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Skin Contact, Sc.2: Sensual Fuck & A Rook Of Jizz For Two Checkmate Czech Mates! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 16/April/2016
Duration: 24 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Chances are that neither Milan Sharp or Jaro Stone are ever going to be a chess grandmaster anytime soon, but we very much doubt that any one of their legion of fans is going to be too disappointed. Indeed, the vast majority of viewers will undoubtedly spend the first few moments of this superb coupling wishing their game would come to a premature end so that they can concentrate on the really important matters in life – like sucking each other’s cocks! A task that both lads energetically embrace once their pretence of liking chess has been abandoned; with Sharp making a prompt beeline for his buddy’s schlong, before Stone then returns the favour to feast on every generous inch of flesh that’s hiding in the mega-hung Sharp’s pants.

However, anyone thinking that this is a scene that’s going to be heavy on oral may be somewhat disappointed given that the main thing on Stone’s mind is very clearly how quickly he can get into his mate’s ass – something he achieves with arguably unremarkable ease once he’s rimmed and fingered Sharp’s hungry little hole. From thereon in, of course, poor Sharp’s pucker doesn’t really stand a chance; with Stone on top-notch form as he buries his handsome poleaxe into his mate courtesy of a whole variety of positions.

It’s a sensual, passionate session of love-making; which slowly seems to gain with intensity, culminating in Sharp riding his mate reverse-cowboy and then jizzing mid-missionary. Nicely topped off by Stone splattering the contents of his balls all over his fuck-bud’s face; before the two lads smooch their way to a sign-off!

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Meh, the sex was kinda blaah.

Robby, 16/April/2016

What was going on this time with Jaro and Milan?!...from the quality there very much more better vids with these cuties...For me it was unfortunately totally boring; I missed their charming mode of expression they normally both show..and where was the passion? I can only give 3 of 5 thistime :-(

Chris, 16/April/2016

Well this scene was dull as dishwater. How can two of the best models on Staxus produce something so boring? 3.8 rating from 25 members says it all, or maybe they're all my minions ha ha !!

BuckDC, 16/April/2016

Two of my favorite guys, but this scene was kinda bland, nothing unusual or new things that we haven't seen before, just two sexy guys having sex on a bed. I really liked the gaping though =)

biggerthebetter, 16/April/2016

But @biggerthebetter you told me " John keeps putting out one amazing scene after another" ... are you saying this scene isnt amazing?

BuckDC, 16/April/2016 I mentioned in my comment above I´m with you to be critical as well as entusiastic. Biggerthebetter is wrong when he tries to rate every scene as positive even it isn`t. This one is a shame because two of the best models here are lost in immaterialness....

Chris, 16/April/2016

My feeling when watching this scene: Here are Milan and Jaro on the set. They're just between shooting two scenes, so let's do another one with them in between. Even if we don't really know what to do with them. Okay, let's put a chess board on a bed and let's see if we can shoot anything that we can use as a scene afterwards ... I did like ... Jaros's swinging balls ... Milan's cute smile ... Milan's gaping hole ... Milan sucking in Jaro's balls ... But all these nice moments were unfortunately just moments in an overall uninspired scene. Why didn't John show us much more of this hot stuff and much less of the uninspired rest? And yes, I also loved the bed.

Paul, 16/April/2016

I'd just like to add to my comment above: I voted the scene with 4/5 because just 3 stars seemed unfair to me. I just love Milan, that's my weak spot ;-) I'd even love him if he was just sitting there, reading out the telephone book aloud and looking up and smiling from time to time.

Paul, 16/April/2016

J'attendais avec impatience la diffusion de ce clip qui n'a hélas pas tenu toutes ses promesses. Le jumelage entre ces deux sublimes modèles aurait dû donner un résultat spectaculaire, mais force est de constater qu'on est loin du compte. Cette scène est fade et les acteurs ont manqué de passion dans l'action. J'attends mieux de mon site préféré à l'avenir .Globalement l'année 2016 est un cran en-dessous par rapport à l'an dernier et c'est d'autant plus ennuyeux que le prix de l'abonnement annuel avec téléchargements a triplé au point de le mettre hors de portée de nombreuses bourses. Désolé.

Pascaloux, 16/April/2016

@BuckDC well this one wasn't the best of scenes rather boring (like a wedding night clip) aside from the gaping which I liked as previously stated, but the other scenes lately has been really good ones. But there are different ways of expressing critiscism it doesn't need to turn into aggression and rudeness at the slightest opportunity, I prefer constructive criticism.

biggerthebetter, 16/April/2016

@BuckDC I must commend you on being more polite and having much better manners in the commenting sections than in your PMs...

biggerthebetter, 16/April/2016

We have two experienced models here, who are relaxed and comfortable with each other. There is nothing unique or special here, but life is often like that. I quite enjoyed this video. The way the ratings system here is used means that 3 means 'awful', where it ought to mean 'average'. So I gave a 4.

AliusUK, 16/April/2016

Guys, what Pascaloux says is correct and this is exactly the issue I was trying to raise on the forum (before Biggerthebetter started to attack me). No of updates = DOWN, quality of updates DOWN, prices = UP. This isn't acceptable. As I stated on the forum, if prices go up, then quality must go up as well. Theres now only 8 updates a month and updates like this which are of poor quality should not happen. Staxus are now asking us to pay almost €600 a year for downloads. so I would expect EVERY scene to be of exceptional quality for that money. Or are you guys happy to pay more for less?

BuckDC, 16/April/2016

And @biggerthebetter, my post on the forum was constructive and it asked questions we as members have a right to be answered. It's a pity your reply to it was so childish and unconstructive.

BuckDC, 16/April/2016

Guys, can you try not to make this comments site the place for your personal fights, please? ;) - Jaro is one of the jewels of Staxus, and among my top Staxus favorites (and Milan at least was), but indeed this scene is weak... let's hope for better ones to follow!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 17/April/2016

Some guys here are very anoying. I don't really understand why they are paying a membership when they are always being so mean and complaining all the time about everything. That @BuckDC just commenting bad stuff and trying to upset members and always putting down the Staxus productions (You just have to check all his comments for realize he is a TROLL). If you don't like the prizes, the videos, etc just go away, cancel your membership and just leave the rest of us here enjoying this site. Is normal not to like every scene in a site. But you hate all of them. Paying every month for something you don't like is idiotic don't you think?? LOL

Mark, 17/April/2016

And for me Jaro and Milan are very HOT. I thimk they fit perfectly together and this is a simple intimate bedroom scene between 2 very hot boys. So PERFECT to me.

Mark, 17/April/2016

Actually @Mark I haven't commented on scenes for quite a few weeks and if you had actually read my previous comments you would see that I have left quite a few positive ones. Also any reason for targeting me specifically when quite a few people here have also left negative comments on scenes before? Maybe you're a member of Staxus staff trying to deflect attention away from the fact there is a very poor scene on the site. The way you write sounds very similar to the bad English used on the Staxus Twitter.. maybe just a coincidence hey?

BuckDC, 17/April/2016

You are so arrgant @BuckDC. Sorry if not everybody has a good native english as you have. I suppose a lot of Staxus staff is from Czech republic so they don't have a native english. Same as me. Same as others members here. I tag you because after read the comments here and do some recherche on the forum and comments I have found more members think the same about you. If you google BuckDC STAXUS everybody can just find all your "nice" comments here. Appeler un chat un chat. Et et vous êtes un troll

Mark, 18/April/2016

Oh Mark vous êtes un idiot. Since when is starting a serious debate (on the forum) about rising prices, less updates, lower quality been trolling? Ok, I'll be quiet. Maybe you enjoy paying more for less. I don't. I expect quality for my money. Vous monsieur ont le cerveau d'une chèvre.

BuckDC, 18/April/2016

It's funny to me how you queens talk about these scenes like this is the BAFTA Awards and these are actors paid millions of dollars for highly skilled lines and performances. Remember one thing: they're paid to have sex on camera - and they're not paid much to do so. They each very much earn whatever paltry sum they're paid every time they "perform." I hope none of you expects them to start quoting lines from King Lear at some point, because it ain't gonna happen. And by the way, I have a legitimate criticism for Staxus.. the gallerys sort of suck. I think they contain far too few pictures... Some prefer stills, myself among them. For whatever reason, this group of stills was screwed up and contained half from another shoot.

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

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