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Daddy's Houseboy, Sc.1: Pup-Boy Mannix Gets His Arse-Hole Rimmed, Fucked & Creamed! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 74)
Added: 09/January/2016
Duration: 25 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


When you’ve got a horny little pup like Ray Mannix as your cleaning-boy, you’re pretty much guaranteed some extra perks – after all, everyone who’s ever seen this young fellow perform knows that he’s a total slut for hard cock. It’s what Nick Gill seems to be hoping for, that’s for sure – and what’s more, he’s not gonna be disappointed! Nor are we, for that matter, as Mannix very quickly abandons his marigolds in order to give his undivided attention to the older fellow’s torso. Seconds on and the youngster is worshipping those pecs like a backstreet tart – a move that clearly excites his boss, who promptly responds by stripping his cleaner of his shirt and trousers.

Nevertheless, it’s Mannix who’s the leading charge in this frame, as you’d probably expect; and it comes as no surprise to see the lad diving down on Gill’s handsome ramrod, deep-throating him in the process. Indeed, there’s absolutely no prizes for working out which one of these two fellows is going to be offering up their ass for the occasion – we are talking about Mannix the living, breathing cock-whore, after all!

Before you know it, the horny little minx is laid out on the bed with his butt-hole crying out for attention – something Gill is only too willing to give, initially in the form of a rubber dog-tail, which he sticks into the boy’s pucker. Now he’s a pup in every fuckin’ sense; and it’s little wonder that the older lad just can’t wait to replace the toy with his now clearly aching cock! Cue an absolutely fantastic fuck session, that culminates in Mannix getting an ass-load of hot creamy jizz!

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Realy Staxus..., a truly hot scene with two hot guys. WOW..., just loved every second of this clip! Both are stunning, but Ryan stays for me the cutest and my favorite!

hetloo, 09/January/2016

Thank you thank you thank you! I don't think I need to say any more....

Aino Wave, 09/January/2016

Great and fun scene, and finally some anal toys =D

biggerthebetter, 09/January/2016

Nice to see Nick Gill back after some years! He did change, but for the better. And Ray delivers as usual. Just wonderful!

Andi, 09/January/2016

Yeah, THAT's how I like my Staxus! :) 5/5

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 09/January/2016

After having watched that scene for the second time today I must add something: That is the best scene we got to see over the last few weeks!!! Both models fitted well together, both models gave us the impression they liked and the cumshots were fantastic! Please more of that kind of gay porn!

Andi, 09/January/2016

Christmas is already over - but this scene brings joy to the (gay) world!!

softwildkiss, 09/January/2016

Nice to see Nick again after almost 3 years of absence! This clip is what staxus is for...wonderful horny dreamboy Ray is paired with passionable and charming Nick..lovely to see this toy in Rays asshole, he must have enjoyed it! 5 of 5 its truly worth of it!

Chris, 09/January/2016

Je suis ravi de constater que vous avez renoncé à publier le clip avec Zack Hodd comme je vous l'avais suggéré à deux reprises et dans l'intérêt du site. J'ai adoré chaque instant de cette superbe vidéo qui reçoit un véritable plébiscite des membres au travers de la moyenne des notes très élevée et des commentaires tous favorables. C'est en diffusant ce genre de clip que Staxus règne en maître sur toute la concurrence et Belami fait ce soir de la pâle figuration malgré la présence de Kevin Warhol dans le clip qu'ils ont publié ce jour. J'ai beaucoup apprécié le retour de Nick. Quant au petit Ray, il est de plus en plus coquin et devient clip après clip l'un des minets les plus insatiables de toute l'industrie. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 09/January/2016

Wow! Two models enjoying there work, passionate rimming and horny cumshots. The scene should be shown to every model participating in the upcoming "cum movie" ;-)

Stefan, 09/January/2016

Finally a scene with some great passion and chemistry in it, Ray seemed to really enjoy this scene and it showed, and @biggerthebetter in response to your rather ridiculous last response to me (and you do write some ridiculous rubbish sometimes), you dont need amateur porn to get 100% chemistry, a good director should be able to get this every time. Porn scenes arent just about sex, theyre about two guys into each other and enjoying what they are doing.

BuckDC, 09/January/2016

I tried to watch some older scenes of Nick Gill, but they are not streaming or downloadeble! That's a problem with more scenes IT-staff of Staxus! Can you help/assist?

hetloo, 09/January/2016

Actually, I do have more to say. Ray, you are a beautiful man. I love everything about you, from your beautiful eyes to your consistently hard cock to your flexible ass. I dream of having my cock inside you. My cum hit my face when I was watching this. I only wish you were here to lick it off. I love you, Ray, and thank you for reminding me that I still have a pulse xxx

Aino Wave, 10/January/2016

This is one of those scenes that keeps getting better and better after watching it a couple of times. That butt plug was genious and very hot, but the end of this scene Nick giving Ray a big hot creampie and then feeding Ray with the those very last drops of his cum, amazing!

biggerthebetter, 10/January/2016

Agree with biggerthebetter..the more often I watch this horny video the better it is:-) The butt plug in Rays ass is stunning...I imagine how he feels during he had it stuck deep inside his asshole..his ass surely became warm and dilated inside...mhh nice

Chris, 10/January/2016

The blond and dark haired guys match to perfection : great chemistry between them today, super nice views on Ray's ass and the final Nick's creamy cum shot is fantastic, best seen here for long and a real keeper. A great clip ; thanks for starting 2016 so that well !

christian, 10/January/2016

near to perfection!! absolute reference!!!

Thomas, 12/January/2016

really nice assplay!

Johannes, 18/January/2016

Some young guys are born naturals for offering up their sweet asshole to be thoroughly licked and bareback fucked, and then get it filled with yummy cum. Ray Mannix is one of the best at it!

Ryan, 16/July/2016

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