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Bonus BTS: Sunny Daze - Unedited Action Cam HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 28/November/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s the mega-hit scene that’s gripped the world of gay porn – and director, John Smith, was so confident of success that he decided to film it twice! You could say that that suggests a hint of egotism on Smith’s part, of course. Then again, given the level of quality and depth of imagination that went into it, should any of us really be that surprised? As a result, you can now see Kris Blent, Ray Mannix, Ruben Bart and Xavier Sibley from an entirely different perspective as they speed along the roads of Spain; culminating in a park-up in a wood, where the boys quite literally go rabid for cock! Three words sum it up: hot, hot, hot!

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Similar scene, similar effects : you'll probably have the same viewers repeating the same loud critics as 2 weeks ago...Let's see.

christian, 28/November/2015

"It’s the mega-hit scene that’s gripped the world of gay porn" & " the level of quality and depth of imagination that went into it" - its a camera in a car ffs. Geez if this is what you guys call quality and imagination then you and your director need to watch some other porn. I repeat my comments from the last scene, its fucking dangerous and your director is an idiot.

BuckDC, 28/November/2015

The mode of driving may be questionable but the result is fantastic and what some of us dream of.

randybob, 28/November/2015

Kriss is incorrigible, all the distractions and he maintains his boner throughout. Ray can drive me around anytime...

❤dr, 28/November/2015

Pour la seconde fois en moins de quatre jours, vous avez l'impudence de resservir l'irresponsable scénario de la conduite. Staxus m'avait habitué depuis très longtemps à l'immuabilité dans la perfection pornographique en non à la redondance dans la stupidité. Si je peux trouver aux quatre adorables minets l'excuse de l'insouciance de la jeunesse, je ne trouve dans le cas d'espèce aucune circonstance atténuante à John SMITH . Si John est le meilleur réalisateur de porno gay de tous les temps, il devait manifestement avoir son discernement aboli quand cette irresponsable idée de scénario lui est venue à l'esprit. Cette navrante expérience n'est pas à renouveler parce que le site risquerait d'y laisser ses plus belles plumes. La mise en danger délibérée de la vie d'autrui n'est pas un sujet avec lequel on peux se permettre de plaisanter. Désolé.

Pascaloux, 28/November/2015

Was a bit surprised, the same video only differnces in camera ancle as before? A bit borrowing, isn`t it? For this can only vote 3 of 5 because already knew the vid

Chris, 28/November/2015

Come on! - Same scene really - and just lately the same models repeated again and again - i joined Status last year - but not sure i will renew - lets have some originality - some boys in jocks, socks, footie gear, business suits etc - not just the same 4 or 5 boys naked immediately - boring

Jay, 29/November/2015

Very hot natural Scene! Wow!

Niko, 29/November/2015

Agree entirely with Pascaloux. This scene is a disgrace - putting other lives at risk for the sake of cheap entertainment

Ali, 29/November/2015

Check the dictionary for "Perfect twink" will see Ruben Bart.

Al, 01/December/2015

very hot . please more

piescher, 06/December/2015

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