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Skater Boys Take An Impromptu Swim & A Ride On Raw Dick! (Skate Off Scene #4) HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 125)
Added: 11/October/2015
Duration: 29 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Kris Blent and Ray Mannix have a dilemma. Should they go off and skateboard? Or should they make the most of Blent’s father’s swimming pool? In the end, the temptation of the water simply proves too much for them – so much so, in fact, that they actually jump into the pool with all their skater clothes on! Not that the said gear stays on them for long, it must be said. Both boys are clearly well horned-up right from the off, after all; and before you know it they’re busily engaged in tearing each other’s garments off so that they can get total access to the parts that count!

Suffice it to say that Blent, in particular, can’t wait to get his tight little Dutch mouth around Mannix’s handsome dipstick; slurping on its handsome length with real energy, before the two lads head poolside so that they can continue their antics out of the water. It’s at this point, of course, that the intensity of the scene steps up several notches; with both lads eagerly 69-ing on a massage-table, before Blent finally gives up to the ultimate temptation and takes every aching inch of his mate’s dick in his ass!

Cue a fabulous display of wanton fornication from the blond beauty and his friend from Prague, which would surely be more than enough to satisfy even the most ardent of porn fans; but which only gets even better (if that’s possible!) when the two pals flip-flop roles. All of which not unnaturally results in both hairless buddies squirting their wads over each other. Then, as if still not satisfied, they top the performance off by taking it in turns to piss over each other as well! In short, fucking wonderful!

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There seems to be some mix up with the photos and the featured boys????

Roland Kastl, 11/October/2015

Oh My, Oh my, just love them! So cute and hot! No words.

hetloo, 11/October/2015

FUCKING HELL! Oh my God.... Staxus, you have a real problem here - how are you ever going to top this scene? These two models gave us an astounding performance, and to top it all, a seriously hot pissing scene. What beautiful cocks, and what a great pair of movers. Ray's ass is impossibly beautiful - perfection. And I'm a big lover of thick slimy spit, so it was great to see so much of this too. Kris and Ray are amongst your best bottoms, but this scene proves that they are both fantastic tops too. Kris's cum shot was incredible!!! I give this 10 out of 5. Kris and Ray rule! xxx

Aino Wave, 11/October/2015

Nice scene. Always a pleasure to see the big dick of Kris at work in an active role. Ray as always is good as well. The pissing part is hot, albeit Kris seems to like it better than his friend !

Christian, 11/October/2015

Ray is so fine. I love those hairy legs- I wish he'd let his ass be naturally fuzzy. But that's small stuff- so hot to see him drinking piss. More please!

Doctor Bombay, 11/October/2015

@Roland Kastl - Thank you. I have corrected it.

Staxus - Dennis, 11/October/2015

I completly agree with Aino Wave, what a great scene , perfection is there . Chris and ray are so sexy, we are discovering all their possibilities , no doubt they can surprise us again . Great piss end, what about a future watersport dvd including all your guys who likes such actions with a final cum and piss bukkake . Congrutalations also to all the very good guys of all the previous scene, you have now a great team of the gay porn area, very well done . Why not trying to reach Yury Lysenko who appears one time in one of Lucio Saints films, he is so great . Has Tim law definitively stop porn fils, will be so great to see him sometimes, with Chris for example. Anyway congratulations to everybody again, actors, directors, technicians and sorry for those i forgot .

NOELMEAR, 11/October/2015

Two horny sluts and a masterpiece! :))) Kris and Ray are a divine couple - demonstrating their versatility with a great flip-flop after an extensive intro, and a wet finish... congratulations all!!! What more could you ask for? (ah... well.. I know one thing ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/October/2015

Fantastic......Ray is my dreams lover...

Peyo, 11/October/2015

@ Peyo: Trust me, not just yours :)

Andi, 11/October/2015


AliusUK, 11/October/2015

A Kris overkill? Let's leave Kris, Leo and Noah aside and see more of the likes of David Sky and Ruben... Ray was extremely hot, as ever. x

Manhardon, 11/October/2015

Some beautifully filmed erections throughout, lovely smooth cocks and balls and a great cum shot into Ray's hungry mouth. Not so sure about the piss.

Jizzwhizz, 11/October/2015

Kris overkill? -- impossible. This scene was nearly perfect. I so wish the missionary portion had gone longer and maybe less time spent in cowboy and pissing.

Mitch_MN, 11/October/2015

Nonobstant le final à l'urine qui n'est pas ma tasse de thé mais tous les goûts doivent aussi être contentés, je dirai que Staxus a encore produit au travers de cette superbe vidéo un véritable travail d'orfèvre. Kris qui est un jeune magnifique des pieds à la tête et le petit Ray qui est mignon tout plein et très "fripon" ont formé un magnifique duo en parfaite adéquation. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 11/October/2015

Sensational, Spectacular, Awesome, I am totaly in love with both Boys. I ador them, thanks to all that have given me such great pleasure and satisfaction. My dreams have cum true. xxxx Ray & Kris you are both soo very beautiful xxxx

Puggsy, 11/October/2015

So at the risk of sounding like a douchebag, you guys at Staxus really need to better focus on acquiring new talent that's been gifted with a decidedly bigger "endowment" than so has been the case for much of what I've seen come out of this studio lately.

Robby, 11/October/2015

I don't agree with Robbie. Big cocks are great in still photos, but I don't often see great performances from the "bigger endowed." I won't name names, but at least one of Staxus's largest-cocked models is not a great performer. preferring rather to let his co-stars do all the work. Give us great performers over super-cocks any day.

Aino Wave, 12/October/2015

Sorry, Robby - I spelled your name wrong. No offence intended x

Aino Wave, 12/October/2015

WOW - absolutely fantastic hot fucking, not too sure about the water sports at the end though!

sierradelta1, 12/October/2015

So exactly when did "piss drinking" and spitting in each other's mouths become hot? I think I missed the memo on that one. #GROSS

Robby, 12/October/2015

You're right, pissing and spitting isn't hot - it's MEGA HOT. More of the same, please!

Aino Wave, 13/October/2015

I'm loving this thread of comments. Had to weigh in on cock size -- and I agree with Aino Wave. In video the skill and talent of the performer is so much more important, as is the chemistry between the models. These two are amazing together, and while I'm impressed by huge cocks I never even noticed the size of their endowments until I read Robbie's earlier comment.

Mitch_MN, 15/October/2015

This was awesome. The best scene yet for Kris Blent and Ray Mannix.

❤dr, 19/October/2015

great. please more of this kind of stuff!

JohannesL, 25/October/2015

this is undoubtedly the most beautiful video on your site! the sexual intensity and passion between these two adorable young men is stunning. i have ejaculated countless times to their kissing-- on their knees, with their solid erect penises showing their feeling for each other....Ray's final rise on the pool ladder, to offer his erection to Kris is thrilling....they are BOTH so passionately erect for each other! Thanks for the beautiful sex!

heyjjh, 03/November/2015

Fucking disgusting!

Robby, 06/December/2015

super hot , please more piss vidios

piescher, 06/December/2015

What's with all the pissing scenes? If Staxus insists on adding piss to so many of its scenes, how about also posting versions without the piss, which is a total turn-off to me.

steve, 23/January/2016

Nice scene. My fetish is young guys messing around in pool. Hope to see more pool/underwater fun videos. Thanks

Ron, 28/January/2016


mike, 29/March/2016

Ooooh. Yeah, pissing in a sex scene. That's what I wanna see more of. Yeah, NO. #GROSS

Robby, 02/April/2016

I think that is disgusting. Pissing into someone mouth.

robert evans, 21/April/2016

Piss can be sexy..when shot across the back, the ass..but directly into the mouth is demeaning to these lads.

thunderball, 03/November/2017

Just wanted to weigh in on the pissing topic. It's not something I seek out in porn, but I'm surprised at how erotic it seems to me with the say it has been portrayed in recent Staxus scenes. It's always consensual, and the models seem to be truly enjoying it (good example -- this week's scene with Charlie Keller and TItus Snow; even some exotic slow motion pissing). Surely there's a market for this activity as Staxus can well document through metrics, so bring on the golden .

Ty Huber, 26/February/2018

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