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Oil Up 2, Sc.2: Weight-Pushing Fuck-Buds Take A Slippery, Cum-Soaked Ride! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 23/January/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 29 seconds
Comments: 25


You only have to take one passing glance at Nick Vargas to realise that he’s no stranger to physical exercise – a man who heads out to the gym to push some weights having already spent a sweaty hour or two fine-tuning his martial expertise. Not that you’d really expect anything less from a STAXUS model, of course; and meantime young Tony Conrad is clearly keen to emulate his pal’s habits by lifting dumbbells in an effort to pump his guns. In short, these two mates are at the peak of youthful fitness – a fact that director, John Smith, uses to the fullest measure here by pitching them together in an oiled-up wrestling contest.

That in itself is a veritable marvel to behold – their greased, handsome bodies rubbing against each other, literally igniting the room with erotic tension in the process. But of course it’s what happens between these two mates when the action finally turns decidedly sexualised that will interest most viewers; with Vargas quickly feasting on Conrad’s now swollen shaft, before the roles are then switched in a bid to return the compliment.

It doesn’t really take much of an expert to realise who’s going to be top and who’s going to be bottom, of course; but that doesn’t detract from the sight of Vargas finally taking full mastery of the situation by stretching the youngster’s arse with his fingers, before burying his shaft deep into the gaping hole. Nor, for that matter, will there be many who are able to resist the sight of Conrad creaming mid-fuck, whilst Vargas spurts his wad on his pal’s pucker. All in all, an unquestionably sporty, spunky classic!

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OMFG, WOW! To be honest, it's been a while since I last marked a Staxus scene as a new favorite of mine... but this clip deserves a place in the front row! I was not aware I find oily bodies particularly hot, but I didn't get beyond these sexy guys rubbing their oiled asses on each other at 04:20 when watching it the first time! Before the action had even started :o <br><br> This one is a clear "6 of 5 stars" scene for me. Both guys have super hot, perfect bodies - and Tony is so gorgeous, I wonder when we'll see him on a GQ or Esquire cover! Lots of rimming and fingering action on Tony's rosé gaping hole, a great fucking scene with several good positions ideally putting two fat dicks at display (thanks to great cam and lighting, as almost always). And the finish, Tony shooting his load mid-fuck, then Nick creaming Tony's ass with his fresh boy juice and fucking it into that willing, gaping hole... bareback twink lover's heaven!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/January/2016

As usual Tony's performance is always top notch : his gaping hole is fantastic and Nick knows well to pleasure him with such a good wad of hot cream. Good video indeed !

Christian, 23/January/2016

Woweeeee!!!! This is FABULOUS and lovely Nick gives a great bottom performance. Not so keen on the oil up but never mind I can still give it a 10+

mackenzielad, 23/January/2016

Sorry meant Tony's bottom performance

mackenzielad, 23/January/2016

Par cette fabuleuse réalisation proche de la perfection, les quelques faux pas de ces derniers temps sont -pour ma part- définitivement oubliés. J'aime beaucoup Nick qui a un charme immense et un charisme inouï. Quant au petit Tony, il est magnifique et très performant dans l'action. A l'instar des autres intervenants, j'ai beaucoup apprécié le gros plans qui ont été réalisés sur l'endroit le plus intime de sa superbe anatomie. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 23/January/2016

Really a great scene! Tony is definitely one of the hottest bottom-actors Staxus ever had. His great gaping hole is so exciting; also his cum shots during been fucked are always amazing. Thanks for this outstanding scene :-)

ontheway, 24/January/2016

Wow, great scene!! I too love Tony's beautiful gaping hole

late4swim, 29/February/2016

Those plastic looking shorts that they use in the beginning of the scene are really sexy! I hope the shorts will be used in a lot of other scenes too!

Gunnar, 03/April/2016

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