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Bonus Content: Cuddle Up Behind The Scenes HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 27)


Added: 20/February/2016
Duration: 14 minutes, 10 seconds
Comments: 25


CUDDLE UP is our up-and-cumming movie that will hit next week; starring Joshua Levy, Tony Conrad, Jaro Stone, Will Simon, Enzo Sky, Tristan Archer, and introducing Danish cock-fiend, Chris Jansen, who actually spends one of the scenes being double-penetrated (by Stone and Sky)! Here we've secured some behind-the-scenes footage of the production - taken last month - which we very much hope will put you in the mood. The first scene hits your screens on 23rd February!

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Where is Tom Nutt?! Was so anxious seeïng him again!

hetloo, 20/February/2016

Apologies, hetloo - we had a little bit of a glitch with the Tom Nutt / Rob Rock scene and had to giggle things around. However, I can assure you that it'll be online tomorrow - 21st Feb - so you only have a few more hours to wait. I can assure you it'll be worth it!

staxuschris, 20/February/2016

I love BTS videos and appreciate that this one is longer than the last one. But I'd rather hear the original sound and particularly the voices of the actors instead of music. Why don't you introduce each of them with a short interview to give us fans the feeling of really getting to know them as boys-next-door apart from their roles?

Paul, 20/February/2016

I agree with @Paul, particularly regarding the sound - after all, isn't the idea of "Behind the scenes" to be a bit closer to the actual shooting situation rather than the result of production and editing? - It was also nice to see some of the auxiliary functions here shortly, like make-up and grooming (shaving ;) - This BTS clip really demonstrates the strength of Staxus' current model cast: bringing together Joshua "the smile" Levy, Tony "GQ" Conrad, and Jaro "the snake" Stone all in one video. Three icons of youth, beauty, and (gay) porn. Love all of them! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 20/February/2016

What I'd like to add to my comment above: One of the models guiding us through the setting, explaining some of the storylines of the scenes, making short interviews, doing some small talk with the cast and crew - I'd enjoy that a lot. For me that's what bts is really about. I remember bts like that with brad fitt who seemed to enjoy being the host. Another studio starting with h.... do that kind of stuff so much better and in such a relaxed and entertaining way!

Paul, 20/February/2016

I am definately a fan of BTS - as I wrote in the last clips before...but I agree with my pre-writers instead of rerecording with music it would have been a lot hotter to hear the boys voices, talking, whispering as we saw in the last BTS...but keep on holding BTS nevertheless, staxus! I give 4 of 5 because of my comment;-)

Chris, 20/February/2016

StaxusChris thank you for your explanation. I figured out something was not exactly going as planned. The BTS are a nice bonus to the site, keep on holding to that!

hetloo, 20/February/2016

I see You'ra starting to use real Sony Cameras instead of DSLR, hope that You will move completely to full feature cameras instead of DSLR :P Great scenes anyway!

Veytoss, 22/February/2016

Love your BTS & agree to the comments above. I would also like to see the Boys when they giggle or laugh when things go right or wrong. Love to hear their voices. above all I love it when The Boys look me in the eye & the eye tells me to join in or He is having fun etc. love the passion that the Boys show & I love the new Danish Boy xxxxx

Puggsy, 24/February/2016

This reminds me of the porn films made in the 70s with the music that had no correlation with the action - annoying at best. Please don't do this with the regular videos.

steve, 26/February/2016

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