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Staxus Classic: BB Skin Flick - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 27)


Joe Schmidt, Dave Disel

Added: 20/December/2015
Duration: 18 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s a scenario that doesn’t seem to appear so often in modern porn, but the casting-couch has always maintained a certain sexual mysticism - and nowhere more so than in this filthy little offering from the days of director, Vlado Iresch, featuring wannabe model, Dave Disel, and photographer, Joe Schmidt. Needless to say, this is one cameraman whose idea of professionalism involves engaging a distinctly “hands-on” approach – as the big-dicked Disel quickly discovers!

Not that the lad displays any objection to the attention, it must be said. In fact, realising that Schmidt’s interests are not entirely honourable, he promptly turns his attention to the photographer’s crotch – pulling at his belt, unbuttoning his trousers and releasing the swollen, engorged cock that’s straining to be released inside! Seconds later and Disel has his mouth very firmly around Schmidt’s dick – signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that will almost certainly have you reaching for your own shaft in appreciation. Like a couple of horned-up dingos, both these lads clearly have an appetite for cock-action; soon 69-ing each other over a bed, before Schmidt proceeds to rim and finger his new-found pal’s arse!

It’s at this point, no doubt, that the young, aspiring star begins to realise that being taken advantage of is all part-and-parcel of any would-be model’s life –but by this point it’s way too late to change his mind. Schmidt’s gonna take his tight, virgin ass whether he wants him to or not – resulting in a terrific no-holds-barred fuck that culminates in both guys jerking off heavy wads of spunk!

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This remasterd clip is so hot! Just awesome.

hetloo, 20/December/2015

Enjoying the classics on the site recently, some I have on DVD others slipped under my radar. They make a change from shaved, wafer thin waifs [who I adore],but a change is as good as a holiday every now and then.

bodoman666, 20/December/2015

Tried to stream this, but get "Error - loading media -file could not be played"

jodoug1, 20/December/2015

Tried to stream this, but get "Error - loading media -file could not be played"

renda567, 20/December/2015

This video doesn`t load at my notebook neither...:-(just can watch the pics

Chris, 20/December/2015

I keep getting that error message, too! VERY DISTURBING!!!!

mwhisky, 20/December/2015

Tried to stream this, but get "Error - loading media -file could not be played"

Fab, 22/December/2015

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