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Staxus Classic: Raw Service - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 35)


Alexander Manchini, Sebastian De Long

Added: 21/October/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


A boss taking sexual advantage of a new employee is a theme that’s almost as old as porn itself. In reality, of course, it’s surely not something that would appeal to anyone of any persuasion. As a fantasy, however, it’s quite simply as hot as fuck – as director, Vlado Iresch, clearly appreciated when he pitted the young, well-hung garage boss, Sebastian De Long, against wannabe mechanic, Alexander Manchini. In fairness, there’s no hint of coercion or impropriety here. Simply the rather raunchy attempt of a manager to get to know his sexy new underling much, much better – courtesy of a glass of wine and a blowjob!

Not that Manchini appears to show any reticence in responding to the fellow’s advances. Indeed, their hands have barely touched and the new boy is straight into De Long’s arms – signalling the start of a terrific set piece that first wowed audiences back in early 2007 and which we just know is gonna do pretty much the same almost a decade later. Of course, one of the simple reasons for the scene’s appeal is the fact that both these guys are extremely cute.

But it’s the sheer energy that both these horny bastards put into the performance that sets it off from the crowd – both lads slurping on dick like it’s going out of fashion, before De Long asserts his mastery of the situation and persuades Machini to plonk himself down on his thick, aching shaft! Needless to say the horny young bottom soon proceeds to get the pounding of his life, which ultimately results in both fellows squirting out quite unbelievable blasts of creamy, pent-up boy-goo!

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It's impressive for a brand new employee to be getting an early "bonus"! Get it? Get it? You see what I did there? Oh yeah...I totally went there and I have not looked back. ;o)

Robby, 21/October/2015

Good stuff, get stuck in friend!

sierradelta1, 21/October/2015

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