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Homesick Recruit Gets His Hard Fill Of Hot Cock & Hungry Ass! (At Ease Scene #4 HD)

4.6/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 30/August/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


Young army recruit, Roman Smid, is feeling homesick – and no great wonder! Being stuck in the army, miles from everything that’s familiar, is never going to be a pleasant experience, after all. Fortunately he’s been teamed up with Oscar Ricci, who soon gets the lad in a much more upbeat mood by giving him a cigar to puff on. That, however, is nothing compared to what he subsequently produces to help lift his downcast buddy – namely his thick, meaty, uncut cock! Needless to say, Smid responds in exactly the way that you’d expect a dick-crazy youth like him to respond – falling to his knees and slurping on his mate’s ramrod, whilst Ricci takes his turn at smoking.

Soon afterwards, the roles are reversed – Smid leaning against an army motorbike, whilst Ricci deep-throats his pal’s closely shaved knob. It’s the perfect set-up for a session of unrelenting hardcore action; and suffice it to say that it isn’t long before Smid is asserting his dominant position by first rimming his mate’s ass-hole, then shoving every fat inch of his dick inside his tight little pucker! If this was Ricci’s objective from the start then it sure as fuck works dividends.

Before you know it, the horny pup is being given the banging of his life; culminating in him taking an almost unforgiving pounding down on the grass. The use of such heavy artillery is only ever going to have one result from boys like these, of course; and it’s not long before Smid is rupturing his nads all over his buddy’s face. Finally, Ricci adds a little bit of kink by creaming his heavy, sticky wad across Smid’s army boots!

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Neville38, 30/August/2015

Yum! hot guys in a very hot outdoor setting =D There was some very erotic oral moments going on around the 05:00 mark, if only Roman could have grabbed Oscars head and pushed all of his cock down Oscar's throat around the 05:20 it would have been sheer magic =)

biggerthebetter, 30/August/2015

Wow, Oscar Ricci is a living lollipop...a truly adorable model! The penetration wasn't bad either. I love al fresco scenes! Ahh summer...

Stuffedpuppy, 30/August/2015

The new guy Oscar has lots of potential : great willing ass, strong body and ready for all. Probably he can do more, surely as top as well. Let's see if he can be used in the future to his full capabilities !

Christian, 30/August/2015

Both boys seem to enjoy their sexual actions a guy Oskar has a great potential to rise like a his moaning while he`s beeing fucked and the cumming at the end..5 of 5

Chris, 30/August/2015

Video gets stuck at 2:55

Boylicker, 30/August/2015

Video plays for only 2 minutes.

Pleasure, 30/August/2015

That was a great scene and beginning, loved all the french kissing and tongue sucking at the beginning, hope to see a lot more of that and Oscar Ricci.

Staxusfan, 31/August/2015

Hi guys!</br> Video was re-uploaded, it should now play beyond the 2:55 mark!

Staxus - Andy, 31/August/2015

Wow - great scene with two beautiful boys. Delicious moaning from Oscar! As always, it was sheer heaven to watch your dominant alpha-top super-stallion Roman in action with his orgasmic tattooed body and his throbbingly gorgeous trouser snake. I'm so jealous of all those boys who get to have their asses pounded by this pornalicious demi-god! Love you, Roman xxxx

Aino Wave, 01/September/2015

...dieses Stöhnen von dieser geilen neuen Sau Oscar ist der Wahnsinn.Er ist nicht nur extrem hübsch sondern zeigt Emotionen ohne Ende...keinerlei "Chemie-Sex"..reine,wow und nochmals wow...

Chris, 01/September/2015

@staxus: is it ok for you and the members that from now on I `ll post my comments in my motherlanguage german? .. 2. could you please fill in the details about cute boy Oscar? he`s a dream on earth...

Chris, 01/September/2015

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