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French Beauty Gets Skewered & Creamed By Monster Black Cock! (The Big Picture Scene #2) HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 61)
Added: 30/December/2015
Duration: 23 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Warning! Fans of black flesh will be in chronic danger of hyperventilation during the opening moments of this fabulous set-piece – thanks to a decision by the director, John Smith, to feature sex-god, Hector Agusti, in a sensuous poolside romp. Armed with a small bottle of massage oil and his very big dick, the dark warrior quite literally puts all his competitors to shame – proving in the process that he could easily carry any scene just on his own.

Contrary to what you may conclude from these initial images of the fellow rubbing himself up in every way possible, however, this is not a solo. Instead, the action soon transfers to a nearby villa, where Agusti is now entertaining horny French cutie, Gabriel Angel. Needless to report, the black stud’s idea of playing host to a twink does not in any way involve plying the lad with refreshments or romancing him with music! Not that a cock-crazed beauty like Angel would be in any way interested in that sort of thing anyway! Indeed, the young French boy is soon diving down onto the stud’s crotch – pulling that thick, black mamba from the fellow’s briefs and making love to it with his mouth like it was his raison d’etre.

To his credit, the Dutch master gives a rigorous blowout in return; but it’s always going to be the pale-skinned beauty’s fuck-hole that takes the ultimate hit, and it comes as no surprise when Agusti first rims and then bangs Angel’s pucker. It’s a move that obviously pleasures the twink no end – rupturing his cum-sac in the process, before taking a face-load of hot jizz courtesy of the black guy’s erupting shaft!

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I realy don't like the harshness in this clip! This doesn't work for me. Both guys don't fit! What is the matter here and what is going on with Staxus!

hetloo, 30/December/2015

No, no, a thousand times NO!!

Amer, 30/December/2015

YES YES> I love this the black on white scenes are excellent.

mackenzielad, 30/December/2015


Jay1, 30/December/2015

I love it.

Dong, 30/December/2015

I was very critical with Hector's last scene here (with Ray) so I wasn't happy to read about this new one when it was first announced. BUT having watched it now, I can say that I loved it! I love what he's doing with Gabriel's asshole and I appreciate the fucking and kissing at the same time. I think the chemistry between the two of them is really working. For me it's really hot!! But was I right to hear sounds/steps/muffled talking in the background during part of of scene? be more careful about that in the future, pls! And a general remark: Why do all scenes end so abruptly after the cumshots? I'd love to watch them kissing/cuddling or whatever for some more moments afterwards, particularly in cases the chemistry was so right! Thanks

softwildkiss, 30/December/2015

Wow! Amazing! Love these black and white scenes!

Andersson, 30/December/2015

I just watched and listened to some of Gabriel's songs on youtube. I think he has such a nice voice. I also like this kind of chansons he's singing :) I think I have a new favourite model here on Staxus :)

softwildkiss, 30/December/2015

I like interracial scenes. But Hector is ugly. Find someone else.

Jay, 30/December/2015

Awesome & most beautiful scene of great passion on the bed I loved it. Enjoyment of Angel showed & I loved his tongue, got me the moment it started & soooo disappointed at the abrupt end aaaaahhhh. Please do not leave me like that Staxus & please a lot more of adorable Angel.

Puggsy, 30/December/2015

I´m not a big fan of interracial but this is my personel opinion..others may be crazy of watchin`it..French Gabriel is a cutie but Hector is indeed ugly (nothing to do with his color)... there are other interacial vids here with more cute ones..

Chris, 30/December/2015

Amateur de clips interraciaux, j'ai trouvé cette réalisation excellente. Contrairement à certains qui se sont arrogé le droit de critiquer Hector sur son physique, je le trouve très séduisant et charismatique. J'ai particulièrement apprécié l'année 2015 qui s'achève chez Staxus. L'immense majorité de vos productions ont été exceptionnelles et certaines ont même constitué des chefs d'œuvre du porno gay. Je conclurai en souhaitant avec deux jours d'avance une bonne et heureuse année 2016 à tout le personnel de la "maison" Staxus, à tous les modèles et à tous les membres.

Pascaloux, 30/December/2015

Dunno why many people has rated this scene low, personally I loved it very sexy and erotic =D Some think that Hector is ugly, but for his age his really stunning, I think his body is amazing, very muscular (but not over bulky, not into the body builder type) his skin tone is very nice for interracial scene makes for really great skin contrast =D The way he fucks is really cool too, it changes throughout the scene sometimes really gentle, sometimes slow and deep "massaging" the insides of the guys he's fucking and at times really pounding hard. It was a very nice surprise to see him back this last month, but he has gone a bit too gentle as compared to his previous scenes... Gabriel is a hot guy, I read though on smacky girls blog that he didn't like this scene so much because he don't like bottoming, so it would have probably made for better chemistry to pair up Hector with a power bottom who enjoys every second of getting pounded :P

biggerthebetter, 30/December/2015

yes good choice for the new year but why not a real french kiss for a french beauty ?

Fabricio, 31/December/2015

Couldn`t you find a handsome partner for Gabriel???

Wolfgang, 03/January/2016

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