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Hunky Black Gardener Gives Blond Lad A Big-Dicked Skewering! (Breed Them Big Scene 1) HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 16/December/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 31 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no denying the fact that young Ray Mannix has a thing for hunky black gardener, Hector Agusti – any opportunity and he’s out admiring the fellow, wishing (no doubt) that the guy would reciprocate his admiration. In the end the boy simply has to make it fucking obvious that he needs a dose of big-dicked affection, sitting down on the edge of a lounger and promptly unburdening the stud of his clothes! If that message doesn’t get through then what the fuck will?

Fortunately for the blond haired beauty, Agusti realises what the boy wants almost at once and is soon allowing Mannix to slurp like a bitch on his big black mamba. Not that the pretty little honky is ever going to be satisfied with a mere taste of the gardener’s hoe, of course. We all know this Czech boy way better than that by now, after all. But before he finally enjoys getting skewered by that mammoth schlong, the scene is set for a magnificent 69-ing session that sees Mannix eagerly rimming that pert black arse whilst Agusti fingers and licks the white boy’s pucker in return.

Only when the black god finally thinks this horny little hole is ready does he finally put the lad to the oversized sword; impaling the full length of hard, uncut flesh deep inside Mannix’s guts and stretching the fellow’s boy-cunt to buggery in the process. Suffice it to say that the boy from Prague will surely never be the same again as all his over-sized cock-dreams cum true at once; culminating in him blasting a tsunami of jizz mid-fuck, before taking a face-load of black seed in return. No fuckin’ wonder he looks so happy!

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This doesn't work for me..!

hetloo, 16/December/2015

Come on staxus - Ray Mannix AGAIN !!? - .... oh well at least it's not Kris again.... Hector Agusti is not good looking - this clip doesn't work for me - Seriously though, can we get a preview of the next 3 or 4 weeks, because i want to decide whether to continue membership or not?

Jay1, 16/December/2015

As I've written before, I adore Ray. So I don't mind seeing him often. But I'm afriad, this scene doesn't work at all. There's no chemistry between the two guys.

softwildkiss, 16/December/2015

Though as a big or even biggest Ray fan, this scene is not a winner for me....nothing passionate just "work" from the beginning to the end....first video I didn`t watch with enthusiam...sorry but only 2 of 5 :-(

Chris, 16/December/2015

@Jay1: Perhaps you and all the other members would like to know that the scene schedule for January is available on the German Staxus Blog - the important scene previews are also available in English for you all. So: Feel free to take a closer look:

Andi, 16/December/2015

I'm glad Hector is back, it's been 8 months since he's appeared in a scene and after the first three scenes he did (all of which were excellent), I really wanted to see a lot more of him. The arse play here was very hot and both these guys have beautiful arses I would love to eat. Enjoyed seeing Hector's thick black cock inside Ray with Hector's arse cheeks shaking while he fucked. I liked this scene and can't get enough of both of these gents. Keep 'em cumming!

Chester, 16/December/2015

Je me réjouis du retour de Hector que je trouve-pour ma part- très séduisant et charismatique. Il est vrai aussi qu'il manquait de passion entre les deux modèles. Ce clip est bon, sans plus : 4/5. D'autre part, le calendrier de janvier me laisse sur ma faim. Il n'y a ni plus ni moins que six scènes dites classiques. Ces clips remarquablement remastérisés peuvent sans doute intéresser vos membres les plus jeunes, mais en ce qui me concerne, je possède presque tous les DVD des films de Vlado Iresch et j'ai déjà vu ces vidéos des dizaines de fois. En outre, je doute que les deux clips avec des modèles exagérément musclés et plutôt en surpoids ne rencontrent le succès. Néanmoins, je serai encore membre toute l'année 2016 parce que votre site est incontestablement ce qui se fait de mieux à l'heure actuelle et pour un prix à l'année particulièrement modique.

Pascaloux, 16/December/2015

Great guys! And really cool seeing Ray being fucked by a big black cock for the first time =D Some say they didn't have good chemistry in this scene, but I think they both looked like they where highly enjoying what they where doing and where into each other=) My only negative is that I know that Hector can be really rough as eg. in his scene with Noah so I wish he could have been as rough with Ray and really manhandled him. Like 1,5 yrs ago the interracial scenes on staxus where always really high rated, don't know if it's a change of taste amongst the members or if the members of this website have changed. Perhaps the absolute best option would be to do a seperate all-interracial site (it was discussed in the forum a couple of months ago) I've been a member of several interracial sites, but none has been worth the money, just boring scenes with ugly guys, staxus doing an interracial site with really hot guys and John directing would cater to and attract a huge customer base for people who love interracial porn who currently don't have one single good interracial site to subscribe to what so ever, so the competition in that genre is pretty much non-existent.

biggerthebetter, 16/December/2015

Ô vénéré cher Mr Pascaloux, Puissiez vous SVP souffrir que je m'octroie ici l'insigne autorisation de vous demander la grâce de la mettre un peu en sourdine vos remarques concernant le prix " particulièrement modique à l'année " de l'abonnement.. A/ souffrez Monsieur, que tout le monde n'a peut être pas vos moyens et que la valeur de l'abonnement est relative en fonction du pouvoir d'achat en France ou dans de nombreux pays ( Afrique, pays en voie de dvlpmt etc ) B/ en lisant vos remarques, je serais un dirigeant comptable de Staxus, je serais fort encouragé et me dépêcherais d'augmenter le prix ! Est ce que vous souhaitez ??? Jyx noel

Christian, 16/December/2015

Ray and Hector are doing well in this scene, chemistry is not that bad, and i do not share the overall critisism today. Ray is really getting a good hard pounding and Hector's cum shot in his mouth is so powerfull and juicy. The idea of a specific interracial site does not appeal to me ; i find it hot to be able to get these scenes together with the main site.

Christian, 16/December/2015

Christian, Si vous saviez ce que je pense de vos propos indignés et pathétiques, vous auriez, Monsieur, une idée de l'infini. Peut-être que si vous faites le poirier, il ne tombe aucune pièce de vos poches, ce n'est pas mon cas.

Pascaloux, 16/December/2015

@Christian I also think it's fun when it's mixed in with other scenes =) Some members dislike scenes with black men in them, so therefore (I assume) they are only an occasional thing like every 2-3 months :(

biggerthebetter, 16/December/2015

Very good scene. Love to see white boys giving it up to bbc.

funeo, 18/December/2015

Good, a new IR scene. Some members, including me, like to see IR. I personally love black men and their beautiful cocks. Watching them with gorgeous boys is the best type of scene for me.

plloc, 19/December/2015

Hector Agusti is a god! More please!

fuckworthy, 20/December/2015

I dont know why some complain about this scene. I think it good, nice setting, good storyline, two handsome boys. I like the black versus white. Well good job.

Brad, 20/December/2015

Love the action and great rimming scenes, could have been better.

Okhotman, 13/January/2016

Ray is a hot bottom but he sure loves licking Hector's tasty black asshole. Great video.

Ryan, 13/July/2016

I almost passed this one by because I'm often disappointed with black models seeming very GFP, but this was amazing. Love seeing that big black cock come out of the yellow bikini, and the camera really worshipped Hector's magnificent body. Ray is delightful as always, and re: complaints of "too much Ray," that's not an issue when you download and enjoy scenes in any order you want. A final detail -- lighting was soft and superb here. It seemed overcast which I expect helped with the exposure. Sometimes black/white pairings can produce harsh shadows or overexposed areas, but this was perfect. Very, very exciting scene and I immediately went back to collect all the Hector scenes I'd missed. Thanks!

Ty Huber, 03/March/2018

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