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Police Officers Give Four Cute, Horny Pups A Hard Ride! Part 3 (Police Prowlers Scene #2 Part 3 HD)

4.6/5 (Total votes: 69)
Added: 17/September/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 20 seconds
Comments: 25


If there’s anyone alive who doesn’t think that Yuri Adamov is little more than a cock-crazed whore then we’d love to meet them. No question about it, folks, this is a young man who quite literally can’t get enough dick up his ass – and he continues to prove it again here, bundled over a stool with his butt in the air! To be fair, however, he’s not actually totally happy unless he’s actually got a dick in his mouth at the same time; but with Nick Vargas, Ray Mannix, Noah Matous, Benjamin Dunn and Troy Vara for company he doesn’t have to worry about that! Indeed, this gang of horned-up buddies are just loving taking it in turns to give the fellow the pounding of his dreams – their only disappointment, perhaps, being that nature hasn’t given the lad even more holes to fill than his mouth and ass!

Of course, we’re absolutely sure that the sight of all these fit, young buddies rutting away like a bunch of over-sexed harlots will have you gagging to bolt your load – a sentiment that’s all-too-quickly shared (not surprisingly) by the boys themselves. Indeed, Vargas is the first to blow his wad – directly onto Adamov’s hungry little pucker, having pulled out just at the last moment. It’s a move that serves as a signal to the rest of the gang, who by now have arranged themselves in a semi-circle around the fellow’s head and are jerking ferociously in anticipation of the tsunami of spunk that’s about to erupt. And by fuck does it blow! Cascades of hot, sticky, pent-up jizz that coat Adamov’s face in a veritable sea of baby-brew. If this doesn’t send you over the edge then what the hell will?

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Now I understand the concept of "less is more." Any more than three always seems to end up being mechanical and over-acted. I guess nobody will agree with me, but I didn't like the swivel chair - it seemed too over-planned and a bit stupid. Well, I shall continue dreaming of that fantasy Ray/Yuri/Noah threesome.....

Aino Wave, 17/September/2015

Aino Wave, just totally agree with you! I love these boys, but this is dissapointing for me!

hetloo, 17/September/2015

Not a big fan of gang bang scenes, they tend to lose focus on the main game of intimacy between models which excites me much more.

bodoman666, 17/September/2015

@staxus Nice scene. Suggestion: Since the classics alternate with regular scenes, how about having a Classic category? (I've tried it as a search word and it got several hits but not all that I remember having seen, and also there are new scenes mixed in, presumably because the word "classic" appears in the description.

fuckworthy, 17/September/2015

I agree that gangbangs tend to lose the intimacy but, I counterbalance that with the fact that I love seeing as many handsome specimens together as possible.

plgc, 17/September/2015

Bin auch kein Riesenfan von Gangbangaction..zuviele Schwänze lenken vom Fokus ab:-)aber am Ende das Abspritzen in Juris Fresse ist endgeil..ein Teil der Wichse läuft in sein Ohr..ein supergeiler Moment...

Chris, 17/September/2015

J'ai beaucoup aimé les trois volets de cette longue scène d'orgie qui a été brillamment réalisée. Bien que les six modèles aient été performants, j'accorde "le prix d'excellence" au petit Yuri. Yuri est un minet d'exception fiable à 100 % et qui excelle dans tous les clips auxquels il participe en se livrant à fond pour ses partenaires et aussi et surtout pour le plus grand plaisir des membres. Je réitère mon souhait de voir un jour une scène similaire qui réunirait que vos petits minets les plus sexy (Yuri, Noah, Ray, Erick, David et Ruben par exemple). Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 17/September/2015

A cool ending to a great scene =) My only wish would be that it would have been Ray on that chair and Ray recieving all those loads, for some reason I've never really found Yuri that attractive. The cum-shot part with Milan Sharp was a great and unexpected surprise =) Here I go again with the same old question :P But when is the next release schedule coming out? And will we get to see the BTS scene with Noah and Pinky that where scheduled for august 26th? =)

biggerthebetter, 17/September/2015

i loved it. But i wish Noah gets all of that cum in his mouth one day :/ i wanna see his mouth full of cum :))

Nick, 18/September/2015

That 60-minute-plus, 3-parts orgy scene must really have been a blockbuster... Staxus has landed a coup with this one. Certainly a challenge to produce, and with some weaknesses orgies imply (which have been mentioned above), but all in all a real cum pumping highlight! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/September/2015

Forgot to mention: the "unedited cumshots" hidden in the second half of part 3 is a great extra for all cum lovers. A special thanks to John & editing team for that one!!! Which reminds me that on the Staxus blog, a few months ago a separate cumshot/creampie compilation from Staxus archives was announced for September (not sure whether this was planned as a DVD, online, or both) - is that something we still can look forward to?

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/September/2015

Hot scene and as a cum lover what about the cumshot compilation, guys?

London81, 18/September/2015

Although too many boys can sometimes drag down a scene, many times you can look forward to a good cum scene.

nova1989, 22/September/2015

I am a big fan of gang bangs and I liked this scene. Watching a bunch of cocks shooting cum at the end of a scene is my favorite. I especially like it when one guys takes it all in the mouth. I hope future gang bangs include really serious cum eating! Too much got wasted in this scene but it was still good.

Lance, 28/September/2015

Yuri is one the very best and dirtiest of slut whores on the site!! A classic! My first explosion came as Ray was buggering him good and proper - and then another big load when his face gets covered with all that cum at the end.

Manhardon, 03/October/2015

Absolutely wonderful; give us more of this

byck, 09/May/2017

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