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Skin Contact, Sc.3: Breakfast Buggery Leads To A Sticky Cascade Of Hot Twink Goo! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 71)
Added: 19/April/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone knows that the best time for sex is first thing in the morning, when the mind and body are fully refreshed – a philosophy that Kris Blent and Joshua Levy are clearly determined to uphold when they each get up for breakfast and encounter one another over a dining table. After sharing a few niceties, their primeval urges are soon clearly getting the better of them – as any thought of eating cereal is eclipsed by the tantalising desire for hard, fresh meat. Suffice it to say that it’s not many seconds before the two handsome beauties are sucking each other’s faces off; before both are eagerly reaching into their pants so that they can enjoy the unrivalled delights that are straining away inside!

Blent, in particular, simply can’t get enough of his buddy’s gorgeous joystick, happily slurping on every inch and deep-throating the shaft in the process. But anyone who’s ever seen this blond Dutch wonder before will know that his very keenest ambition is to get cock in his arse; and it comes as no surprise whatsoever that he’s soon laid out over the table, legs outstretched, inviting Levy to bury his hatchet deep inside that hungry little hole.

It’s an invite that doesn’t ever need repeating, of course. Levy’s soon balls-deep in his mate; signalling the start of a fantastic no-holds-barred coupling that sees Blent in a whole series of positions, culminating in him squirting the contents of his balls all over his belly. If that doesn’t get you climaxing, then the sight of the boy from the Hague sucking the jizz out of Levy’s erupting cockhead will almost certainly do the trick. Beautiful!

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Kris Blent - YES, YES, YES!!! Wish that fucker was in every STAXUS scene. He just loves hot, raw sex. Hot fucker! Hope to see him back again very soon.

Raw Breeder, 19/April/2016

Joshua Levy - YES, YES, YES!!! Indeed both Kris (whom I've admired in all of his previous clips - and who really knows how to seduce in front of a cam) as well as Joshua are gorgeous, hot dream boys... two jewels in Staxus' current model portfolio! This scene starts somewhat slow, but gets steamier soon... even though an ending closer to the previous commentator's alias would have topped that ;) - Peculiar detail, did anyone notice in the slow-motion that Joshua seems to eject a double (split) jet of cum simultaneously in two directions? Funny! - Great scene of two wonderful models, clearly into my favorites and 5 of 5!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 19/April/2016

Beautiful youths, first rate fucking by Levy, great concluding ATM, perfectly filmed. Bravo.

Dong, 19/April/2016

Two beautiful jewels of staxus gay porn in wonderful passionate sex action! Just the bed maybe is a little unattractive / boring to watch...Staxus hold on having more fantasies for outdoor action or unusual or even wicked spots where the boys can have fun as U often filmed in the past :-) 4,5 of 5!!!

Chris, 19/April/2016

Unquestionly, concerning the model and the sex, it's a great scene. Thre's no doubt about it, it's 5/5. But why didn't the team decorate the house a little bit so that it looks really lived in? No towels, soap, toothbrush etc. in the empty bathrrom, no dishes in the kitchen, empty walls - except the print of the Klimt-painting which is curiously also not hung in the right way (the two kissers are supposed to be standing, not lying). But thanks to the beauty of the models and Kris' perfectly enthusiastic and absolutely hot performance, one could even disregard the disturbing klicking of the photo camera in the first half of the film and the sometimes bad sound editing (e. g. the sound of kisses when there weren't any). More more more from Kris, please!!

Paul, 19/April/2016

Two of my FAVORITE Staxus boys. The only way to improve on this scene would be a flip fuck. Maybe soon eh Josh. The boys in their panties was all the decoration I needed. More of these two together please...

❤dr , 19/April/2016

Einer der besten Pornos in diesen Jahr, was "neue" Produktionen betrifft... Chris geht richtig ab..... Man merkt das er es liebt vor der Kamera Srx zu haben...Joshuas Gesicht beim Fick.. so in der 18.45 Minute ..und Chris Reisten auf den Schwanz.... Wer da keinen Ständer bekommt..

dieter, 19/April/2016

i think im pretty sure about what im going to say : think this is John's best scene in 2016 ! And because of 2 special guys : Joshua (awesome top) and Kris (amazing bottom). Well, John's fault also (lol) because i loved the way this scene was produced. Kris "swallowed" Joshua's cock in every situation here ;) and Joshua had to make an effort for sure to keep his climax til the end... This was/is GOOD.

Vaclav, 20/April/2016

I am not a regular commentator, but this scene prompted me to say WELL DONE!!!!

bodoman666, 20/April/2016

Par cette exceptionnelle vidéo qui réunissait deux magnifiques jeunes hommes aux corps parfaits de la tête aux pieds, j'ai retrouvé le "grand" STAXUS que j'apprécie tant. D'ailleurs, ce clip semble semble faire l'unanimité par une note moyenne très élevée et des commentaires élogieux et mérités. Bizarrement, le membre le plus exigeant n'est pas intervenu pour commenter cette réalisation. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 20/April/2016

I think this must have been directed by a different person to the last scene (Milan & Jaro) as its 100x better. Now why can't every scene by good like this? 8 scenes of this quality per month and I wouldn't complain.

BuckDC, 20/April/2016

Joshua is a real A1 beauty. Beautiful cocks as well. Great jizz squirting at the end...

PInky, 21/April/2016

Good job John Smith! Normally I don't like oral in porn so much, but I do like deepthroating and it was very sexy to watch Kris taking Joshua deep down his throat =) (especially around the 07:45 mark where Kris managed to take all of Joshua's cock down to the balls) =D

biggerthebetter, 21/April/2016

Well done! I especially liked the couple of times the video made us of super HOT slow-motion viewing highlighting the hotness going on like Kris's well manscaped hole furiously riding Joshua's rock hard dick plunging deep into his hot little hole and of course for the all important ending climax replete white hot cum rocketing in every direction landing on those taunt perky bodies. YUM!

Robby, 23/April/2016

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