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Staxus Classic: Dream Ticket - Scene 5 - Remastered in HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 37)


George Willis, Luk Anders

Added: 27/September/2015
Comments: 25


It’s a scenario that’s as old as porn itself – the pizza boy and the customer who hasn’t got any money to pay him – and director, Vlado Iresch, didn’t shy from using the somewhat hackneyed formula in this set-piece between Russian blond beauty, Luk Anders, and George Willis. Still, originality is very rarely high on the agenda when you’ve got a couple of top-notch cherubs like these two on the cast list; and by the time Willis is being paid in kind by being able to slurp on Anders’s thick, meaty salami, there’s little chance that anyone watching will give so much as a flying fuck about the quality of the storyline.

For let’s be perfectly honest, filming hot guys having hot raw sex was always the primary factor where Iresch was concerned; and suffice it to say he doesn’t let us down here in this truly classic duo. Willis, in particular, simply can’t get enough of his client’s gorgeous boner, feasting on the handsome length with youthful gusto before riding the said dick like his life depended on it – much of which takes place with the aid and support of the kitchen table! Indeed, if seeing a horned-up dude taking cock in the kitchen like a bitch is your kind of viewing then this scene is most definitely for you!

Not surprisingly, of course, all this hyper-horny action leaves both boys gagging for some badly-needed relief – a condition you’ll no doubt be sympathising with big time by this point! Cue Anders jerking out a fine wad of pent-up jizz, before getting down on his knees to enjoy a full-on facial courtesy of Willis’s erupting head! Now that’s better than any slice of margarita!

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Keep these classics cumming! Great idea.

London81, 27/September/2015


bdem16, 27/September/2015

Please look at the archives for any Thomas Dyk scenes that could be polished up and posted. Especially interested in seeing that perfect ass -- whether it's on the top or the bottom. His is one of the finest butts in porn and so often fails to show up in the camera work and editing. I long to watch someone lovingly massage those perfect cheeks, enjoy a long, deep rim of Thomas's perky hole, and then lie on his back to let Thomas fuck him hard in missionary. Let me see the cock going in and out, but don't forget that I like to see that rump flexing as he pumps his partner's butt.

Mitch_MN, 03/October/2015

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