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Hunky Spaniard Gives Ray Mannix A Hard Fingering & Fucking! (Sun, Sangria & Sex - Scene #1 HD)

4.2/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 30/November/2015
Duration: 23 minutes, 2 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s clear from the off that Josh Milk is in a particularly provocative mood at the start of this scene – teasing the camera with his mean, broody glare, whilst deliberately dribbling the contents of a drinks-can down his handsomely toned torso. Little wonder that Ray Mannix is quite literally like a rabbit-in-headlights as a result. No doubt about it, the young Czech beauty is helpless against such a high-octane display of raw sexuality; and before you know it he’s down on his knees, pulling Milk’s cock out of his speedos and giving head as if it was his one and only duty!

Not that the Spaniard is noted for having any less enthusiasm for dick, it must be said – a fact that’s promptly underlined when the two fellows switch roles and Milk gives his buddy a clearly much-needed blowjob in return. But there’s no disguising the fact that Milk is the dominant partner in this scene; and it comes as no surprise when he finally bundles the blond boy over a bench and proceeds to finger Mannix’s hungry little pucker. Not that playing with the lad’s butt-hole is ever going to be enough to satisfy Milk’s overriding libido; and it comes as no surprise when he finally replaces his probing fingers with his thick, meaty, uncut cock.

In no time at all, the Spanish stud is balls-deep in Slavic butt – signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that will almost certainly push you over the edge. Not before Mannix has displayed his first-class sluttish credentials, however – taking time out to suck Milk’s cock between positions. All of which eventually culminates in fine blasts of spunk from both horny bastards!

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Steven, 30/November/2015

I like Ray Mannix...but... in November you had 10 new scenes on site - Ray was in 6 of them. It's getting boring...also Josh is not good - lots of pouting and posing

Jay1, 30/November/2015

Can't get enough of Ray Mannix. He is so cute and hot!

hetloo, 30/November/2015

I agree with Jay : again and too much of nice Ray recently ! What about other cuties : Matthew Paris, Johny Chery, even Mickey Rush that we have not seen so much ?

christian, 30/November/2015

Dull and boring and you overuse the same models over and over. Don't think Ill be renewing this site is not a patch on Bel Ami or Helix.

BuckDC, 30/November/2015

Also me as a real big fan of cute and shelmish Ray..;-) a more mixture of several boys like e.g. Christian has written Mickey Rush (also a cutie), or again Sven Laarson or whoever paired together would rise the tension to see angel Ray again...every 2 or 4th day isn`t necessary..but guess its because of the video series which was produced in spain where not so many actors travelled with. Of course it is not boring as Steven wrote above but maybe the anticipation and the mixture also with some sexy cloth like jockstraps, rubber or something like this misses...4 of 5 points I do definately vote !

Chris, 30/November/2015

I agree we need a lot more faces and not the same repeated like they are . What has happened to all the nice young lads we had about a year ago.

mike, 30/November/2015

Ray is my dream Boy I love him to bits xxxxx

Puggsy, 30/November/2015

Cette scène n'est peut-être pas la plus chaude réalisée en Espagne, mais le niveau pornographique est excellent et ce clip ne mérite pas d'être couvert d'opprobre. Pour ma part, je ne me lasserai jamais de voir en action un minet aussi sexy et gourmand que l'adorable petit Ray. Il est aussi vrai que nous voyons depuis un moment les mêmes modèles. Mais probablement n'était-il pas possible pour des raisons de coût d'emmener plus d'acteurs pour ce séjour ibérique. Cependant, Staxus renouvelle plus souvent son panel de modèles par rapport à Hélix et surtout BELAMI qui présente parfois depuis plus de dix ans les mêmes acteurs.

Pascaloux, 30/November/2015

Ray is totally adorable, but the other guy is so ugly - look at his mouth and his teeth!!

softwildkiss, 30/November/2015

Mr Pascaloux I wasnt just referring to the boys I was referring to the quality of the scenes as well. I have watched severall since I joined and the majority are at best average. Every scene seems to follow almost the same formula. I want to see orginality when I pay for porn not factory porn.

BuckDC, 30/November/2015

Kiss, suck, fuck, cum....however cute the guys are, true that in porn, same as in real life in the end, the schema is more or less always the same !! We have to live with this.

christian , 30/November/2015

Really great guys, I love Ray but sometimes over using a performer can lead to a bit of "fatigue" but he's most definatly one staxus model I hope will stay around for a long time =) Sadly I think these type of 1 on 1 scenes sometimes are a bit boring they are hot to watch, but many lack that little extra to make them hard to forget, to take a very recent example of an extremly memorable scene was the fourway with Kris, Ray, Ruben and Xavier, a lot where opposed to the nude drive, it sparked a lot of feelings amongst the members, featured something new and exciting. This scene is not a bad scene, but not 5/5 scene either.

biggerthebetter, 30/November/2015

We don't understand why the comments by customers of this site become very negative, and critical; especially since most of those remarks are totally subjective. In our appraisal, Staxus is the best gay porn site on the Net, and this site can boast the hottest men, the best action, high quality production, and bare back action. Where else can the public find all that in huge quantity, for a fair price? We believe Staxus has the very best customer service. We have difficulty when reading so many vapid criticisms, believing we are all seeing the same content. Frankly, we tire of reading, "not enough passion"; we suppose your bedrooms are hotter, more passionate, and the men are more beautiful: but Staxus Men stack up, this is gay entertainment at its finest.

Walter White & Jessie Pinkman, 25/December/2015

Great video for its rimming and fucking and speedos. I was captivated.

Ryan, 17/January/2016

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