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Blond Haired Lovers Enjoy A Flip-Flop Fuck On A Garden Bench! (Spanish Sun Scene #4 HD)

4.7/5 (Total votes: 84)
Added: 12/November/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Ruben Bart’s clearly in the mood for a little action in the woods – and we’re not talking about him going on a nature-ramble, or anything like that! Indeed, the only thing he’s on the hunt for right now is hard cock, so the arrival of Kris Blent on the scene – supporting nothing but a pair of speedos and a towel around his neck – ticks all the right boxes. Little wonder that the young cutie is soon hanging off the Dutch lad and grinding his body against him like a vixen on heat – a move that (not surprisingly) quickly gets Blent feeling just as hot and horny.

As a result, it’s no time at all before the two fellows are heading back to their Spanish villa; finding a bench in the garden, whereupon Blent pushes his hand down Bart’s shorts, pulls out the guy’s dick and begins to slurp on the divine-looking ramrod with characteristic gusto. Not that Bart’s any less receptive to the idea of giving head, feasting on Blent’s schlong at the first opportunity; then turning his attention to the fellow’s hungry little fuck-hole, which he eagerly rims in anticipation of a much-needed banging! Indeed, the relief on Blent’s face as he takes every inch of his buddy’s shaft is obvious; equalled only by the look of ecstasy on Bart’s face when the roles are subsequently reversed.

Why, these two horned-up beauties quite literally can’t get enough dick up their asses; and it comes as little surprise when each fellow reaches the point of no return. First Bart, spewing over his belly mid-fuck; then Blent, who sprays his wad right over his pal’s pretty face, leaving Bart dripping of jizz and looking hotter than ever!

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Guys, this is such a hot clip...! Both boys give it all! I just love it..., no more to say I just enjoy..... Kris and Ruben are so hot. WOW!

hetloo, 12/November/2015

Kris and Ruben, the two hottest blonds in gay porn. Why do the twinkiest boys (Ruben) always have the meatiest dicks. This was an awesome flip fuck. Great job boys, five stars. This was smoking HOTT...❤dr

❤dr, 12/November/2015

wholeheartely agree with the previous comments awesome- love you guys xxxxx

Puggsy, 12/November/2015

Hi guys! I just posted the schedule for the rest of November here: <b><a href="">Staxus November Schedule</a></b>

Staxus - Andy, 12/November/2015

Thank you, Staxus for bringing the gorgeous Ruben Bart back and for pairing him with the beautiful Kris,Fantastic scene!! Look forward to seeing more of cute Ruben.

Dee Pee Zee, 12/November/2015

Starring my november favorites. This is such a hot video underneath the spanish clouds. Kris and Ruben are really two exceeding handsome boys. Especially Kris meaty, pulsating and during the hole clip hard dong is admirable. 5 of 5 points. Many explosions again and again are for sure :-)

Chris, 12/November/2015

Les chefs d'œuvre du porno gay s'enchaînent les uns après les autres chez Staxus et cette nouvelle et grandiose réalisation en apporte encore le preuve éclatante. Il va sans dire que j'ai savouré chaque instant de cette superbe vidéo et apprécié au plus haut point le retour du petit Ruben qui est un ange tombé du ciel. Il a formé avec Kris un duo magique, fougueux et torride. La suite des événements qui a été publiée aujourd'hui même par M. Andy laisse augurer de nouveaux clips exceptionnels sous le soleil espagnol. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 12/November/2015

H.O.T!!!! 2 gorgeous young guys in hot action!!! PS: I think Ruben's hair looks better NOT flipped up ;)

mwhisky, 13/November/2015

wow, o hot, and kris is the only one who can oraly take a cock! just looks as he's doing it for fun to get things in action, love to see more cucksucking/eating like this, 15/November/2015

Just seeing Kris makes me hard but paired with Ruben has to make this one of the best scenes of 2015. Two beautiful boys with gorgeous cocks.

pllos, 21/November/2015

very hot scene. love the flip-flop. Kris and Ruben's beautiful cocks. The only thing missing is cream pie finish instead of ass-to-mouth!

late4swim, 22/March/2016

the Ejaculation of Ruben is God's Glory !

Paolo Monaco, 06/August/2017

naturally I joking.

Paolo Monaco, 06/August/2017

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