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Ray Mannix Enjoys An Alfresco Spanish Invasion Of Hard Cock! (Sun, Sangria & Sex - Scene 3) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 77)
Added: 10/December/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


An inflatable crocodile would be a great toy for Ray Mannix and Ruben Bart to play with if they were by the pool, but unfortunately they’re nowhere near any water. As a result, they have to find other things to amuse them; which in this particular instance means slipping out of their swimming trunks and playing with each other’s cocks.

Not that that’s something that seems to particularly bother either of these horned-up buddies given what promptly ensues between them – but then seeing who we’re dealing with here that surely won’t come as any surprise! After all, they may hail from different sides of Europe but neither Mannix nor Bart appear to show the slightest bit of reserve when it comes to all things carnal. A point that’s promptly underlined when the Czech visitor goes down on his Spanish host’s deliciously curved shaft and starts giving head like his whole holiday experience depended on it. Then again, of course, we are talking here about a boy who quite literally lives for cock and who doesn’t seem entirely himself unless he’s getting his ass-hole stretched to the max by some uncompromising phallus!

Fortunately for all concerned, it’s not long before Bart is ready to oblige in that respect. Having engaged in a brief, but very energetic session of 69-ing, the home-boy promptly positions his dick to the sky so that Mannix can ride it to heaven and back – an offer that’s accepted with typical relish! Suffice it to say that both buddies are soon peeking as a result, with very generous sprays of pent-up spooge being splattered over each other’s faces!

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Great video !! Super cum eating ! Beautiful boys .

marop75, 10/December/2015

Ruben is fit as fuck and hung like a donkey!

sierradelta1, 10/December/2015

After some quite disappointing scenes, here´s what I really want to see. Top scene with gorgeous boys. Ray´s enthusiasm is second to none. Adorable!

softwildkiss, 10/December/2015

OMG - this is so horny! angel Ray paired with spanish charming and beautiful Ruben must be a winner..Ruben`s enormous huge balls look fantastic and the creaming of jizz in Rays mouth at the end..wonderful! This is staxus what I like not tranny scenes or women! Gaysex please like this..5 of 5:-)

Chris, 10/December/2015

Lucky Ray,getting to suck on Ruben's big, Spanish sausage. Ruben is hung like a fuckin' Bison. Sweet!!

Dee Pee Zee, 10/December/2015

This is so very gorgeous I was left drained watching two lovely exclusive Boys. The camera work was extraordinary. Splendid performances from both delicious young men. I love them both xxxxx.

Puggsy, 10/December/2015

Such passion, it splashes from the screen! Thanks Ray and Ruben! And thanks Staxus for the great filming! Job well done.

hetloo, 10/December/2015

Après le fiasco du clip précédent, je retrouve ce soir le très grand Staxus, c'est-à-dire le site qui pulvérise toute la concurrence au point de la ridiculiser. Les deux sublimes petits minets ont livré une prestation époustouflante pleine de tendresse et de passion. Dès lors que vous mettrez en action les angelets les plus sexy, gourmands et coquins du site, le succès du clip sera systématiquement au rendez-vous. Félicitations : 5/5 ce soir.

Pascaloux, 10/December/2015

Ruben is sensational, what a magnificent dong on him

jump8r, 11/December/2015

i will never get enough of RAY! he is SO gorgeous and SO passionate. His penis says it all-- standing tall, in adoration of each mate....he is my "go-to-guy" when I've been masturbating for a while and want to finally ejaculate my adoration for a young beauty.

heyjjh, 11/December/2015

Two real cuties. Ruben grows in stature as he progresses into the world of porn. Beautifully maintained erections and nicely shaven testicles, with more attention given to those areas with the razor compared with earlier scenes. Lovely shots of Ray's weapon in the post ejaculatory scene as Ruben sucks off the jizz.

Espanaporfavor, 13/December/2015

¡¡¡Ole y ole!!! Mi paisano RUBEN es ¡¡¡GRANDE!!!

ivannavarro, 01/January/2016

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