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Staxus Classic: Raw Service - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 28)


Nicky Kulio, Johny Hunter, Thomas De Long

Added: 15/October/2015
Comments: 25


Some porn stars maintain their value by only doing a few, select scenes. Others, such as Johny Hunter, have conquered the market simply by means of mass-production! Indeed, anyone who watches Czech gay porn produced around 2006 will simply find it impossible not to encounter this horny, young fellow – a chap whose legendary libido enabled him to dominate film after film, and who became almost a perennial favourite of producers and audiences alike.

Sadly, Hunter hung up his metaphorical porn-boots a long time back; but this scene, set in a car service centre with Nicky Kulio and Thomas De Long, serves as an instant flashback to those halcyon days when a DVD without Johny Hunter in was somehow painfully inferior! Of course, the very fact that Hunter serves as the physical lynchpin between Kulio and De Long underlines his importance at the time – a young man who could quite literally satisfy all parties concurrently, without having the need to partake in any form of group sex.

Indeed, there’s no denying his central place as he first thrusts his thick, uncut shaft right down De Long’s hungry throat – receiving a full-on facial for his efforts in return! – before fucking the living daylights out of Kulio over the bonnet of a car. Kulio, for his part, has actually already spewed a terrific load of spunk by this point, but the banging he receives from Hunter is so impressionable that he actually manages a second, equally impressive climax. All the same, this is Hunter’s scene – as all his scenes inevitably are – signed off with a heavy load all over Kulio’s ass-hole!

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Many thanks for a Johny Hunter scene I missed back in the day.!! Always had a big crush on him so this is a big bonus your Classics have delivered. Thanks.!!!!

bodoman666, 15/October/2015

Thanks for bringing back the remastered classics. Anything with Johnny Hunter is a winner, in my book. One of the hottest guys ever on video!

Emit, 15/October/2015

Just love this classic remastered! Thanks Staxus.

hetloo, 15/October/2015

2/5. Love Johny - so pretty and he gives a luscious rimjob. But two auto scenes in a row (on the remastered side)? Come on. I liked all the guys, didn't think the missionary part was shot very well nor had much heat.

Mitch_MN, 15/October/2015

Excellent classic scene!

London81, 16/October/2015

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