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Four Horny Dudes Take The Drive Of Their Lives For Hard Cock! 1 (Sunny Daze Scene #3 - Part 1 HD)

4.5/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 22/November/2015
Duration: 15 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


Occasionally, a filmmaker will create something so utterly different and totally attention-grabbing that you just know instinctively that it’s something everyone is gonna be talking about for a long, long time. Well, guys, this is quite simply one of those scenes – and, what’s more, it’s got so much going on in it that we’ve divided it into two delicious helpings. Things get off to a tremendous start right from the off when our gorgeous foursome head to the beach for a naked romp in the warm, inviting waters of the Mediterranean – not something that you see too often, worse luck!

But don’t for one minute assume that this is just going to be your typical vanilla escapade, with the boys heading off to the dunes or their nearby villa for some cock action. Instead, the bevy of beauties head off in the car for what ultimately proves to be the drive of their lives; with Ray Mannix driving, Kris Blent in the passenger seat, and Xavier Sibley and Ruben Bart watching events unfurl in the rear. And fuck do they unfurl! For Blent and Mannix are clearly in the mood for some truly risqué antics – the kind of thing that if you saw for real would literally leave you open-mouthed in amazement!

To be fair, you really need to see it to believe it – but suffice it to say that if this bunch of horny fuckers had been stopped by the police there’d have been a lot of explaining to do, to put it mildly! Luckily, the whole escapade is captured in close-up detail without any legal implications; before the boys finally reach their destination, whereupon they immediately pair up (Blent with Bart, Mannix with Sibley) for the fuck of their lives. Life in the fast-lane has rarely looked hotter!

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OMG, this is so hot!! WOW!

hetloo, 22/November/2015

A really cool opening to the scene, especially the nude car ride =) I can't wait for part two and three, I got a feeling it's going to be something really spectacular =D

biggerthebetter, 22/November/2015

very very horny. Staxus is the best of high quality and handsome boy models. This outdoor sesion is very cool, which more of them

Jöschi, 22/November/2015

Extraordinary , the most delicious Boys and my favorite( I'm in love with Ray). All 4 Boys are so very relaxed and enjoy themselves so much I have so much fun watching them. John you are very special and I love you. I look forward to watching your work with so much pleasure. xxxxx

Puggsy, 22/November/2015

Sure that this clip could not be used by authorities for encouraging Safe Driving !! The guys are hot and Kris is always the BEST.

Christian, 22/November/2015

Really hot and horny outdoor scene..risky situation having sex while riding the car.on the one hand beeing caught (but thats probably the charm of it), on the other hand the safe driving..agree to christians opinion.But that 4 hot lads paired together must be a winner! Outstanding...Who I especially like and did before till the beginning is Ray!!!..such a dick sucking slut, for his 21 years he is so sexually obsessed..oh my god if he was my boyfriend we would thrust each other every minute we could I guess.Yummy

Chris, 22/November/2015

..what I want to add depending Ray. His boyish appearance and even a little doting behavior, meant in positive sense, enchants me so much. He is impish and he`s never shy while beeing filmed here for a video. No jewelry, no special styles and no tatooes. he`s a dreamboy as he is born as a human beeing. He needn`t be foolish or dissemble. I hope we never gonna miss him and staxus keep an eye on him and let him be the highlight of your boyteam...

Chris, 22/November/2015

Si habituellement j'apprécie énormément l'éclectisme de vos scénarios, ce'est pas le cas pour celui -ci. J'estime qu'on ne doit pas badiner avec la sécurité routière, ni avec l'intégrité physique des modèles et encore moins avec celle des autres usagers de la route. Pour le reste, les quatre petits minets sont parmi les plus sexy et coquins du site et je suis convaincu que la seconde partie sera exceptionnelle.

Pascaloux, 22/November/2015

Extremely irresponsible filming.

Harry, 23/November/2015

OH my goodness ! I am shocked that a director would be so irresponsible. What if that young man driving had lost concentration and crashed?? A director trying to be too damn clever and not thinking about these poor young mens safety. Shame on you !!!

BuckDC, 23/November/2015

Oh come on guys, do relax, please! First of all it's purely a hypothesis that the director forced the models into this - they could certainly have refused if they found it too dangerous, and every adult is responsible for his own life. Secondly: no risk, no fun! I've done exactly the same with my ex-bf several times as well. And thirdly, as far as I can see, only Kris (the front passenger) does the sucking, while Ray (the driver) continuously watches the road while being spoiled - and even the only short episode you might doubt, the kissing scene, lasts exactly 3 seconds (4:04 to 4:07) during which Ray opens his eyes twice and looks to the road. So it's hardly one second he doesn't pay attention - much less than most of you guys take to start or end a call, look at an incoming message, or even (if you're my father's generation ;) look at a road map :P --- So please, just sit back and enjoy the fun! And a lot of fun this clip is indeed, starting with the gleeful splashing in the waves all the way to the foursome session after arrival. Four gorgeous models in a nice setting doing hot things... well done! Very much looking forward to part 2, for the real action! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/November/2015

@nymphomaniac: I do share your opinion..none of the boys will have been forced to act in this scene...Ray took care of the street as one could see...and bessides I also did the same sometimes with my ex boyfriend...he sucked my dong while I was driving or I played with his boner till he jerked off during the ride!!!whats the matter..of course as I wrote before its surely not the most secure carriding..but as a pedestrian I can also be killed while crossing a street because of an accident...

Chris, 23/November/2015

Je trouve incroyable que certains membres puissent défendre ce scénario absolument indéfendable. Ils n'ont manifestement jamais connu la douleur incurable qui résulte de la perte d' un être cher dans un accident de la circulation. La vie n'est pas du cinéma et cette erreur grossière de scénario fait perdre à mon site préféré une partie de sa crédibilité. Désolé

Pascaloux, 23/November/2015

I have to agree with Mr Pascaloux here. And Nymphomaniac_funseeker are you a salesman for Staxus? Your post above sounds more like a sales pitch. Geez I think every post I've read of yours is glowing over almost every scene.

BuckDC, 23/November/2015

Just agree with Nymphomaniac-funseeker and Chris. I think Kris and Ray knew very well what they were doing during driving, beiing very hot and sexy together!

hetloo, 23/November/2015

Not just them and greedy Staxus - but OTHER ROAD USERS. Absolutely irresponsible - 100%

Jessie, 24/November/2015

While I don't see this place as a discussion forum for disputes between members, I'd like to shortly respond: @Pascaloux, your assumption is wrong, I have been the victim in serious road accidents, and also lost loved ones in traffic. @Jessie and others, I'd agree risking the lives or health of other road users would be irresponsible, but that did not happen here since Ray always watched the road and traffic. @BuckDC, you are totally wrong, I am a regular subscriber and after writing a number of negative reviews in the past drawing heavy critique, I decided to refrain from writing negative critique (just not making any comment if I find a clip really bad) and instead only making comments when they are positive - also to protect some of the models from being damaged by too negative feedback. That's all.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/November/2015

I'm gonna make one last comment on this and then I'm gonna be quiet. Nymphomanic dude, all it needed was one lapse in concentration, one distraction, and these guys could have had a serious accident. Ray is a young guy and therefore I assume not an experienced driver... its risky and irresponsible for any producer to put models into a situation where there is risk to them. This time they were lucky, next this fool decides to do a scene like this they may not be so lucky. Sometimes thinking with your head like me, Mr Pascaloux and Jessie do is the right thing to do, rather than thinking with your dong like you do.

BuckDC, 24/November/2015

Dear @BuckDC, thank you for your utterly polite statement. That's all the comment you deserve.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/November/2015

It is unresponsible - and a disgrace. Totally irresponsible film making (no doubt bribing the actors with extra dosh).

Ash, 25/November/2015

I totally liked seeing them drive through that Caribbean countryside. But yes, I was a little bit leery when the driver took his eyes off the road a few times. But I loved everything else otherwise!

Theresa, 29/November/2015

no one was bribed or paid extra - the car in front was ours and was going slowly and providing cover to make sure that things were as safe as they could be. the models and we thought it was a piece of fun.

steve, 09/December/2015

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