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Oil Up 2, Sc.1: Wrestling Buddies Oil Down For An Arse-Pounding Fuck-Fest! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 76)
Added: 11/January/2016
Duration: 27 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


When you’re presented with a couple of gorgeous, cock-hungry twinks like Tony Conrad and Martin Muse, you seriously wonder whether you need any gimmicks to enhance the performance. After all, these are the kind of lads that pretty much all of us could comfortably watch stroking solo in an empty room! Never ones to skip enhancing the show, however, we decided to provide these two hyper-horny beauties with a small paddling pool and a bottle of body-oil – and boy did they come up trumps in the asking! Indeed, we doubt there’s any of our stalwart fans who won’t be reaching for their zipper right from the off, as the two buddies gently make out on their bed.

All that, however, is but a passive introduction to the main action to come; as both lads head straight into the pool for a hot, sticky session of play-wrestling. Now über hard and horny, they then promptly head back to bed to strip out of their costumes and to get down to the serious business in hand – or, to put it more precisely, in mouth! Indeed, these two lads suck dick like it’s what they were born for; before continuing to rub their ramrods together frottage-style, then playing with each other’s asses.

By this point you’ll no doubt be feverishly wanking away and probably won’t give a fuck as to which of these lads ultimately surrenders his arse to the other; but in the end it’s Muse who gets the pleasure of sinking balls-deep into Conrad, which marks the start of a terrific set-piece, culminating in both boys squirting copious quantities of jizz all over the place. In short, totally and utterly ball-draining!

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Wahwwww ! 2 super nice updates in 2 days ?!!! what happens ?.... Tony is always so hotand perfect in all aspects and Martin did also a good job. Thanks for it

Christian, 11/January/2016

A pretty poor scene with some great moments. I loved the site of their oily bodies rubbing together, and what bodies. Really perfect! However, as I have said before, beauty just isn't enough. Yes, I can see how Tony used to work for Bel Ami - in fact, it's the tattoo on his lower arm that reminded me rather than his face - does that say something about him not being very memorable??? His by-the-numbers, disinterested performance certainly suggested a Bel Ami background. The only way he could have looked less engaged is if he had fallen asleep half way through the scene. At least his cum shot was quite decent. Martin seemed to find it almost impossible to maintain his erection and his cum shot was underwhelming to put it politely. Perhaps he was as turned off by Tony's lacklustre performance as I was! And I wouldn't just fault the models. What's with the much-too-frequent A2M, not to mention the pauses for Tony to show his dilated asshole to the camera? The sex was much too stop-start. Why not go all the way and film them fiddling about clumsily trying to roll condoms onto their dicks? Sorry - the last scene was cock-explodingly delicious but this wasn't. The difference? Both models made an effort to perform. Ray, especially, seems to want people to enjoy his work. Tony Conrad? Much better suited to Bel Ami!

Aino Wave, 11/January/2016

Have to agree with everything Aino Wave said about, this scene is very poor and did nothing for me either. Also totally agree the over use of A2M in Staxus scenes now. Its almost as if its a requirement to be in every scene now. C'mon Staxus, there are far too many mediocre scenes recently only about 1 in 5 is excellent. What happened?

BuckDC, 11/January/2016

For me super hot! What a treat!! Nothing to add. 5*+

hetloo, 11/January/2016

Oh and I have to add, Tony Conrad is gorgeous but he looks like he is only here for the money. His scene with Zack and his scene with Joshua Levy he look bored in both, and in this scene he looks like he looks REALLY bored. No doubt he will be overused and appear in every 3rd scene (as happens whenever Staxus gets a good model). Lets hope his performances get better ....

BuckDC, 11/January/2016

Nice performance from two almost perfect lads.

Porcupine, 11/January/2016

@BuckDC: Oh, that´s unfair! "as happens whenever Staxus gets a good model": When they have a good model I would call it a waste of the guy if we would see him only once or twice. Okay, the timing of the publishing could be improved, but not the number of scenes... Sorry to disagree. Nice to see Martin back, I like his haircut - and Tony... yeah, a bit more excitement in his face during the scene would have been great ;)

Andi, 11/January/2016

@Andi I was talking about the time of the publishing of the scenes. Of course if a guy is really good use him quite a few times but don't put him in every 3rd update. Thats what seems to happen here.

BuckDC, 11/January/2016

I am afraid I have to agree: both models are gorgeous - Tony in fact should work in fashion modeling if he already isn't - but the performance is poor. And yes, please do stop that forced A2M habit, it interrupts and destroys any natural flow. 5 stars for models' looks, 1 for performance - 3 stars for me in total.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/January/2016

Come on guys its not that poor and boring scene as some of you claim. Both guys are georgeous and when Tony is involved it must be more than average. Indeed he seemed sometimes a little halfhearted and he didn`t act that passionate as he did in the last videos...but why do you complain about ATM? it surely must have been extremely tasty for Tony to lick and "eat" his own sweaty and warm asshole? I enjoyed these horny moments...nevertheless because of a little lack of passion and togetherness between those boys I vote 4 of 5...

Chris, 11/January/2016

hi we are not a rich studio - you want regular updates so if we get a good model we have to shoot with them as much as possible before they disappear off to escorting. this means they tend to be in a few updates in a row - so either we reduce the number of updates so we can hold scenes back or we carry on as we are. i assume you want as many updates as possible. I will raise the variation of action with Pepa - i have already discussed with him the Passion issue in scenes and to stop forcing a2m action. we will try and write more exact notes for him to follow for each scene so that the action is more varied.

Steve, 11/January/2016

No surprise BuckDC is back to piss on our BBQ once again. Seriously man, if your life is really so terrible all you can do is whine and complain then maybe the porn you're watching isn't the real problem? I loved this scene, both of these boys are gorgeous and well worth watching. I didn't think there was anything about this that didn't meet my expectations. Well done to both boys, and well done Staxus for delivering a hot scene with two delicious young stars. Nice to see Martin back again too!

PepeTheBrave, 11/January/2016

Another Staxus flop. Way too much focus on the asslicking at the expense of insufficient cocksucking!

Mateusz, 11/January/2016

Actually @PepeTheBrave I left a postive comment on the last scene, and Im not the only person to leave a negative on this scene. Maybe you haven't had sex in so long that anything (however bad) turns you on now :)

BuckDC, 11/January/2016

I've never really understood why everybody seem to be so head over heels about Tony. For my personal taste, he's way too muscular. What I like best about this scene is Martin's smile and his haircut - cute! The rest is just average posing - for me, there's no real passion between these two guys. And honestly, what I really don't want to see is soft cocks in the midst of what is supposed to be hot sex. Even the asslicking was done so much better in the last scene with Nick and Ray.

softwildkiss, 11/January/2016

1) It would seem some members here have started their own personal cruzade, fight or suada, and one would suspect the motives for that are beyond just giving feedback on the porn scenes published here. If so, please stop taking us hostage for your fight, and do it elsewhere if you have to. Thank you. <br><br> 2) To give some positive echo to Steve and John: Even though of course we are all happy about as many updates as possible, I'd say "quality over quantity", and it's definitely right that you utilize the full potential when you come across really great-looking models (like Tony and Martin). I think the particular one comment was critizing the sequencing (several clips with the same model/s in a row) rather than the number of such. Myself, at least, will be happy to see these guys in a lot more scenes - I'd just be hoping they demonstrate some more motivation (or you edit more radically otherwise, in order to cut out some bored looks or soft dicks). <br><br> 3) One thing I believe definitely is appreciated: you are one of the few studios at all enabling this type of comments and feedback, and actually listening. (I hope we'll see your comment regarding A2M take effect soon, for example). That's not self-understood, and at least I do value it. <br><br> --- So, don't let some negative critique pull you down too much! After all only a minority of subscribers leaves comments and/or ratings, and I suppose most of the "silent majority" are overwhelmingly happy with what they see most of the time - at least, after some serious doubts about some "experiments", I am (again). Keep up the good work, and your spirits! Cheers.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/January/2016

Too much man cunt... you shouldn't show everything all the time like they seem to need to do... I agree with that one up above who said not enough cocksucking... I mean work for that money 'girls' know what I'm sayin?

csb, 11/January/2016

Nonobstant un léger manque de passion de la part du sublime petit Tony, j'ai beaucoup aimé ce clip. En revanche, j'ai beaucoup de mal à accepter les critiques virulentes et infondées qui émanent systématiquement d'un même membre. Je lui conseillerais donc de résilier son abonnement s'il ne trouve pas matière à satisfaction chez STAXUS. Quant à la comparaison avec BELAMI, elle n'a pas lieu d'être. Depuis la séparation d'avec M BURLING, STAXUS domine très largement ce concurrent au point de l'avoir humilié à de multiples reprises en 2015 à tous niveaux (porno, choix des minets et qualité d'image). J'adresse à Monsieur Steve et à tout le personnel de STAXUS mes plus vifs encouragements pour l'avenir.

Pascaloux, 11/January/2016

Noah Matheous und Ruben Bart würden sich bestimmt mit Tony Conrad gut machen... Ich würde mich freuen.....

Siegfried , 11/January/2016

I agree with some opinions that there is in the last weeks in certain way an unfair shitstorm against Staxus (here for example: "a pretty poor scene", "another Staxus Flop", "manque de passion"). I think that this scene is really great: Two hot guys with perfect bodies, nice cocks and good action. Great is especially the sequence between Minutes 24 and 25 ("get in, get out, with nice cumshot of Tony). So please, stay fair, and let's enjoy the good work of Staxus, without permanently carping and moaning. And, by the way: If you know a bit the mechanism and the changes in Czech Republic than it will be clear that the performance of Staxus to find always new hot guys who are willing to be fucked in front of the whole Internet-Community for some thousands of Czech Crowns is not too bad.

ontheway, 11/January/2016

It was very hot so see Tony spread himself wide open for Martin =D For me this was a really hot clip with two really hot guys, I don't get how people can be so negative over this scene :( We have seen lots of Tony this last month but I think that's a really good thing and I hope he sticks around for a while, he's really something special =)

biggerthebetter, 11/January/2016

I fully agree with @biggerthebetter and @ontheway. I realy don't understand the meaning of this way of discussing. I feel unplesant with it, so please stop it.

hetloo, 11/January/2016

I've read all the above comments, and I don't agree with a lot of them. That's not the point though - if there is a comments section, then people should be able to give their opinion, no matter how negative. There are comments that I agree with and then there are comments that are wrong (ha ha). A lot of people complain about very small things that don't bother most people - Staxus can ignore those. However, if the same gripes are coming up from a lot of members, they can take this on board and make changes - isn't this one of the purposes of a comments section?? Oh, and @csb - "man cunt"??? "Girls"??? I mean, really! There is a limit! x

Aino Wave, 12/January/2016

Really hot scene, hopefully see more of Martin Muse and really hot to see Tony and Martin lick the other model's finger and then finger their boy holes.

Staxysfan, 12/January/2016

ATM is the natural conclusion of deep intimacy, a worship of the phalus we love and on which it all depends. Manner may be disputed, not its appropriateness as conclusion, especially when followed by a shared cumkiss.

Dong, 12/January/2016

I fully agree with Aino and Hetloo : a lot of bitter critisism about this scene which i thought was hot and very sexy with 2 hot + very nice models, playing well together. Too much unfair critics about all and everything will simply demotivate all at Staxus and noone will win in the end.

christian, 12/January/2016

I would love to have a scene of Tony in a solo Please is sure is a very special Boy xxxxx

Puggsy, 12/January/2016

I find the subjective criticisms boring and redundant. It's as if there is a campaign to nit pick about the viewer's opinion of performers' "passion". Does anyone think this is more than a job for these actors? If you don't like the content, vote with your dollars and buy elsewhere, and let those of us who enjoy this site, do so in peace.

walter white, 27/January/2016

I actually loved this video. I loved the ass play and fingering and the taking it in turn to lick each other's cute hole. The bare fucking of Tony was just great. He then had a delicious looking cum shot, and it was all hungrily devoured as Martin licked it all up. Fantastic!

Ryan, 25/February/2016

noble Creatures.

Paolo Monaco, 09/November/2017

but Spirituality is better.

Paolo Monaco, 09/November/2017

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