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Staxus Classic: BB Rent Boys - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 44)


Julien Breeze, Johan Volny

Added: 03/March/2016
Duration: 29 minutes, 39 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no denying the fact that the reality of being a rent-boy is decidedly more sordid than was portrayed in this classic scene by director, Vlado Iresch; when horny client, Johan Volny, picks up the phone and calls in the services of rookie boy, Julien Breeze. But pushing authenticity to one side, it’s surely no surprise that Volny is almost bowled over by the young fellow who steps into his apartment – let’s face it, what horned-up gay guy wouldn’t be left drooling with excitement just seeing this fair-haired beauty for the first time?

Certainly Volny can’t disguise his fevered anticipation, that’s for sure; and within just a minute or two is kissing the fellow and reaching expectantly into his jeans. What’s more, what he discovers inside doesn’t disappoint! Cue a terrific session of very eager cock-sucking that first sees both lads taking it in turns to munch on all the deliciously generous man-meat on offer; before they position themselves on the sofa 69-style.

By this point, of course, there’s every reasonable chance that you’ll have got so engrossed at this performance by two of the STAXUS greats that you’ll have already erupted appreciatively; but it’s arguably the sight of Volny finally spearing Breeze into submission that warrants the most laudable acclaim. Certainly the dick-hungry rent-boy takes proceedings in his stride; until nature gets the better of him and he fires out a fine wad of jizz mid-fuck. But without question it’s the gargantuan spray of wad that Volny spews all over the lad’s pretty face in the final moments that deserves the ultimate recognition!

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Thanks for the Classic scenes of late,good to be reminded of the great talent of yesteryear. Julien Breeze always got me hot & bothered, but Johan got me over the edge so many times I lost count.!!!!!

bodoman666, 03/March/2016

Very good remaster scene with two great stars. I love the way Johan gives Julien's pretty hole a real good licking and smooth fucking. Absolutely great cum shots.

Ryan, 03/March/2016

Very nice scene, well done. Julien is a real cutie!

Paul, 03/March/2016

I exactly remember this scene from the mid often did I watch it and not only watch..;-) Julien Breeze is a cutie, how might he look today, around 10 years after this video has been produced? :-)

Chris, 03/March/2016

Wow, what an impressive load Johan Volny pumps out! :o <br> Nice reminiscence of two big Staxus stars of the last decade... and I have to say, I happened to see Johan on stage a few months ago, hasn't changed that much, still looking good and a great performer! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/March/2016

Remember when Staxus actually had sexy guys (as opposed to what they have now which is just anorexic, atrophied, slimy, faggy looking guys with lesbian haircuts). Staxus used to be so good back in the glory days.

peen, 09/January/2017

sweet Julien, noble Boy !!

PaoloMonaco, 10/October/2017

but in a cold mind, the spirit is winning.

PaoloMonaco, 12/October/2017

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