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Two Spanish Soccer Stars Suck Hard Cock & Take It Up The Arse! (Back Of The Net Scene #3) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 25/August/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


Neither Ruben Bart nor David Sky are in the mood for foreplay – at least if the start of this terrific changing-room duo is anything to go by! These two totally stark-bollock naked cuties quite literally hit the ground running right from the off, kissing and smooching like a pair of over-sexed banshees; before quickly engaging in some very satisfying fellatio. Then again, given the quality of cock on offer here it really should come as no surprise at all that both lads are so horned-up. Sky, as diminutive as ever, lacks nothing in terms of the size of his manhood; whilst his compatriot boasts the kind of handsome butt-picker that pretty much all of us could munch on for hours on end!

As it is, however, these boys have clearly got to get a move-on before their team-mates get back; which may in part explain the urgency with which Bart is soon rimming Sky’s pert little ass, before Sky returns the favour and first tongues and then fingers his mate’s fuck-hole! By this point, of course, you’ll have probably guessed whose pucker is gonna get stretched; and needless to say it’s no time at all before Sky is ramming his thick, swollen shaft into Bart’s rump from behind.

It’s a move that, not unnaturally, raises the sexual tension into the stratosphere; with Bart soon switching positions so that he can ride his buddy cowboy-style, savouring every single aching inch of Sky in the process. A further positioning sees him buggered on his back, legs akimbo – at which point he dumps his wad! That just leaves Sky to generously cream all over his pal’s face to call it a wrap!

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That's more like it! Two fucking gorgeous models obviously enjoying each other to the full. And what a pair of stunning throbbing cocks! You can actually feel the actor's pleasure radiating from the screen. I know nobody (at least since I last looked) agrees with me about the scene between Pinky and Noah, but surely after watching this sexual masterpiece what I said must make sense. The chemistry between David and Ruben was enough to make my dick hurt. And they are both so beautiful - and don't get me started on the mouth-watering "Crazy Boy" tattoo..... The finale with David caressing Ruben's face with his cock and balls was the icing on an exceedingly delicious cake. Fantastic camerawork too, by the way. David and Ruben - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! xxxx

Aino Wave, 25/August/2015

Oh my, oh my..., just so cute and so hot!! Love the passion!

hetloo, 25/August/2015

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, I have to catch my breath. David and Ruben are adorable. Both have such angelic faces and packing such nice BIG DICKS. These boys are blessed. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.

❤dr, 25/August/2015

This is heaven on earth..these two horny spanish gays in action..marvellous..I agree camerawork and positions are the word: porn paradise at staxus highest level! 5 points nothing to bitch about...

Chris, 25/August/2015

Really looked forward to this scene and it didn't disappoint. These two insanely hot Spanish guys are simply to die for,especially cute Ruben, I hope there will be plenty more scenes featuring this big cocked twink. Awesome!!

Dee Pee Zee, 25/August/2015

David and Ruben are two really beautiful boys - fucking horny and seems to really enjoy doing it together. David especially is gorgeous and has a perfect cock! A match made in paradise!

Thom, 25/August/2015

Wow! Great sucking, rimming and fucking. Didn't last beyond David's first slurp on Ruben's fuckpole!

Manhardon, 25/August/2015

Cute models both with well proportioned dicks. David, as usual, has no problem being fully hard throughout; Ruben a few problems in that area - although his dick swinging as he sits on David's dick is horny. All in all, a great movie featuring two of your horniest guys with nicely shaven testicles (although Ruben's balls could have been shaved a little better!) and penises.

Espanaporfavor, 25/August/2015

Nice porn. Nice shower. Nice locker room wanking, rimming and sucking. Nice fucking. Nice cum too. Let the third guy stay on next time instead of being sent out of the shower room.

Richard, 25/August/2015

the chemistry between them was really good, almost looked like they where in love with each other =) In my book 3,5-4/5, I would have liked for the models to be a bit more rough and "sexually aggressive" with each other.

biggerthebetter, 25/August/2015

Dès que Staxus met en action les petits minets les plus sexy du site, le succès du clip est immédiat avec une note moyenne qui tend systématiquement vers le maximum. Ces deux petits anges espagnols ont formé un duo magique, plein de tendresse et j'ai savouré chaque seconde de cette exceptionnelle vidéo. Je pars demain et pendant 18 jours effectuer mon troisième et dernier voyage de l'année et suis convaincu à 100 % que j'aurai plusieurs autres réalisations de très grand cru à télécharger et à déguster sans modération à mon retour le 13 septembre prochain. Félicitations à toute l'équipe pour l'excellence du travail fourni lors du tournage de cette superbe vidéo.

Pascaloux, 25/August/2015

Ruben is a cutie BUT needs to either be smooth or have some hair, in between does not work. Preferably, his look with natural hair against smooth David would have been hottest.

Phoenician, 26/August/2015

6 of 5 :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 26/August/2015

Good quality big cocked models. Only complaint is that the fluffer ladies needed to have paid more attention to shaving Ruben's cock, balls and arse prior to filming.

Marco, 27/August/2015

I don't normally comment on comments as they are an expression of personal tastes, but please tell Ruben that I don't think most of us had a problem with his downstairs hair. To be honest with you, I didn't even notice! Ruben, you are a beautiful boy and I hope you don't take the nitpicky comments of a small number of people to heart. You are a hot performer and you always do a great job so that we can experience a few moments of ecstasy. I know you get paid for this, but I still think it's a big thing to share your body so intimately with us viewers, and I guess this can be hard sometimes when the models read some of our comments! I may be guilty of writing insensitively sometimes too!! Ruben, you are gorgeous xxxx

Aino Wave, 02/September/2015

Aino, Ruben is a beautiful boy for sure - it is just if he were completely smooth, he'd be even better. Agree with the hair/hairless comments... KJ

KJ, 03/September/2015

Ruben is perfect as is the lovely David. On the to shave or not to shave issue, I'd gladly volunteer to give Ruben a Brazilian wax and get his ass fully waxed too at the same time. Definately should be completely smooth.

Mart, 04/September/2015

Shaved or not, caused me to shoot a massive massive load. Fucking horny boys!!

Boner, 04/September/2015

Yes, agree. Ruben is a hottie but needed to have been shaved more closely round his anus and genitals.

Paul, 06/May/2016

Nice, horny scene with hot boys!

Paul, 06/December/2017

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