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New Boy Falls For Hunky Tattooed Stud & His Big Fat Juicy Dick! (Sun, Sangria & Sex - Scene 4) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 85)
Added: 12/December/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s definitely a case of love – or, at the very least, lust! – at first sight for new-boy, Tony Conrad, when he encounters the gorgeous Mickey Rush in a city playground. What follows, of course, is pure imagination on the part of the cock-crazed newbie; but you have to say, as fantasies go this is definitely one of the hottest! Seconds on and the two fresh-faced buddies are smooching like it’s the end of the world; before we’re immediately transported to a nearby apartment, where their licentious behaviour not unnaturally continues.

Given how clearly horned-up young Conrad is it’s not exactly surprising that he makes a beeline for Rush’s crotch; pulling away the buff beauty’s briefs, then promptly slurping on the handsome fuck-rod that he discovers straining inside. It’s certainly a fevered display on the new guy’s part, and one that soon gets Conrad returning the compliment; before both lads make the most of the sofa by eagerly 69-ing each other’s cocks. Ultimately, however – and arguably somewhat inevitably – attention turns to Conrad’s virgin ass-hole, which by now is crying out to be stretched.

Cue a stupendous display of rimming and fingering on Rush’s part; before temptation finally gets the better of him and he thrusts every inch of his straining shaft deep into that sweet little pucker. What ensues is a tremendous romp that’ll almost certainly have you jerking like crazy; with Rush eventually fucking the spunk out of his new mate, before jerking out an equally generous wad of goo all over Conrad’s face and then playfully snowballing the aftermath!

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Tony is so adorble! Good to see him again.

hetloo, 12/December/2015

I really liked this scene =) my absolute favorite part was all the gaping going on around the 20:20 mark. it was very hot seing inside Tony's pink hole and the snowballing of cum between their mouths at the end was another favorite of mine =) I really liked Tony Conrad, he's a very sexy guy let's hope we'll get to see much more of him in the future =)

biggerthebetter, 12/December/2015

I think Staxus has found a real star in Tony Conrad, have seen him on other sites but this is the best pairing I,ve seen yet. he's a keeper for sure, don,t let him get away. !!!!!*****

bodoman666, 12/December/2015

For my part this is the first time I see the new guy Tony Conrad whom I think he is so cute and horny all in, has a fantastic ass, and gives us today a great performance. Mickey Rush is also very sexy today and the chemistry between both guys was really explosive. Thanks and more of this !!

Christian, 12/December/2015

I can only say: Awesome! This is staxus as its best..the truth is I`ve had a boner from the first second I saw new lad Tony. He`s a gayboy dream. oh if we visited high school together the breaks during the lessons would have been really juicy :-) Such an handsome boy..he`s winner, absolutely try to hold him,staxus! Not less Mickey rush. I`m fan of tatooes and neckless, its definately him who can present it. This is so passionate and lustful, the ass to mouth must be so tasty, all in all it is the winner of december..till now..what will we be expecting so on?...more than 5 of 5 points I would rate for this horny vid.

Chris, 12/December/2015

Great scene. Please, lots more with Tony!

Jay, 12/December/2015

Cette superbe et très chaude vidéo a été excellemment réalisée et j'y octroie sans la moindre hésitation la note de 5/5. Je partage entièrement l'enthousiasme des autres membres à propos de Tony qui est un magnifique jeune homme au charme inouï et au charisme inné. J'espère que l'adorable petit Tony désertera les studios de Belami au profit de ceux de Staxus parce qu'il a beaucoup à apporter à votre incomparable site. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 12/December/2015

Tom Conrad waouh oh la la

fabrice, 14/December/2015

These Boys are so passionate & superb Love of to see more please especially Tony love him to bits xxxxx

Puggsy, 17/December/2015

Tony is the best, i hope to see him in other films, great preformance and lovely feeling

duilio, 18/December/2015

Excelente!!! Dos chicos fantásticos. Conozco a Tony desde hace tiempo, cuando actuaba como Lucky Svit, y siempre me gustó mucho. He seguido su etapa por Belami y ahora en Staxus. Enhorabuena.

ivannavarro, 31/December/2015

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