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Daddy's Houseboy, Sc.4: Accidental Discovery Gives Cute Twink A Daddy’s Hard Fucking! HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 76)
Added: 03/January/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


Young, bespectacled Will Simon is in for a bit of a surprise whilst dusting Taylor Forte’s bedroom – and discovering a gay porn mag under the bed is only part of it! After all, he surely wasn’t expecting the horny stud to return home early and find him reading the said literature! Nor, for that matter, would he anticipate the reaction that the homeowner gives in the wake of such a discovery; for the very initial show of annoyance is quickly overtaken by Fotre’s decision to make the most of the situation and to give doe-faced Simon the hard, uncompromising fucking that the nosey little oink surely deserves!

Looking to ease the lad to that ultimate goal, however, the handsome, tattooed hunk starts off by releasing the meaty ramrod that he’s got tucked inside his own jeans – a move that quickly gets Simon into quite a lather, as he latches onto the hose with his mouth and proceeds to slurp on it like a good little pup should. Only then does Fotre follow on by stripping the youngster of his clothes and making a direct beeline for his hot little butt-hole, which he promptly fingers and rims – smacking Simon’s pert rump in the process!

Of course, Fotre’s only intention by this point is to get his dick firmly embedded into the lad’s ass as quickly as possible – an objective that he achieves with the kind of breathtaking ease that you’d only expect from a total slut! Needless to report, Simon proves all his credentials in that respect – riding his daddy’s dick in a host of positions like a pure pro, before unburdening his wad mid-fuck. All nicely topped off by Fotre jizzing over his cute little face!

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One star is far to much! I hate this!

hetloo, 03/January/2016

Nice to see Will Simon back. A really cute guy. But he would deserve not such a cruel treatment and a partner in his age and style.

ontheway, 03/January/2016

Where is the arse of the hunk ?

cocoman, 03/January/2016

Will was much better with Jaro. Will has amazing eyes & his cock much more beautiful & continuously hard throughout. All I want is Will with a passionate playmate.

Puggsy, 03/January/2016

Staxus, this is NOT what we signed up for! No, no, a thousand times NO!

Amer, 03/January/2016

Nice to see Will Simon back here again...he has a perfectly trained and formed body and I like his tatooes...he smiles almost angelic..but why is he paired with such an unattractive muscular hunk?! between those two there is no minimal spark of chemistry or passion...they do not even look at each other during sucking and having sex!!! such lack of emotions is really really a desaster for my opinion...just because of horny Will I voted 3 stars, but the sex was only average...

Chris, 03/January/2016

Not what this site is about.

AliusUK, 03/January/2016

NO thank you.

Mateusz, 03/January/2016

Status has and tries to cater to all tastes. Simon Will is cute and hides behind a misleading apparent " innocent" look on his face and his nice transparent blue eyes, a tendency to be a boy ready for all, as we can see here, the way he is treated by a very big all overtatooed rough partner. I think all in all a not so bad clip in its category ! Happy New Year 2016 !

Christian, 03/January/2016

No passion!

Paul, 03/January/2016

Boy somebody in your editorial department really screwed the pooch. Why would you think the members of this twink website want to see this guy on steroids??? You owe your members a few real twink scenes to make up for all these fuck ups you have posted over the past several weeks.

trex, 03/January/2016

I'm confused about the backlash against this video. Taylor is not the first muscled man we've seen on the Staxus site, there are plenty of videos with men like him on here. So, I have to wonder why there is suddenly such a knee-jerk rejection in this instance. I personally love to see a little diversity in the guys here. Staxus can't possibly cater to every individual with every scene, to expect that is ridiculous. I enjoyed this one, but then I like men in all shapes and sizes. Maybe I'm different?

Tommy, 03/January/2016

I like the boy, Will, what's with the glasses? I thought he looked a bit too much like Blake Mitchell... anyway yeah the 'old dude' was okay, but he didn't seem like a Daddy to me... I would like to see Will again though...

BNB, 03/January/2016

Le moins que je puisse dire est que l'année 2016 ne démarre pas sous les meilleurs auspices chez mon site favori. C'est d'autant plus ennuyeux que vos concurrents les plus crédibles ont brillamment débuté ce nouveau millésime. Jumeler un minet avec un modèle plus âgé et de surcroit exagérément musclé ne fonctionne pas. Ce clip ne m'a pas plu et je ne suis pas le seul à partager cet avis si j'en juge par la moyenne des notes qui est basse et surtout par les commentaires des autres intervenants qui n'ont pas manqué de formuler des critiques acerbes et méritées sur cette réalisation. Si j'étais à votre place, Messieurs de chez Staxus, j'analyserais cette situation dès ce lundi matin et j'y réfléchirais à deux fois avant de diffuser dans six jours le troisième volet de cette série qui à l'instar des deux précédents recevra à coup sûr un nouvel opprobre de la part de la clientèle. Je mets 2/5 à cette vidéo uniquement pour le très sexy Will. Désolé.

Pascaloux, 03/January/2016

I liked this a whole lot better than the scene with Zack Hood (which I sadly find quite un-attractive) Taylor Forte is a hot guy, the passion and intensity lacked though in this scene. Taylor Forte in my opinion isn't that much of a bear (which is a very good thing for me :P) more the bodybuilder type. One scenario that would have been cool for this scene would be to make into into something like Will seducing his athletic stepfather while his mother was out shopping or something, and then it could have ended with her coming into the bedroom in for a shock :P

biggerthebetter, 03/January/2016

So disappointed to see this site losing its way. A few months ago, I couldn't get enough of Staxus. What the hell happened?? Do something quickly before people start cancelling their memberships.

Aino Wave, 04/January/2016

First, on this clip: Will Simon was cute and mostly I liked him a lot in previous videos - even if the "nerd" glasses here are not really an improvement, for my taste at least. Unlike in the case of Zac Hood (who, IMHO, has just grown too old and gained too much weight/body fat to fit this site), I actually find Taylor Fotre - within the category of muscle hunks - not too old and actually a good-looking guy with a well-defined, muscular body. However, the spitting and hitting in Will's face at least to me are a total turn-off, and it would appear Will is also anything but happy about this encounter. Secondly, on the tendency of the Staxus site in recent months: I've been a really happy subscriber for years, but although I do welcome variety and understand the management want to please different tastes, the "experiments" in the last months have, in general, gone wrong at least for the majority of Staxus' audience - for instance, the transsexual and "daddy" scenes. Notwithstanding, while annoying a lot of people with that stuff, we still occasionally get to see really excellent, hot porn that Staxus used to be famous for. IMHO, if you don't want to risk losing a larger fraction of your audience, you should focus on that "classic" Staxus strength again: well-filmed and lighted 1:1 and group sessions of good-looking (ideally also hung) twinks, including interracial episodes, showing hot bare and juicy sex encounters that credibly can be taken for illusions of guys who really are into each other (I admit that's a challenge with G4P models). Also, in my opinion, while initially the remastered "classic" scenes which you use to fill the shrinking volume of new updates really seemed to be highlights of Staxus early years with well-known and popular models, they have recently developed more perceivably into mere "fill the gap" stuff... I think a bit more effort going into the selection might help, I am positive there are still so many great and exciting treasures in Staxus' (mostly Vlado Iresch) archives. Wish you good luck and clever decisions to stay successful!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 05/January/2016

@NymphoManiac_Funseeker I agree with the majority of what you say above, however this site was on the decline way before the tranny and daddy experiments. The scene have become formulaeic and are always the same thing, kissing, sucking, forced ATM, forced rimming and very dull robot like sex. Either Staxus have changed their director or the current director is bored of shooting porn but compared to a year or more ago the clips are no where near as good. Whatever the reason behind the decline Staxus sorely needs someone fresh to shake things up and get some better hot filled with passion and hot sex scenes on this site or it will continue to go downhill. I subscribe to two of the main competitors as well and both have really upped their game over the past few months, maybe its time for Staxus to do the same or they will forever be a poor mans Bel Ami.

BuckDC, 05/January/2016

Never mind the complainers. Taylor Fotre (aka Arny Donan) is HOT! Thanks, Staxus, for injecting some variety. @BuckDC - I subscribe to Bel Ami too and I almost never go there. Staxus has better content, and much better photosets!

fuckworthy, 07/January/2016

YUCK. No thanks.

peepee, 12/January/2016

Great rimming scene. Will has a very sexy looking hole. Those of us who love rimming would have a party with this one.

Ryan, 18/January/2016

The body fascism on this site is so gross and amusing. Oh no, not a masculine male!

peen, 09/January/2017


Coco, 20/July/2017

Pure Nobility !

PaoloMonaco, 11/October/2017

but in a cold mind, the spirit is winning.

PaoloMonaco, 12/October/2017

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