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Raw Medics 1, Sc.1: Dr. Hirch Gives His Young Patient A Session Of Cum & Piss Fun! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 15/March/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


He sure as fuck makes for a handsome medic, but there’s no denying the fact that Shane Hirch proves himself to be a bit of a Peeping Tom when he sends his young patient, Logan Lech, off to another room to take a urine sample. Cue some early piss action as the patient drains his bladder for the cameras; before Lech returns to the examination room so that Hirch can undertake some closer investigations. Of course by this point you just know that the doctor will have the teen out of his clothes in no time at all; and suffice it to say that Hirch’s medical probing soon begins to concentrate on Lech’s crotch.

Pulling Lech’s cock from his trousers, Hirch gets down on his knees and slurps eagerly on the boy’s handsome cock – a move that’s promptly replicated by Lech, whose appetite for hard, uncut man-meat is arguably even more intense than that his of co-star! Chances are, of course, you’ll be unzipping in creamy anticipation; yet matters only intensify still further when Lech turns his focal-point to Hirch’s fuzzy little arse-hole and begins to fingers the doctor’s pucker.

That, of course, sets the scene for a stupendous session of hardcore anal action, with the dark-haired stalwart taking every inch of Lech’s handsome ramrod in a whole succession of positions. Little wonder that it’s no time at all before his balls simply can’t take any more of the rigorous stimulation, as he spews his wad over his own belly; before Lech concludes proceedings by jerking out a load, whilst Hirch sips the piss from the start of the scene and spits it all over his buddy’s now-spent shaft!

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Dong, 15/March/2016

I liked the moments when Logan touched and fingers Shanes asshole, yummy...but the rest for me is a little trivial. Shance is a very sexy boy and Logan also but there is a lack of passion and chemistry.. I guess many actors should pause with jerkin`off at least 1 or 2 days before producing a vid, so the cumshots would be a lot more creamy.. :-) 3,5 of 5

Chris, 15/March/2016

There where some hot moments in this scene, it's not a bad scene but an extraordinary one either. When I think medical scenes I imagine something a bit perverted like rectal and/or prostate exams ;) But who knows perhaps we get a chance to see something like that in the upcoming clips in this medical series =D

biggerthebetter, 15/March/2016

@biggerthebetter...yes, you`re right one could have used eg an anal speculum to spread Shanes wonderful shining hole to see the butt skin inside...or they could have played with clinical thermometers to go deep into the boys asses...hopefully the next doctor scenes will be associated with doctor toys....

Chris, 15/March/2016

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce premier clip sur le thème de la médecine. Les deux modèles sont magnifiques. Shane a toujours autant de charme. Quant à Logan, ce petit blondinet est adorable, très sexy et mignon et j'espère le voir en action sur le site plus souvent qu'une fois tous les six mois. J'attends avec impatience la suite des événements sur ce même thème. Bravo à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 15/March/2016

I loved the start & the finish & young Logan's movements & wonderful sounds & gorgeous smile. Shane the marvellous hunk was being tortured somehow by Logan! His continuous groans were a turn off for me. Other wise this could have been a top notch video.

Puggsy, 15/March/2016

Good Points: Great tongue on cock-head action; I love pissing and piss play; Logan's big nipples are just so lickable. Bad Points: Shane's cum shot is disappointing; more could have been made of the medical theme.

AliusUK, 17/March/2016

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