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Blond Cock-Lover Gets All Holes Hammered By Horny Skater Boy! (Skate Off Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 118)
Added: 25/September/2015
Duration: 23 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve all known for a little bit now as to how utterly charming young Kris Blent can be when he wants something – and let’s face it, guys, there’s nothing he ever wants more than the feel of hard, uncut cock in either his mouth or his ass! So it should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever that he’s at his absolute provocative best when confronted by fellow skater-boy, Jaro Stone; glancing up at the Czech boy with those sapphire doe-like eyes of his, whilst simultaneously sucking on his buddy’s fingers.

That a fellow of Stone’s character and reputation could ever resist such a very unsubtle invitation never comes into question, of course; so there’s absolutely no surprise at all when he pulls his dick out of his shorts, giving the cock-lusty Dutch lad the green light to strut his stuff. What’s more, Blent doesn’t disappoint! Indeed, he’s very quickly deep-throating Stone’s handsome shaft like it was the only act he was ever born to do; before the two fellows engage in a deliriously hot session of 69-ing that once again sees the blond boy giving it all he’s got with characteristic gusto.

Of course, it’s pretty fucking obvious what Blent really wants by this point – and the good news for him (not to mention the rest of us!) is that he’s very soon getting it. Right between the butt cheeks!! Suffice it to say that it’s a move that clearly pleases the youngster big time, as he takes every inch of Stone’s beauty in a series of positions; before nature gets the better of him and he spews the contents of his balls mid-fuck. Leaving Stone to seal the deal with a furious spray of his own!

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wowee what a lovely combination of two beautiful Boys

Neville, 25/September/2015

I would love to see much more of our jovial Jarro xxxxxxx

Neville , 25/September/2015

Jarro is so cute and hot, just also want to see more of him!

hetloo, 25/September/2015

I can't get enough of Kris!

pllobc44, 25/September/2015

Jaro has a fantastic cock and knows how to use it! These are two hot boys!

fuckworthy, 25/September/2015

fantastic sex scene. I should like to see Kris fucking Jaro......

Peter, 25/September/2015

When two sex gods meet, and an artist directs: that's (porn) heaven! What more could you wish for? :-))))))))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 25/September/2015

very hot scene with two beautiful boys.

nova1989, 25/September/2015

Ganz ehrlich...der absolute Wahnsinn...Jaro mochte ich schon immer und die Kombination mit dem blonden hübschen Kris ist der Hammer..hier ist nichts gespielt und gekünzelt...nehme an dass beide wirklich zu 100 Prozent schwul sind..der moment wo Kris Jaros steifen dicken Schwanz aus der Unterhose holt hat mich schon explodieren lassen..super,Staxus!

Chris, 25/September/2015

Very cool intro, by the way! Seriously, loved it! John on his way to Hollywood... ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 25/September/2015

Jaro Stone <3 hope we'll se him more often =) Two great performers, I really liked the end with Kris slurping up Jaro's load =)

biggerthebetter, 25/September/2015

Great scene again ! Any time Kris is there, we know we'll have a good time. Love his hole. The scorching moment when is is fucking himself on Jaro's dick is awesome and the juicy cummy final a super nice ending !

Christian, 25/September/2015

La règle devenue désormais immuable de diffuser que des vidéos d'exception a encore été respectée de façon magistrale par Staxus pour ce nouveau clip génial. Désormais, je vais faire des économies sur mes dépenses de porno gay en ne conservant un abonnement à l'année que chez vous. Il est inutile d'aller voir ailleurs puisque toute la concurrence ne fait plus que la demi-mesure voire même que de la figuration par rapport à votre site. Cependant, j'ose espérer que M ANDY sera en mesure de publier le plus rapidement possible un nouveau calendrier prévisionnel.

Pascaloux, 25/September/2015

Kris -- TAKE OFF YOUR CAP. I love your beautiful blond hair.

Reno Gulch, 26/September/2015

This is what I like about Mr Smiths scenes, the knack of surprising us every now & again out of left field!! Loved the start, middle & especially the ending. Kris & jaro look sooo good together can we have more please.!!!!!

bodoman666, 26/September/2015

Kris's performance was amazing in this scene. I love it when bottoms take control! Jaro is beautiful, and his cock is a stunning sight, but I think I may be in a minority when I say he needs to practise more - with those looks and that cock, he has the potential to be brilliant, but he is not there yet. And he really does need to spend some quality time with his dick practising shooting his load - for a moment, I didn't realise he'd even cum, it was that underwhelming. Sorry, Jaro - you are a beautiful hunk, though! x

Aino Wave, 30/September/2015

wow thay so fit love the in hat he is hot

shyboy, 09/December/2015

What a stunning bottom Kris is. He has a vey suckable cock, but his biggest asset is his cute asshole. H e just loves taking cock. And Jaro's cock is just great for it. I love the way he fingers and licks Kris's hole before sliding his cock inside. I love the way his fucking makes Kris cum his load as well. Just great!

Ryan, 22/February/2016

The hottest scene on Staxus.

Njs757, 03/January/2017

Jaro's cock is as long as my arm.. and it's so beautiful.. It's like a lovely painting. Some cocks are ugly.. His is like the Mona Lisa of cocks.

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

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