For A Hot, Horny Fuck! (Twinks Destroyed 4, Scene 4)

4.4/5 (Total votes: 90)
Added: 23/August/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 19 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s be perfectly honest here, if you were presented with a fine specimen like Pinky to rub down in a massage, wouldn’t you find it hard to concentrate on the job at hand? To be fair, the ever-gorgeous Noah Matous does his level best to keep to the script in the opening stages. Trouble is, with that fine black butt on full display and the knowledge that there’s an even more appetising black cock pressed up against the massage-table beneath Pinky’s muscular frame, it’s nigh on impossible for a horny young fellow like Matous not to be totally distracted.

As a result, what starts off as a professional masseur display very quickly descends – or ascends, depending on your point of view! – into a full-on, no-holds-barred encounter between a black stud and his eager white bitch! Indeed, there’s simply no denying the enthusiasm that Matous displays once he’s been given total access to his buddy’s thick, uncut shaft! Why, the boy’s quite literally like a slut on heat as he grinds his own oiled knob against Pinky’s crotch; before the black dude responds by tossing him over on his front and engaging in a full-on exploration of his cute, white ass!

Clearly one to add a little kink into the mix, however, Pinky’s soon using a lollipop to work that tight little button; giving Matous to chance to suck on it between insertions, before finally fitting his own oversized butt-stretcher into the young twink’s fuck-hole. From that point on, of course, there’s just no going back. Matous quite simply receives the banging of a lifetime; culminating in him creaming-off mid-fuck, before Pinky underlines his mastery of the pairing by squirting his own wad on the lad’s arse!

Member comments: add comment

This is such a hot scene!!! Just loved it! Nohing more to add to it.

hetloo, 23/August/2015

Oh dear - the mediocre cum shots say it all. Both models (yes, even the usually reliable super-hot sex bomb Noah) made this look like really hard work from the reluctant licking of the lolly to the intercourse itself and finally to the forced smiles at the end. And I'm sorry to keep harping on about this, but can't you give your models some training on how to shoot their loads?? Even a non-porn star such as myself knows that this can be done by preparing properly in the hours/days building up to ejaculation, not to mention holding the penis in the optimum way to ensure a hot hot hot explosion of cum!

Aino Wave, 23/August/2015

11/10! this went straight to my favorites, this scene was super hot from the beginning to the end, so many elements I loved about it; interracial sex, seeing them oiled up was very sexy, Pinky playing with that lollipop in Noah's ass, lots of anal sex, the guys seemed to really be into eachother =) Please give Noah more big black cocks and why not an interracial dp and/or gangbang =D Another thing I'd really like to see would be Noah and Ray Mannix in a scene together sharing one (or preferably more) big black cocks =D

biggerthebetter, 23/August/2015

Strongly disagree with Aino Wave & his assessment of this scene, thought it was brilliant. The oiling up was super hot, anal was great & the breeding of Noah got me off big time. Well done to all for one of your best scenes so far.!!!

bodoman666, 23/August/2015

I loved this scene soo very much Noah my favorite Boy. So very sexy with a black cock great venue beautiful filming I was in heaven. Thanks guy's

Neville, 23/August/2015

Beautiful scene. Just right for a big cumshot.

TeDDi, 23/August/2015

Prize winning videography hot hot scene with real hard fucking of Noah by a hard dicked Pinky - great shots and angles - and fun too with the gay coloured swizzle stick lolly - great achievement all round - congrats and thanks

britpig, 23/August/2015

Not bad at all, and "Pinky" (can't you change his screen name?! ;) performing much better than I expected, based on his first scene (with Kris Blent) the other day. Hot stuff, great filming, loved the strong contrast between skin colors with Pinky really dark and Noah really pale. And yes, the oil and the lollipop were good ideas adding to the scene. Lots of hard pounding as I like it, and even though indeed both cum shots were a bit meagre, Pinky fucking his cream into Noah's hungry hole was getting me off! 5/5.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/August/2015

J'ai savouré chaque instant de cette très chaude scène interraciale qui a été excellemment réalisée. Le petit coquin de Noah a été formidable et je le considère désormais comme le meilleur petit minet du site. Quant à Pinky, je lui trouve un charme certain et souhaite le revoir pour de prochaines scènes interraciales au cours desquelles il pourrait contenter vos autres minets : Ray, Erik, David ou Ruben. Il va sans dire que j'octroie la note de 5/5 à cette grandiose réalisation.

Pascaloux, 24/August/2015

This was definetly better than the scenes with Gareth and Noah is like Yuri Adamov, he always delivers a good performance. I'm not that into black guys but I did enjoy the scene. The only negative was the lollypop. Noah is clearly in discomfort when its going in and out of his arse and he grimaces several times. Unlike several of the commentators above who think it was a great idea, I would rather not seen models in discomfort or pain in the name of porn.

Joel K, 24/August/2015

What a colorful scene ;-) As always a great performance from Noah. He clearly loved the kinky play with the lollipop, even smiled once. Every scene with Noah goes str8 to my favs.

secondsky, 25/August/2015

I this is special. I especially love Pinky's transferring his cum from Noah's ass hole to his mouth with his tongue.

AliusUK, 25/August/2015

I'm a tad drunk, but I watched this scene once again, and it's one of the most erotic scenes I've watched for a very very long time. Noah is very good at taking black cocks, but please give him more than one the next time =D!

biggerthebetter, 30/August/2015

I think I'm speaking for everyone else when i say that we want to see Noah swallowing a lot of cum. we really want to see that and see cum in his sexy mouth

Aaron, 02/September/2015

I think I'm speaking for everyone else when i say that we want to see Noah swallowing a lot of cum. we really want to see that and see cum in his sexy mouth

Aaron, 02/September/2015

I love black cock, your ir scenes are why I joined. If there are not anymore by the time my years subscription is up I may not re-subscribe.

plloc45, 06/December/2015

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