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Horny Camper Gets His Hungry Little Hole Worked & Creamed! (Camp Out Scene #4) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 84)
Added: 23/September/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Young gardener, Pyotr Tomek, has clearly abandoned any pretence of doing any actual gardening – but then that’s not exactly surprising given that he’s now encountered the unrivalled delights of Noah Matous, who (as we all know) is a cock-whore par excellence! Indeed, the young blond lad clearly can’t wait to get his tanned, dark-haired buddy into a tent so that he can get acquainted with the labourer’s handsome tool, and is soon feasting on all that hard, handsome meat with characteristic gusto.

Not that Tomek is adverse to savouring cock, it must be said; and having returned the sexual favour, with the addition of a little bit of toe-sucking to add to the excitement, is soon busily accompanying Matous in a magnificent session of 69-ing down on the floor. And by that we really do mean “magnificent”! These boys are quite literally like a couple of bitches on heat as they mutually rim each other’s asses and rub their cocks together; and there’s every good chance that you’ll have creamed even before Matous has submitted to his overriding urge and taken every inch of Tomek’s dick deep inside his arse.

Given the quality of what follows, however, there’s every good reason that this scene could easily squeeze two loads out of your balls! For Matous is truly on the very best form imaginable as he rides Tomek’s shaft in a whole variety of positions; whilst the sight of Tomek pounding his pal’s hole after he’s creamed it is one of the highlights of his career so far. All of which culminates in the jizzed-out bottom furiously jerking out his own spunky wad of baby-goo for the finale!

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Just two awesome boys! My , oh my....., so hot and beautifull to watch! For me a joy! Thanks guys!

hetloo, 23/September/2015

At least the top is hot.

Jay, 23/September/2015

Very beautiful Boys so fit so charming so adorable I loved every moment sooo very sexy . xxxx A sensual CLASSIC

Neville, 23/September/2015

Noah hat echt richtig geile fette Eier, man muss mal drauf achten wie dick sie werden bevor er dann abspritzt...wirklich ein megaheißer Typ der mich total anmacht..das Video ansonsten ist ebenfalls geil

Chris, 23/September/2015

Very hot scene. I love Pyotr, with his dark good looks and his muscular thighs, and he is a great partner for the lighter, slimmer Noah.

Maike5, 23/September/2015

Great! normally I prefer the anal parts of scenes 9/10 times. But in this scene the oral part was my absolute favorite part, very hot seeing Pyotr laying on top of Noah pounding his throat =D Pyotr was almost down Noah's throat a couple of times too bad Pyotr didn't go "all the way" and challenged Noah to take all of his cock :P nevertheless it was hot and erotic. PS: Please let Jace (or other really hung tops) pound some twink throat in the future =D

biggerthebetter, 23/September/2015

Cette scène grandiose conclut en apothéose les clips diffusés sur le thème du camping qui ont tous été excellemment réalisés. Bien que le très sexy Pyotr ait été très performant, Noah est mon minet préféré sur le site. J'aime beaucoup le contraste saisissant qu'il y a entre l'innocence qui se dégage du visage d'adolescent de Noah et l'appétit sexuel insatiable de ce sublime petit ange pervers. J'ai lu hier soir que M. Andy allait essayer de publier le nouveau calendrier, il semblerait qu'il n'ait pas eu le temps d'en transformer l'essai. J'espère cependant pouvoir le découvrir dans les meilleurs délais.

Pascaloux, 23/September/2015

Great contrast between the boys, both in body & style. The oral was amazing and always love to see Noah taking dick like the cockhound he seems to be. Very nice one guys, well done.!!!

bodoman666, 24/September/2015

Great scene today. Noah looks like he's spent some time in the gym. Maybe it's just the sexercice... Pyotr is a stud...

❤dr, 24/September/2015

After the excellent orgy series we got recently, I think this is the most superb 1:1 clip of the last months. Congratulations to John as well as Noah & Pyotr! Too many great elements to name all of them, a wealth of positions, including artistic/athletic ones, great pounding, hot facefuck/throatfuck, and I especially loved the enthusiastic rimming and sucking... perfect from start to end! :))))))) Only one wish: With that big and fat dick, Noah should really reconsider also playing the top... he could make a lot of bottom boys happy, too, just as the energetic stud Pyotr does here!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/September/2015

More of Noah pls. I wanna see cum in his mouth as well and then swallow it all :)) could you guys do that?? :)

Nick, 25/September/2015

There's something of the country bumpkin about Noah that is very attractive. I liked this scene, but I didn't love it. However, I did enjoy the shots of Noah's lovely stretched arsehole, not to mention his lovely explosive ejaculation - maybe he could give the others a few tips.....

Aino Wave, 30/September/2015

More Pyotr!! That boy makes me happy day after day! What a gorgeous guy

Robert, 22/May/2016

Noah, sweet Boy, your Masculinity and your elegant Sodomy are pure gay Holiness. You ejaculate as a Angel your copious and precious Sperm, with your wonderful Orgasm. Noble little Lion, full of sacred gay Lust. I worship you, I worship your aristocratic and holy Cock, your sacred Cum with Honor and Devotion.

Paolo Monaco, 07/February/2017

but better spiritual Energy.

Paolo Monaco, 08/February/2017

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