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Bonus Content: Football Focus Behind The Scenes HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 37)


Added: 07/February/2016
Duration: 9 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


We thought you'd enjoy a sneak-peek of our up-and-cumming movie, FOOTBALL FOCUS, with this behind-the-scenes escapade. Starring Tom Nutt, Mickey Rush and everyone's favourite hot fucker, Jaro Stone, this is a definite must-see for anyone who's ever fantasised about what goes on after the final whistle. Introducing new boys, Enzo Sky, Titus Snow and Tom Uli, it's ninety minutes (plus extra time!) of the hottest, horniest soccer stars that the Czech Republic has ever put out on the pitch!

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Wow! When do we see these scenes, especially of the 1st 2 guys, and the Tom Nutt scene? I'm drooling already!

gregorik, 07/February/2016

BTS is the best, my favorite moment was around the 05:50 seing John pose for the camera :P

biggerthebetter, 07/February/2016

Hi Gregorik, This is the planned schedule:- 10 Feb: Enzo Sky, Titus Snow 14 Feb: Jaro Stone, Titus Snow 16 Feb: Tom Nutt, Rob Rock 20 Feb: Tom Uli, Mickey Rush The first two guys you mention are Enzo Sky and Titus Snow! Set the dates in your diary ;-)

staxuschris, 07/February/2016

Whow!! Very cute guys and a very nice bts! Really looking forward to watching them!

Paul, 07/February/2016

OMG! It's so incredible hot :-) I like background scenes where you see how the films are produced. The new guys are so cute and natural. The slow penetrations are perfect to look at. I look forward to the whole scenes later this month!

ontheway, 07/February/2016

Wow, I do love behind the scenes..hope my suggestions and wishes come true to see more regular and more often those wonderful moments when the models are just the way they are - the boys next door like U and me... the new guys here are very, very sexy, I can`t wait to watch them in action...I´m drooling yet :-)

Chris, 07/February/2016

Very promising. Love the interviews but hate tatoos.

Dong, 07/February/2016

Thanks for this - fascinating.

AliusUK, 07/February/2016

Looking forward for the new boys! Jaro is so stunning and hot! Can't wait watching him!! Thanks for the extra clip Staxus.

hetloo, 07/February/2016

Je viens de visionner cette formidable scène bonus qui laisse augurer quatre prochains clips qui seront sans nul doute exceptionnels. Les trois nouveaux modèles sont adorables et très sexy . Le premier petit minet présenté dans ce clip est mignon comme un angelet tombé du ciel et son petit air coquin et malicieux me plait énormément. J'ai hâte de voir tout ce petit monde en action et je remercie mon site favori pour ce superbe clip supplémentaire.

Pascaloux, 07/February/2016

Beautiful boys! Beautiful cocks! So Sexy! Stunning photography! Yes!Yes!Yes!

Ryan, 07/February/2016

So far, I loved all the BTS clips by Staxus... great to be allowed a little glimpse behind the facade... seeing a bit of the reality behind the great illusions that actors and team create, the work going into it... did I even see one guy being shy in the face of the camera? ;) This one was so funny! Loved it. More of it! It's kind of a by-product of shooting with little effort, and yet so entertaining for us fans! :) Looking forward to those football scenes, and all the hotties - particularly Jaro!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 08/February/2016

Thanks Chris for the schedule update. Have dates set in my calendar. Enzo and Titus are sure to provide an erotic Wednesday!

gregorik, 08/February/2016

toller BTS clip, ich mag diese Szenen noch vor den eigentlichen Videos

Guido, 08/February/2016

This looks great! I love sporty guys, footballers especially.

Maike, 09/February/2016

Every one of these cute guys is gorgeous. This is te a fun as well as aexy video. Please keep showing them to your horny clients!

Ryan, 25/February/2016

Every one of these cute guys is gorgeous. This is a fun as well as a very sexy video. Please keep showing them to your very horny clients!

Ryan, 25/February/2016

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