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Cuddle Up, Sc. 1: Great Dane Gets His Arse-Hole Played & Pounded By Hot Fucker! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 23/February/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


New boy Chris Jansen clearly enjoys a bit of cruising in the local park – but it’s a pastime that doesn’t go without its reward when he encounters none other than the ever-delicious Joshua Levy. Within minutes the two fellows are smooching away like a couple of horned-up alley-cats; before heading off to a nearby apartment, where their antics become (not unnaturally) much more intimate in nature. Jansen, in particular, clearly can’t wait to get his new-found buddy’s dick out of his pants; and before you know it the young Dane – still donning his jockstrap! – is providing his Czech host with a badly-needed oral massage.

It’s a move that could never fail to inspire a chap like Levy, of course, who we already know very much appreciates the adoration of a horny fucker; and matters only intensify still further when Jansen turns his attention to his buddy’s balls, which he sucks and worships with undisguisable gusto. Little wonder that the pair are very soon prostrate on the sofa, 69-ing each other like a couple of over-sexed animals; before Levy adds an element of kink by using one of his ornaments to invade Jansen’s hungry ass-hole.

Not that this lad from Copenhagen is going to be ultimately satisfied with teasing, of course. What he’s wanted from the start is Levy’s cock deep inside him – an ambition that his newly-discovered fuck-buddy is soon fulfilling in a series of sexual positions, and which ultimately results in Jansen squirting all over his jocks mid-fuck. But it’s Levy’s conclusion – a stupendous wad of spunk across Jansen’s face – that surely steals the show!

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Chris, welcome to Prague to where all the boys are. I'm sure you will be very successful here with your handsome features, and your hot sexual appetite in just your first scene doing porn. You were very successful and will be very popular with all the clients at Staxus. Your first scene is well done, being able to be fucked by a nice big cock, and having Joshua shoot his cum all over your face. I think you have a big future with pornography and Staxus. Congratulations and kisses!

Ryan, 23/February/2016

I would like to echo Ryan's sentiments and welcome Chris to Staxus. From the way you were acting, it didn't seem like a porn scene at times - just you enjoying some quality time with Joshua's beautiful cock. Two good cum shots as well. Oh, Joshua, what can I say? You are fucking gorgeous - I even love your facial expressions. Make my dreams come true and do a scene with Titus Snow. Or even better, pop over to my house with Titus and give me a good seeing to! xxxxxx

Aino Wave, 23/February/2016

Well done guys, you have been delivering big time lately & this scene with newbie Chris and sexgod Joshua did not dissapiont. Looking forward to more of the same.

bodoman666, 23/February/2016

Two cute "lovebirds"! WOW boys!

hetloo, 23/February/2016

Welcome to prague and welcome to staxus, cute danish newcomer Chris:-) Perfect all in all, and Joshua with his xxl needn`t talk about it - just randy and cumshots are guaranteed...What I especially rate very positive as we saw in many videos here before is the introduction where the boys tell something about themselves, their motivation eg and not to mention to hear their voices. So you directly get presented the boys not as a robotic sex machine but as the boy like U and me (boy next door)...please hold on with it, staxus! 5 of 5

Chris, 23/February/2016

J'attendais avec la plus grande impatience la diffusion de cette scène qui a très largement tenu toutes ses promesses. Joshua qui est un jeune homme au charme inouï s'est parfaitement servi de ses attributs pour s'occuper du nouveau petit minet auquel je souhaite à mon tour la bienvenue. Chris est adorable, sexy et mignon tout plein. Qui plus est, ses débuts sont plus que prometteurs, ils sont carrément exceptionnels. En moins de 12 jours, STAXUS a mis en action avec les magnifiques petits Titus Enzo et Chris, trois minets d'exception qu'il convient de garder le plus longtemps possible. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 23/February/2016

...will add to my comment in the morning and agree with Pascaloux...Joshua is one of the most charm spraying boy of the staxus guys. He has only positive properties. Extremly handsome (his face and eyes are oustanding, his xxl - dick he is blessed with is so horny. Who wouldn`like to feel this ruttish prick in his butt?! Equal whoever he is paired with he has fun having horny gaysex and for him its not just "fucking for bucks", but fucking with emotions and arresting prurience! Hopefully also the danish gayboystar will be contracted with staxus! He looks like a typical nordish boy, blond hair but funnily enough short, but that doesn`t matter :-) please more jockstrap videos, it makes me so horny!...

Chris, 23/February/2016

What a fantastic scene! I love scenes like this with things I have never seen before - a guy taking a metal ornament up his bum =D PS: Next time please challenge with Chris with an even bigger toy like the one he used to warm up for his dp scene (a picture of that dildo can be found in his twitter feed) =)

biggerthebetter, 23/February/2016

A great scene! Chris is an outstanding bottom and Joshua is just perfect; he can be paired with every guy and it will be hot anyway. Nice are the Intro-sequences with the statement of Chris and the pics of Prague. I like it to hear the voices of the guys and the outdoor-scenery where the movies are made (in this case the city of Prague). Thanks!

ontheway, 23/February/2016

Mmmmmmmmm! Joshua Levy!

Robby, 24/February/2016

Yes, I liked the intro a lot as well. Great scene all in all (5/5 and into my favourites). And Joshua – you are the hottest of my wet dreams come true! :D <3 :-*

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/February/2016

I love watching Joshua. Not enthralled with Chris. He had a good performance, but there's something off-putting about him.

Rick, 27/February/2016

I keep returning to watch this video scene. I must say that both boys are so sexy. The new boy Chris has such a succulent and pretty asshole. And Joshua enjoys licking it so much. The fucking is just great, and the cum shot scene at the end is absolutely fantastic. Well done Chris and Joshua, and Staxus for superb photography!

Ryan, 27/February/2016

Love The Viking from Jutland lovely to see him with our heart throb Joshua. There is so much more to the Great Dane that you will all cum to see he he he. Love this scene so very muchxxxxx

Puggsy, 02/March/2016

When is Josh Levy going to bottom? profile says VERS! I'd love to watch him ride a big dick and blow his load all over his partner's face!

bobby, 03/March/2016

Apologies, bobby - Joshua has bottomed in the past but for personal reasons it's not something he enjoys, so I think you're just gonna have to enjoy him as a top, at least for now. If the situation changes we'll let you know, but in the meantime I've corrected his profile so that there's no confusion.

staxuschris, 03/March/2016

To me Chris is the cutest and sexiest model of the year. I hope he'll be back to shoot some more scenes with you

Dane in Prague, 27/August/2016

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