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Kris Blent Gives His Ass & Mouth A Full-On French Cock Workout! (Sun, Sangria & Sex - Scene 2) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 61)
Added: 04/December/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


Gabriel Angel clearly thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he arrives at the villa to find Kris Blent sat on his sofa – and no fuckin’ wonder! After all, whilst the ever-horny, blond-haired Dutch cock-fiend might still be fully clothed at this stage, the young French lad knows the fellow well enough by now to realise that that’s not a state of affairs that’s going to last for very long. Indeed, it only takes a little bit of smooching to encourage the fellow out of his tee-shirt and shorts – by which time he’s already hanging nicely off Angel’s cock!

To be fair, of course, neither of these boys have any particular hang-ups about dick-worship, and suffice it to say that both proceed to take time out to practice their favourite art. But as so often in any scene that Blent appears in, it’s the boy from the polders who steals the show here – not least of all when he brazenly plonks himself on Angel’s lap, rides that French cock cowboy-style like a complete whore, then steps out of the saddle for a moment to greedily work the shaft with his mouth!

No question about it, you’d have to go a long, long way to see a demonstration of hardcore cock-adoration like this; and the top-quality show continues as Blent returns to his favourite seat in the house, lovingly impaling himself on his pal’s knob again in the process! It’s no fucking wonder that the lad is very quickly at the point of no return – spewing his wad all over his belly. If anything, however, this only seems to spur him on all the more – brazenly deep-throating Angel’s schlong, before slurping on the erupting crown for a well-deserved pay-cheque!

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Both guys are very horny.Kris is a wonderful bottom, he can take even the biggest dicks on earth. I figure.Very passionable, they like each other. French guy Gabriel, a little feminine here in a wonderful active negative comment I have to spot...don`t like Kris necklace but this is probably a matter of taste..all in all 4,5 of 5!:-)

Chris, 04/December/2015

Just love this scene with Gabriel and Kris! I also think they like each other a lot, a lot of passion between both boys and such great rimming of Gabriel by Kris! At the end Kris swallows some come from Gabriel! For me 5*

hetloo, 04/December/2015

Une fois de plus je ne puis que porter aux nues la formidable qualité pornographique de mon site favori qui laisse encore la concurrence faire de la pâle figuration. Ces deux modèles sont de parfaits angelots tombés du ciel , surtout le français Gabriel qui déploie aujourd'hui tout son talent avec Kris, toujours aussi hot et coquin dans une réalisation pleine d'activité sexuelle et d'accomplissement pornographique comme nous l'apprécions tous pleinement !

christian, 04/December/2015

Bien que j'aie l'imagination fertile, je ne sais plus quels éloges faire pour commenter vos fabuleuses réalisations. Je me contenterai de dire que j'ai savouré chaque instant de ce formidable clip qui permet à Staxus d'accentuer son hégémonie sur toute la concurrence. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 04/December/2015

If it wasn't for Kris (and Yuri) I'd have stopped subscribing due to the lack of any new interracial scenes.

plloc45, 06/December/2015

These two yet again?? Any new models (or some from the tasty back catalogue). Too much repetition at the moment!

Chris, 07/December/2015

@plloc45 I agree about the lack of interracial scenes! I wish there would be more of them on Staxus, they are the best I wish that there would be atleast one IR scene a month (but preferably more) =D

biggerthebetter, 13/December/2015

Beautiful guys with beautiful holes and making beautiful rimming scenes. Fantastic!

Ryan, 17/January/2016

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