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Raw Medics 2, Sc. 4: Doctor Nick Gives Two Patients A Check-Up & A Long, Hard Ride! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 62)
Added: 08/April/2016
Duration: 21 minutes, 16 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no questioning Nick Vargas’s commitment as a doctor – at least if the opening few minutes of this terrific scene is anything to go by. Indeed, this is a fellow who will quite literally go the extra mile for his patients, as his encounters with (first) Jacob Waterhouse and Jeffrey Lloyd amply demonstrate. Clearly not the kind of medic to flippantly dismiss their ailments, he’s more than willing to use every tool at his disposal to find out what’s wrong with them – even to the point of offering them his cock to suck in a bid to ease a sore-throat, or dipping his dick up their ass to help out with constipation.

But it’s when these two horny young patients arrive at his surgery together that things sure as fuck heat up between these three fellows; and within seconds the thick, meaty, uncut cocks in their pants are coming out to play! What ensues is a truly fabulous threesome that we just know any STAXUS fan is going to quite simply love; with each dick taking it in turns to serve as the focal point of the action.

Ultimately, however, it’s Lloyd who takes centre-stage; beginning with an imaginative set-piece where Vargas and Waterhouse are either side of him, sucking each of his balls, before the doctor finally ploughs his joystick deep into the lad’s ass. It’s a move that clearly excites the young bottom enormously. So much so, in fact, that having taken a brief respite whilst Vargas fucks Waterhouse instead, Lloyd gets his ass plugged so that his buddies can cream his gaping hole. Allowing him to jerk out his own pent-up load of boy-juice to call this would-be classic to a halt!

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After the faux pas of yesterday with the shemale and extraordinary TS scene which catered maybe a minority of the members here this is what we are used to of staxus. Hot and and horny gay porn. beautiful boys, action and this sexy assfree underwear. How is it called? I only know jockstraps but these ones are smaller in the front?!:-) A felicitous reparation to the miscarry trip of yesterday. 5 of 5!

Chris, 08/April/2016

What great new faces. Let us have much much more of the newbies.

Dong, 08/April/2016

Much more like it!! Some beautiful prolonged cocksucking here - from when new boy Jacob first fellates Nick fully clothed to the wonderful double ball-sucking scene and beyond. Only minor criticism would be the need for a little more waxing or shaving round the genitals and rectum and why did Jacob not have a earstud. Great work though...

Blow2go, 08/April/2016

@staxus;Steve and Andy: Is there already a new "behind the scenes" video produced or will one be published soon? I´m such a big fan of it, like the boys when they are not also acting in front of the camera for a sexvideo but when we here their voices get to know their behavior eg.?

Chris, 08/April/2016

From March Johan Volny shoot and edit BTS from every movie and also 3 interview every month. In some of them is more music, but i push him do more "natural sound from stage". More then Jace Reed did.Definitely You will get more BTS and others extras ,then before. :-)

JS, 08/April/2016

@JS: Thank you for your promp answer. This sounds amazing. Does Jace Rees no longer work as an actor but as a film producer himself from now on?! With his enormous huge dick and his sympathetic behavior I like him very very much. Johan Volny I know from the early 2000 - 2006,2007. He is now stage director at staxus?

Chris, 08/April/2016

Jace is still actor (but he wish more to be involved in hetero productions) and casting assistent, Johan enjoy more BTS and gay movies, so I am not pushing Jace to do that, if Johan do that with more enthusiasmus. From other hand Jace love technical part of shoots etc...

JS, 08/April/2016

@JS: Ahh, okay interesting to hear. Hmm yeah you`re absolutely right one can`t force or push anybody to do something which he`s not happy with at that moment. Everybody has his favorites. What I would like to know because one could only assume it..are most of your actors on their own gay or at least bi or is it like at BelAmi where almost every actor is said to be straight...?

Chris, 08/April/2016

Cette formidable scène à laquelle je viens d'octroyer la note de 5/5 rattrape en partie l'immense bévue publiée il y a deux jours. Le choix du très viril Nick pour s'occuper des deux nouveaux modèles a été particulièrement judicieux. Les deux minets ont fait des débuts remarquables en plus d'être très mignons. Jeffrey a beaucoup de charme et Jacob est un ange sur terre. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 08/April/2016

The Doctor has the most beautiful & Awesome New Boys :-) A Classic Staxus Film. Sad to come to the end when I would loved to have watched more of these Fabulous Boyz.

Puggsy, 08/April/2016

Very hot trio and the newbies are extremely cute and hot ! The anal device in Jeffrey's ass in the final scene comes a bit like a fail : he surely would have got more cum in his ass for our viewing pleasure without it. Nevermind, a

christian, 08/April/2016

OMG!!! There's nothing not to love about this scene, the medical theme, the guys, that transparent butt plug that gave us a change to see deep inside Jeffrey, great horny energy between the guys, and the way Jacob and Jeffred lined up for Nick like an "all you can fuck buffet" was super hot and genius =D As a big ATM fan I would have liked a little more ATM, and it would have been hot to see one of the guys slurp up the loads inside that buttplug, but other than that porn perfection at it's finest =D By mistake I hit the 4 star rating, but really this scene is 5 stars+++

biggerthebetter, 08/April/2016

Jacob is perfect, superb foreskin! More of him please!

Julienxxx, 09/April/2016

Jacob is nice bring him back, Jeffrey (what an unsexy name, who chose that?) doesnt do anything for me at all. Has that premadonna look about him. Nice scene, but like the majority of the medics scene hasnt been amazing. 3,5/5

Bobcat, 09/April/2016

The more i look the scene, the more I like Jeffrey : great super asshole, hot cock, good look and full of energy ; let's hope we'll see more of him in future movies ?!...

christian, 10/April/2016

Specialy like Jacob having sex in this nice shirt. He`s looking really sexy.

Wolfgang, 10/April/2016

Of course, the storyline here - as in most of the "medic" series - is more of a parody than a serious setting. Nevertheless, i did love this scene - really cute guys, some variety in the action, I particularly liked the alternating fuck versus the end, and, of course, that transparent butt plug - unlike the speculum in a previous episode, this one was actually used according to its intention - giving visibility and access to the interior of that tight hot ass... great! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/April/2016

great view inside his rectum, shame they didn't piss in it

richard, 13/April/2016

First note : what a cute and hot Waterhouse we're going to have from now on. I bet lots of boys are going to have good moments with this boy. You have my attention, Waterhouse. Second note : it's a pleasure to watch this Vargas (Nick). He belongs to a short group of models that knows exactly what to do and when he does it ...oh yes..he does it nicely ! . Third note : i was thinking about having more action on this 3way..i thought Waterhouse was going to be more the centre of attention of Nick and Jeffrey, that is, i was expecting more sex on this scene ;)... but was nice, boys !

Vaclav, 18/April/2016

Very sweet holes get rimmed here. All three boys are delicious, and this is a very good opening scene to introduce the new talent. Such a cute young guy. He needs to get into a scene where he fucks and gets fucked, but I just loved seeing Nick Vargas tasting Jacob's yummy hole.

Ryan, 12/June/2016

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