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Cuddle Up, Sc.4: Cock-Hungry Dane Gets Double-Dicked By His Two Horny Mates! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 08/March/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


There are certainly far worse names that you can be called, but for some reason Jaro Stone seems to take exception to Chris Jansen’s admission that his friends back in Denmark refer to Stone as “Elephant Dick” – a revelation that provides Enzo Sky with much amusement when the three lads get together for some idle banter. Not that the playful animosity is anything but momentary, it must be said. Indeed, before you know it the trio is engaged in some extremely spirited reconciliation; kissing and smooching with heavy gusto, whilst stripping out of their clothes.

Suffice it to say that none of these guys will be needing to wear anything for the rest of this scene – although Stone does hold onto his briefs for a little while, whilst Jansen and Sky simultaneously feast on the fellow’s donkey-sized donger. Forget any notion about Stone being the centre of attention in this threesome, however. For, as soon becomes apparent, it’s Jansen who’s very much the centrepiece of proceedings here; with his two buddies first fingering his pert little arse-hole, then taking it in turns to slam into his rear.

Given how new the blond fellow is to the scene you might be somewhat taken aback at just how responsive he is to the anal assault. But it’s the sight of him being double-dicked by his two mates that’s surely the highlight of proceedings, and that will unquestionably underline his credentials as the year’s filthiest new find. That and the fact that he eagerly takes a mouthful of jizz from both pals afterwards, before jerking out a very heavy pent-up load of hot spunk all over his own belly!

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3Somes are not easy to film. It shows in this clip. To me: cute , hot boys, but the filming was for my taste poor in each aspect. Not my cup of tea. Go outside with those boys, where there is enough room to manouvre to film! Three on a couch doesn't work. the couch becomes a bit boring! Pity of these handsome, cute boys.

hetloo, 08/March/2016

I really enjoyed this. It is a nice, straightforward video, with a sense of 3 guys who are comfortable with each other enjoying sharing their bodies. It has a definite structure, starting with Enzo and Chris working Jaro's magnificent cock. Then the focus turns to Chris, with Jaro and Enzo really appreciating his asshole. I love the fingers going from asshole to mouth. The double penetration is superb, with Enzo and Jaro really working together. It isn't just 2 static cocks in an ass, but Enzo moves in and out. Finally, there are 3 good cumshots. I find proper cumshots have become more and more important to me.

AliusUK, 08/March/2016

Agree with hetloo, 3somes are really not easy too film and the camera positions were sometimes a little strane. Couch sex may be also a little boring but the rest was passion and perfection. What to complain about when Jaro, danish boy Chris and Enzo enjoy perfect gaysex. the cumshots could have been a little hmm maybe more creamy :-) 4 of 5

Chris, 08/March/2016

A nice scene with three gorgeous boys who try to give their best. I particularly enjoyed the sequence when Chris' hole was fingered and his cock/balls werde sucked at the same time. In my opinion, the dp didn't really add to the passion. Before that part, Chris really seemed to cherish being fucked and sucked at the same time - who wouldn't? What I really didn't like was the sofa which is way too small for the three boys and the sequence of action. Soemtimes they have a hard time finding a good position. Why is a bed so seldomly the place of action? There, the movements ould have appeared more natural. And pls get rid of those childish and cheap-looking IKEA-pillows which I've seen in so many scenes now. But don't get me wrong: All in all a nice scene :) And by the way, I just realised how beautiful Jaro's hands are!

Paul, 08/March/2016

Very nice scene. I particularly liked to see Chris's sexy hole fingered and rimmed. Also getting his balls sucked. The DP scene was pretty hot, especially when one of the two cocks was Jaro's monster. Although I must say I love all boys' cocks, big and not so big, as long as they get really hard. And to see their cum after an orgasm. Yummy stuff makes me real hungry. Especially when all three boys are such beauties!

Ryan, 08/March/2016

...the fingering and playing with Chris hole is indeed very sex. I`m also very into ass to mouth, this is so horny and so one can taste the bottoms butt! Much harmony and tenderness between these three randy guys :-)

Chris, 08/March/2016

Holy fuck! I knew that this was going to be a really good scene just from seeing the pictures =) And Chris what a guy! (he's really something special) It's no secret that I love ATM it would have been very hot and nasty to see Jaro stick his cock inside Enzo's mouth a few times when fucking Chris from the side =D The DP part of the scene was great too, I really like seeing the models push and explore their sexual limits =) So far members have been very positive (incl me) and if any member starts to come up with lots of negative comments about this they must have something wrong with their eyes :P

biggerthebetter, 08/March/2016

Chris fande ich saugayl... Brachte die 2 Schwänze in seinen Arsch... Hut ab... Auch die Schluss Szene wo er die Schwänze absaugt und vor sperma nicht zurück schreckt... Gayl.... Was aber total den guten Film zerstört sind die grauenhafte Schnitte bei Szenen mit den Doppelficks und am wo chris aufeinmal hockt um die Schwänze abzublasen... Als er sich einen wixte und Jaro und Enzo so tun als würden den spritzenden Schwanz gern ablecken...Das passte überhaupt nicht.

dieter, 08/March/2016

J'ai aujourd'hui même souscrit un troisième abonnement annuel consécutif et je peux affirmer qu'il démarre sous les meilleurs auspices. J'ai adoré cette superbe vidéo au très haut niveau pornographique et qui réunissait un trio de magnifiques petits minets à croquer. Il va de soi que j'octroie la note de 5/5 à ce clip formidable et adresse à toute l'équipe mes félicitations.

Pascaloux, 08/March/2016

Once even having been suspected to be a paid agent of Staxus because of so many enthusiastic comments, I hope I won't be beaten for throwing in some "buts" regarding this clip. - <br><br> I have always been adoring Jaro Stone, and Enzo Sky was a very pleasant surprise for me last month as well - they are two perfectly beautiful, well hung, charming and beaming tops (although Enzo actually bottomed in his first scene here, and is also named a bottom on his model page). Even though I can not at all relate to the overly positive comments on Chris some members make here, I did find the first half of the clip (kissing, sucking, fingering and rimming) pretty good. <br><br> However, not only the camera was awkward in some stretches of the following fucking scenes (probably also hindered by the space restrictions - that Staxus standard set couch was really not an ideal setting for a threesome) but the action, at least during the two DP attempts, was really lame. No excitement or enthusiasm perceivable at all, and very little movement - mostly really 3 guys just sitting there trying not to lose the position they've achieved. I'm a big fan of DPs, but these ones were just not up to my expectation at all - and even on the Staxus site alone, I could name at least 10 much hotter ones. Then the ending - really totally disappointing, a hard cut from the second DP to some boring isolated wanking. Looking at the stills I expected a 6 of 5 stars clip, but I can't assign more than 3 to it - and those are actually for Jaro and Enzo, not for the action. You can do better, Staxus!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 09/March/2016

I watched the video early, without looking at any comments. My feeling was that the constraints imposed by the small couch were deliberate. It forced the boys to be inventive and get up close and personal. Maybe I am seeing art where none was intended! It would be interesting to hear the director's intentions. Anyway, agree or disagree, I love reading other members' views.

AliusUK, 09/March/2016

@AliusUK - I agree with your comment concerning other comments. I also like reading them, whether or not they reflect my own opinion. Sometimes the comments are more entertaining than the scenes ... well, thank God that doesn't happen very often ... Concerning this scene: As mentioned before, I also think that the dp didn't really add to the passion in the scene. Before that, it was VERY good, from that point on it was ... well, you could see that it must have been a strenuous job for the boys. Sometimes less can be more, even in porn ;-)

Paul, 09/March/2016

Agree with Hetlo and Chris. Too bad, excellent material but more room needed and better planning to film this well.

Dong, 10/March/2016

@Paul - I'm not really a fan of dp. I don't like anything that looks like it might pain or hurt to the guys. But each to their own.

AliusUK, 10/March/2016

Around the 20:00 mark I wished to see Chris start to rim Jaro's hole. Jaro was fingering himself as if he wanted a good licking, but none was offered. Please show more bottoms rimming while being fucked. Also, not interested in DP.

Ty Huber, 04/February/2018

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