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Tristan Archer Shows His Nasty Side By Creaming Hot Twink Ass! (Scared Stiff Scene #4) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 75)
Added: 17/October/2015
Duration: 16 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve only know Tristan Archer for a very short time, but even so the sight of him wielding a knife at Noah Matous’s throat at the start of this powerful little scene comes as something of a shock. Seems like there’s something of a devil in this horny, handsome fellow; but if anything that only seems to add a certain appeal to his character. Besides, it quickly transpires that Matous is more than willing and able to undertake what’s demanded of him from Archer in the form of sexual favours, and before you know it he’s down on his assailant’s dick and feasting on it with characteristic fervour.

That, of course, will come as very little surprise to anyone who’s enjoyed watching Matous in the past – he is, after all, a complete and utter whore where cock’s concerned! What’s more, having enthusiastically enjoyed every inch of Archer’s shaft in his mouth, he’s clearly soon got an appetite to have that same meaty, uncut phallus deep in his ass. As a result, he’s soon flaunting his ass in Archer’s direction with all the discretion of a she-cat in season – a provocation that the would-be top is quick to take full advantage of. Fingering and rimming the gaping pucker, Archer works that hole in anticipation of the hard, bareback fucking that he now knows he’s gonna be giving it; and within minutes finds himself balls-deep in the lad’s guts, pounding away with youthful passion and gusto and pushing Matous towards a mega-jizzy crescendo in the process. Needless to tell, it’s not long before he’s creaming Matous’s boy-cunt with his very own tsunami-style climax! Fucking fantastic!!

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Loved this scene. The rimming and fingering were so hot. Just great!

hetloo, 17/October/2015

Noah & Tristan fit well together, loved the edginess of the scene & Tristan proved to be a powerful top. Well done everyone.!!

bodoman666, 17/October/2015

Sehr geiles Video.Tristan und Noah sind eine tolle Kombination..hätte allerdings gerne Tristans Arschloch gerne gesehen, gerne auch wie es ausgeleckt wird..4,5 von 5 Sternen!

Chris, 17/October/2015

We want to see Noah's mouth full of cum. Can you guys make that happen??

Nick, 17/October/2015

Too much of the same models. Let's give Noah a break and see more of the hot Spanish new boys. x

Manhardon, 17/October/2015

Manhardon -- this is Tristan's second scene, and I was thrilled to see him top a seasoned veteran (plus I love Noah; far more overexposed, I think, is Yuri). This scene had everything I could possibly want, and while I prefer watching guys in a comfy, nicely furnished bedroom, this wine cellar worked out well. Even that tiny bench where Tristan fed Noah his perfect cock in a lovely missionary sequence. Thanks as well for excellent rimming, fingering, and ATM. Maybe Manhardon and I can agree on this, though: please have Tristan flip with one of the hot Spanish boys!!

Mitch_MN, 17/October/2015

A l'instar des deux clips précédents, Staxus rend pour la troisième fois d'affilée une copie parfaite. J'aime beaucoup Tristan qui est très charismatique et a surtout un très grand potentiel pour devenir un modèle incontournable pour le site. Quant à mon petit chouchou de Noah, il a désormais acquis l'envergure d'une superstar et je ne me lasserai jamais de le voir en action. Je partage aussi l'avis d'un autre membre sur les deux petits anges espagnols qu'on n'a pas vu en piste chez Staxus depuis maintenant trop longtemps. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 17/October/2015

Great to see those 2 inhibited guys paired together playing. After his ability to take full dicks in the previous clip, it is great to see nice Tristan Archer playing active with Noah. His ass is so sexy and in a next scene, maybe with Kris Blent, they could flip flop ?

Christian, 18/October/2015

Wow, one for the cream pie lovers... hot! :)) But even without that perfect ending, this scene has earned 5 of 5 possible stars - two gorgeous guys from tip to toe (and especially in between), beautiful faces and smiles, bodies like Greek statues - and a sex feast leaving no wishes. A new entry for my favorites! Congratulations.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/October/2015

Noah ist der Hammer, seine Augen können Eis zum Schmelzen bringen und sein Loch ist ein ist Schwanzfresendes Ungeheuer..Die Ass to Mouth Szene macht Noah zur Pefektion..Sein Partner steht dem in nix nach....Tristan fickt aber auch ihn gut durch... Schade das nicht einer beiden sich in den Mund spritzen lässt... Auch hätte ich mir weniger "Schnitte" gewünscht, lieber natürliche Stellungswechsel....

dieter, 18/October/2015

Erotic action with hot guys, the scene started out great with Tristan surprising Noah from behind and some rough oral, but from the 3 minute mark on it was the same ol' scenario two hot completly naked guys having sex, there was a lot of things laying around the set eg. the ropes or probably things that Tristan could have inserted/try to insert into Noah's butt and it would have been cool if Tristan had kept that high energy dominant "mean" style as we saw in the beginning in the scene through out the whole scene.

biggerthebetter, 18/October/2015

i would like to see a lot more of Noah. as a paying customer. just a suggestion.

Ian Icreed218, 01/April/2016

Video simply wonderful. A Sodomy like God commands, long, hard, powerful. Noah, then, it is the most beautiful Boy of the Universe, with a Cock and a Erection that are the God's Glory. Fantastic the Ejaculation of two Creatures, painful and copious.

Paolo, 13/January/2017

but spiritual energy is better

p, 14/January/2017

the Erection of Noah is pure Work of Art. And these noble Boy ejaculates with a Elegance and a Naturalness simply divinely.

Paolo Monaco, 07/February/2017

bur spiritual Power is winning

Paolo, 28/March/2017

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