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Cuddle Up, Sc. 3: Archer’s Got The Horn & Unloads His Quiver Into Hot Cute Blond! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 01/March/2016
Duration: 30 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


Tristan Archer’s feeling horny. We know this because he’s laid out on a rug in front of an open fire, wearing nothing more than a pair of briefs and rubbing his crotch with an almost insanely enthusiasm. Truth, of course, is that the lad’s at an age where he feels like this most of the time; and the introduction of Chris Jansen into the equation does nothing to dampen his ardour. Far from it, in fact; with the two fellows promptly making the most of the opportunity to smooch, before Archer makes a beeline for his new-found buddy’s groin and pulls the Dane’s swelling shaft into the open.

At that point, of course, you just know that we’re at the point of no return. There’s no way on this earth that Archer is going to let this handsome Scandinavian cock out of his sight; whilst the knowing look in Jansen’s sapphire eyes tells you that he’s not going to be happy until his pal has switched attention to his hungry little arse-hole. But first there’s the not so insignificant question of fellatio to consider; with both lads taking it in turns to slurp on each other’s bulging dick-heads.

Ultimately, however, both these mates are in the mood for some ball-busting, ass-stretching action; and it should come as no surprise whatsoever when Tristan first fingers and rims Jansen’s slit, then buries his hatchet balls-deep into the inviting crack. For all its predictability, we defy anyone not to be completely entranced by the unrestrained rutting that ensues – the fire and the rug merely adding to the sexual thrill. No wonder it’s little time before Archer creams his mate’s hole, before Jansen erupts in return!

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Just love both boys! Don't have anything to add.

hetloo, 01/March/2016

Really great scene. Fantastic chemistry between the two excellent performers. Nice flowing action without any silly interruptions. Fabulous kissing. I loved Tristan's licking of Chris's spunk after he shot his load. Great behind-the-camera work. Congratulations to all involved xxx

Aino Wave, 01/March/2016

... that's precisely why I'm addicted to Staxus.

Porcupine, 01/March/2016

Staxus has produced another great scene. Great kissing and sucking. Tristan enjoys Chris's sexy hole. A really tasty rimming, and he looks so eager to slide his cock inside. And I loved the little kisses during the fucking, and then when Tristan finally shoots and then licks his own cum from Chris's hole, it drives me wild. The final yummy thing is when Tristan swallows the cum from Chris's cock. 5 stars!

Ryan, 01/March/2016

One word: perfection! These two boys surely are two of the most beautiful and sexy boys in the staxus team. What I especially like is the passionate kissing and that both boys are definately gay, they don`t "play" just a role model.At least I assume that both are gay. With Chris one knews definately cause he already came out in his first video and Tristan? hmm, well who knows :-) So sexy the boys wearing jockstraps, I`m the biggest fan of these sexy underwear for there are serveral in my own closet. How I would like to spread Chris + Tristans cheeks, put my face as deep as possible into the butts and inhale and taste their heavenly juvenile odor there. I have a hard on for hours thinkin`of it...5 of 5 or even more ;-)

Chris, 01/March/2016

A perfect scene in simply every aspect my co-commenters have already described. And the differnce to the scene with Tony and Will is so ovious!! - @Tommy - I do hope you won't call my totally positive comment "silly" as you did with my last negative one. And that you understand now that's exactly what the whole idea of sharing opinions is about - critisising bad scenes as well as praising good ones. And today's clip is - there's no doubt about it - one of the very best.

Paul, 01/March/2016

...forgot to add that the background with the glowing chimney where cute Chris was fucked infront and next to it reinforces the total romance we underwent here. I can only speek for myself and some other members like Paul, Ryan, AinoWave eg. (who wrote almost the same positive about it here) that these kind of boys (juvenile, slim, particular gay, not robotic and mechanical acting) are the reason we are addicted to STAXUS :-)

Chris, 01/March/2016

Yep, Chris, I fully agree!!!

Paul, 01/March/2016

Cette formidable scène est ni plus ni moins que la perfection absolue au point de constituer une demi-heure de pur bonheur visuel. Les deux magnifiques petits minets ont livré une prestation époustouflant e et pleine de tendresse. C'est lorsque STAXUS publie ce genre de clip qu'il règne avec hégémonie sur toute la concurrence au point de la ridiculiser. Tous ces commentaires élogieux devraient satisfaire le très susceptible Monsieur Tommy qui, à l'heure où j'écris , n'a pas daigné réagir pour tenter de nuancer un tant soit peu les propos maladroits qu'il a tenus il y a deux jours à l'endroit de la clientèle. Félicitations 5 /5.

Pascaloux, 01/March/2016

I fully agree with Chris and other members. This is for me a 10+* scene, which makes me happy!

hetloo, 01/March/2016

Tristan Archer is surely one of the most beautiful guys of the Staxus team, both in active or pasive role : he has it all, and today he seems to have slimmed down and is really gorgeous. He should be used more and paired with lots of hot cuties.

Christian, 02/March/2016

Can't say it better than Christian above. Tristan Archer is a dream. Every single atom of his body. And look at that jaw line!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 02/March/2016

great scene, the boys were stunning. i love the jocks but happy to see them removed when they got down to it. Five stars for this one.

❤dr , 02/March/2016

My absolute dream come true would be sexbomb Tristan paired with Titus / and or Ray...these boys are the most flexibel, natural and horny acting boys in here. What about a triple with them all?

Chris, 02/March/2016

Very passionate scene with two very Beautiful Boys who I adore. Love the setting in front of the fireplace. Love to see more of these Incredible Boys.xxxxx

Pugssy, 02/March/2016

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