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The Big Picture, Sc.3: Hot, Romantic Buddies Embark On A Hard-Fucked, Spunky Romp! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 21/January/2016
Duration: 24 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


The sun is up, the bed is beautifully made and all’s right with the world. Little wonder that young buddies, Martin Muse and Bryan Hogan, are clearly in a very passionate mood. Indeed, those careful placed rose-petals on the sheets don’t stand a chance as the two mates promptly engage in a hardcore smooching session, which quickly results in Hogan reaching for Muse’s handsome ramrod so that he can gorge on all the fine, uncut meat that his pal has to offer!

It’s a move that obviously doesn’t upset Muse in any way, that’s for sure; and having enjoyed the delights of Hogan’s hungry little tongue on every inch of his shaft, he’s soon returning the favour with equal vigour, even to the point of thrusting his dick through a hole in the headboard for a little bit of kinky fellatio. Muse’s primary interest, however, is Hogan’s tight little butt-hole; and it’s not too long before he’s positioned his pal out on his back, legs akimbo, so that he can give the pucker his fullest attention.

Needless to say, Hogan doesn’t appear to show the slightest reticence as his buddy fingers and rims his most private quarters; and the pleasure only intensifies when Muse finally thrusts his aching pole deep into that horny, sweet recess. What ensues is a truly terrific show-piece of man-on-man fornication, with Muse first banging away at Hogan from the rear; then encouraging the fellow to ride him cowboy-style with equal gusto. It’s more than enough to get both lads to the brink in no time at all, culminating in two terrific cum-shots that will almost certainly have you erupting in equal measure!

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cute guys =) this scene is not a bad scene but it's nothing really special and memorable either. It's always fun to see new decor and different scenery, but all those rose petals on the bed looked a little cheesy ;) I give this 3/5

biggerthebetter, 21/January/2016

Not bad, not good. They made it look like really hard work. Some of the models, like Ray and Kris, for example, make such an effort to entertain us, and then you get other ones like these two (although Martin is good-looking) who seem to want to just get it out of the way and collect their cheque. I don't think they realise how obvious this can be on camera.

Aino Wave, 21/January/2016

I am getting sick of the negativity displayed by members on this site. I for one think great scenes are being delivered of late, & after a few unfortunate missteps recently, things look back on track. Lighten up everyone, & enjoy the boys.!!!!!

bodoman666, 21/January/2016

Muy bonito el decorado. Por lo demás nada de otro mundo.

ivannavarro, 21/January/2016

Well, I'm a little disappointed. I haven't watched the video yet. But when I logged in, this video had a picture of Shane Hirch on the banner. He's my favorite Status model. But he alas is not in this video. Don't get me excited that way. (:

staFan, 21/January/2016

I've seen worse ones ;) Cute guys, I do like particularly Martin's face and hairstyle (alright, I admit it, also his nice meaty dick :) Not that bad, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more with Martin, maybe with a real hungry and willing bottom who would get him to fully exploit his potential :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 21/January/2016

What to complain about? This video is an absolute last kissing with tongue between two horny passionate the new one Bryan..he is handsome, has a wonderful bofy but his butt?!...fantastic...haven`t seen such a beautiful butt rose for along time...the fucking is outstanding, when we saw Martin`s dick slurping deep into Bryans warm asshole...5 of 5,staxus!!!

Chris, 21/January/2016

It's hard to believe some of these comments. I thought the scene was awesome. The boys are beautiful it the filming was great. The lighting showed off the boys perfect skin tone. Even with the tattoos, Bryan's skin was perfect. The boys put on a great show, lots of variations; nothing boring about this flick. I'll take lots more of these two please...

❤dr, 21/January/2016

Both the guys are so sexy and perfectly matched. I love it when a couple of stunners like this are teamed up for a shoot. As for the negativity, some guys seem to think that now comments are the norm on sites like this it means every video should be tailored to their specific tastes and if it isn't they'll whine about it as if it's the end of Humanity. Ignore the whiners, they'll always find something to complain about no matter what.

PepeTheBrave, 21/January/2016

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce clip particulièrement réussi et auquel j'ai octroyé sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5. Quant aux critiques infondées et peu objectives que certains s'autorisent systématiquement à formuler, elles ont de quoi décourager le personnel du site dont je suis sûr à 100 % qu'ils font le maximum pour satisfaire la clientèle. Pour ma part, mon abonnement actuel va expirer dans huit jours et je n'hésiterais pas à le reconduire pour une troisième année consécutive car Staxus est de très loin le meilleur site de l'industrie.

Pascaloux, 21/January/2016

I do agreee that the same members always jump here as sooon as the video appear to make bickering nasty comments about almost everything and like nothing at all : why are they continuing to be members then ?! This clip was hot and the boys put great energy in it. Thanks for it and don't get wrongly demotivated by what you may read bad...

Christian, 21/January/2016 mistake in model description ( includes wrongly Joshua instead of Martin Muse )

christian , 21/January/2016

2 beautiful guys having hot sex ending with both boys taking each other's loads & sucking each other dry - what's NOT to love?!?

mwhisky, 23/January/2016

nice rimming

JWL, 30/January/2016

Great scene, Martin Muse is so hot and the ending with Martin letting his tongue get sucked was so hot

Staxusfan, 04/February/2016

very cute. Delicious the final Kiss between two Angels.

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

but, God's Power is better Substance.

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

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