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Staxus Classic: BB Skate Rave - Scene 5 - Remastered in HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 37)


Thomas Jefferson, Miky Krejin, Jerry Brand

Added: 19/January/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s some bad news here for those of you who like their porn to be on the delicately paced and romantic side; for the fact of the matter is that this scene, featuring the hyped-up trio of Thomas Jefferson, Miky Krejin and Jerry Brand, is most definitely anything but casual in its temperament. Far from it, in fact, as this horny little threesome goes about its business with the kind of youthful energy that you might think ought to be bottled up and distributed to the rest of the population!

Indeed, there’s barely time so much as to think before the boys are ripping off each other’s clothes and shoes, quickly leading to some frenetic foot-worship. Not that any of these lads are ever going to be happy with simply sucking each other’s toes. No, it’s what’s inside their pants that interests these cock-crazy buddies; and needless to say it’s no time at all before they’re taking it in turns to slurp on dick like it’s going out of fashion. Cue a fevered session of phallus-worshipping and ass-rimming stupidity; which not surprisingly quickly culminates in a cum-inducing spit-roast.

Of greatest surprise at this point is how any of these three lads actually prevents himself from creaming the contents of his balls prematurely, given the intensity of what we’re witnessing. To their ultimate credit, however, the jizz gets held back until all three are ready to jerk themselves to ecstasy; culminating in a truly terrific facial that will quite literally have you creaming yourself silly! Indeed, if this stupendous classic doesn’t get you pumped and dry by its conclusion then maybe gay porn just ain’t your stuff!

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This is so hot! Keep remastering...!

hetloo, 19/January/2016

Another great video. The boys are stunning, especially the one who opens his sweet hole and gets rimmed by both his buddies before the hot bareback action. He shoots a lovely load at the end. Stunning performance.

Ryan, 19/January/2016

To tell the truth...this video is one of the horniest remastered classic staxus ever is even better than some current videos where there was no passion no tongue-kissing and not that persistent rimming as it was in this admirable scene! can I vote more than 5:-)?

Chris, 19/January/2016

Great replay : i'm also not far of thinking that these nice remasterings of Staxus oldies are sometimes better than the current videos !!!

Christian, 19/January/2016

Great scene, yes, better than the current ones and yes, it made me so horny I've creamed myself dry over these stunners.

London81, 19/January/2016

@london81...did U also jerk off that often watching this video...I have a hard on almost every 1,2 hours while watching it(besides I´m Chris,30 from Düsseldorf,germany)...:-)

Chris, 19/January/2016

Please when you guys do the liner notes on the remastered scenes identify which model is which.

chaszer, 23/January/2016

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