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Oil Up 2, Sc.4: Big Cocked Fucker Gets Fucked In All Holes By A Big Oily Cock! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 82)
Added: 27/January/2016
Duration: 33 minutes, 2 seconds
Comments: 25


Anyone who didn’t know him better would honestly think that butter wouldn’t so much as melt in his mouth, but we’ve already seen enough of horny newcomer, Joshua Levy, to realise that he’s one hot little fucker. What’s more, give him a bottle of oil and he seems to get even more hyped up – as quickly becomes apparent here. Fact is he’s a lad who’s completely in tune with his body and the pleasure that it can give him; and the addition of a little bit of lubricant serves only to take his antics into the stratosphere. Fuck man, he simply can’t leave that handsome ramrod of his alone; and it’s little wonder that he’s soon living out the fantasy of a romp on the sofa with horse-hung favourite, Milan Sharp.

That said, it’s clearly Levy’s knob that’s the focal-point in this encounter, with Sharp promptly kicking off by eagerly savouring every inch of hard flesh that the fellow can muster. In fairness, Levy subsequently replicates the favour; but there’s simply no denying the fact that Sharp is hyped up to the max here and won’t be truly satisfied until he’s riding Levy’s schlong for all it’s worth.

Suffice it to say that the introduction of a little oil to Sharp’s hungry hole only serves to ratchet up the tension even further, and it’s almost with palpable relief that he finally surrenders his pucker to his incorrigible buddy. Cue a truly terrific fuck session that sees Sharp act out his inner bitch; before nature finally gets the better of him and he squirts an almost unholy wad of spunk over his belly. That just leaves Sharp the task of providing an open mouth for Levy’s own eruption!

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Great video. The models are really sexy and the rimming and bareback are top quality!

Ryan , 27/January/2016

Milan just has it all! Such a hot guy! Oh my, oh my....

hetloo, 27/January/2016

"I love my body," says Joshua in the first part of this video. "I love my cock." Well, Joshua, I love your body and your cock too. What a great performance from both guys! Great cum shots! And Joshua is so beautiful. There is nothing, not one inch of him, that isn't just perfect as it is. And I loved the look of his olive skin against Milan's milky white skin. Great great scene with excellent camerawork too. I'll be dreaming about you again tonight, Joshua, shoving your huge throbbing cock up my hungry ass, taking your time until you're pummeling me good and hard, the sound of my moaning and the slapping of your body against mine waking up the neighbours. Love you, Joshua xxx

Aino Wave, 27/January/2016

What inspired casting !!! Seeing Milan again made my day alone, but paired with Joshua sent this scene way above the norm. Well done to all.

bodoman666, 27/January/2016

Have to echo bodoman, Anything with Milan cannot disappoint! Paired with Joshua makes it an exceptional video. Would loved to have seen them flip!

gregorik, 27/January/2016

What a bait and switch! You have still photos here that seem to show a flip flop, with Joshua apparently getting fucked, and on Twitter you are promoting this as a flip/flop. But in the actual video Milan puts the very tip of his cock into Joshua's hole for maybe 5 seconds. Then its all Joshua topping Milan. That is not a flip/flop and the still pics are really misleading. Bad form Staxus.

trex, 27/January/2016

Joshua is a real beauty and here produces a copious amount of sperm in the final scene filling MIlan's hungry mouth. Delicious.

Mateusz, 27/January/2016

Joshau is incognizable sexy! I especially liked the beginning, hearing his masculine voice and with his 19 years he almost seems to be hard every time. What a boy, what a dick, what a personailty! Paired with Milan it is a dream couple...I´m not that big fan of oiling bodies but I ignored it and took my eyes on the action. Everything was more than 5 stars! This is exactly what staxus members like me want to see...harmony and lustful gaysex..wonderful

Chris, 27/January/2016

Yes, love it! Nice to spend some time masturbating with sexy Joshua solo before the pairing up. Nice movements on the sofa, nice peek of helmet and jizz slit before he shows his fuckhole for us. Shame it wasn't shaved.... but a minor criticism. Lovely cum shots.

Thom, 27/January/2016

Joshua, I want to marry you! ;) Just perfect, everything - guys, action, the whole clip.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 27/January/2016

This is my favourite of recent clips. Two beautiful, fresh looking guys and there is a real sense of eroticism. Lovely to see some pubes and armpit hair. Just my taste, I know!

AliusUK, 27/January/2016

OMG, this was so F~~king HOT. I haven't made it to the end of the scene yet without making a mess of myself...Downloading right now @dr2450

❤dr , 27/January/2016

Fantastic! I loved the ass massage, it didn't include much penetration but seing Milan massage and rub Joshua's oiled up butt cheeks and at times teasing him with him fingertips was extremly erotic (Joshua has an amazing ass btw =) Seeing a really hot guy with a an amazing ass spread his butt cheeks wide open for the camera is probably my most favorite angle in porn =D

biggerthebetter, 27/January/2016

...have to add to my comment in themorning: I hope we gonna see of course more of Joshua but I would also enjoy to see Milan as often as I can..he`s a perfect bottom, can even take the biggest hardest and longest dicks and one can feel that beeing "bottom" is a pleasure for him..if I could I´d also stick my boner into his always roasting , devouring asshole!

Chris, 27/January/2016

Cette scène est exceptionnelle de la première à la dernière seconde : c'est du grand et même du très grand STAXUS. Je suis ravi de retrouver le très sexy Milan qui a été (comme d'habitude) excellent dans l'action. Quant au merveilleux petit Joshua, il est parfait de la tête aux pieds. J'ai lu sur sa fiche signalétique qu'il aimerait visiter les Etats-Unis. Il s'avère que mon second voyage de 2016 va m'emmener vers cette destination pendant trois semaines. S'il n'y avait pas la barrière de la langue et plusieurs décennies d'écart au niveau de l'âge, j'aurais bien volontiers embarqué Joshua avec moi et tous les frais auraient été à ma charge.

Pascaloux, 27/January/2016

I just have to add after tonight that this a a wonderfull, realy wonderfull love scene. They both enjoyed every second! Thanks Joshua and Milan!

hetloo, 27/January/2016

Awesome cum swapping...beutiful video....more of both Milan and Joshua please

clroverguy, 28/January/2016

It does not get better than this.

Dong, 28/January/2016

Such awesome fucking! Beautiful cocks and holes. Really sexy guys. They got me so hot!

Ryan, 03/February/2016

These two are just so yummy. From their cocks to their beauty holes and their wonderful kissing and fucking. Just love the way Joshua rims Milan's sweet tasty pink hole. He obviously loves doing it. And they are both such a big turn on! I keep coming back to them and wish I were there to rim and fuck them both!

Ryan, 13/February/2016

What a beautiful video ! Beautiful and super sexy boys . I love Joshua, his body, his great cock . How sexy he is ! He is a Dream boy. Thank you Staxus !

Marop75, 25/April/2016

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