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Skin Contact, Sc.4: Three Amigos Hit On A Double-Dicked, Spunk-Sodden Fuck-Fest! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 75)
Added: 23/April/2016
Duration: 27 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


They claim to be just good friends – pals who spend pass the time together in downtown Prague – but you know damn well that a trio that consists of Jeffery Lloyd, Kris Blent and Milan Sharp is always gonna be up to no good. Something that becomes apparent pretty much right from the off, as Blent exposes his arse whilst they walk down the street. But it’s what happens once the three lads are safely ensconced in their apartment that will almost certainly be of the greatest interest to our horny fans; although director John Smith adopts an arguably somewhat teasing approach to begin, with Blent paired up individually with his mates rather than as a threesome.

Having enjoyed the sight of Lloyd’s pierced tongue doing the ropes on the Dutch boy’s dick and the unparalleled delight of Blent being speared by Sharp’s oversized schlong, the three fellows are finally brought together for a hardcore session of fellatio – feasting on all that rampant phallus in a daisy-chain, before Lloyd and Sharp join forces to give their blond-haired buddy the kind of blow-job that fucking dreams are made of.

It’s a bit of a mystery as to how Blent doesn’t bust his nuts there and then – or indeed how he holds on when Lloyd begins to bang him from behind whilst Sharp continues to slurp on his shaft. But ever the stalwart, the Dutchman holds out to team up with Lloyd to give Sharp a well-deserved double-fucking; before a terrific stream of pent-up spunk begins to emerge from each of the guys, leaving mouths and ass-holes literally dripping with jizz. All in all, an absolute cum-inducing classic!

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Amazing sexy trio with 3 of the current best members of the Staxus stable ! Milan does here an amazing performance both renewing with DP and his earlier active role, Kris has always his fantastic sexual stamina and it's nice to see that the newbie Jeffrey has such a big dick ! Well done guys !

Christian, 23/April/2016

Kris Blent is a power blond in the tradition of George Basten. Jeffrey Lloyd is incredibly thick everywhere it counts and Milan Sharp is simply a consummate top notch porn actor. Totally HOT fuck! MORE of all of these guys. Would love to see Jeffrey & Kris gangbange

M, 23/April/2016

Nice! I can't put my finger on it but Milan Sharp looks a lot different than usual. More spit & polish if-you-will. I'm not complaining just really noticed it. Nice job.

Robby, 23/April/2016


Paul, 23/April/2016

One of my favourite gay scenes ever with two of the most beautiful guys, Milan and Kris - and Jeffrey is not the bad either! ;) Great to finally see Kris creamed - his ass really deserved it!

Goodrich, 23/April/2016

Wonderful harmonic triple! Each boy is very charming and willing to have relaxed and horny gaysex... nothing mechanical, nothing forced to do...nice creaming in Kriss ass at the end...I am to become a big fan of Jeffrey..can`t exactly describe why but he turns me on, definately! All in all a winning 4,5 of 5 :-)

Chris, 23/April/2016

just an add on : i also love jeffrey from the beginning. Lean tonned, body, hot ass, big dick, cute tongue piercing and very good sexual energy in all he does... Keep him long time !

Christian, 23/April/2016

This was an outstanding scene. This film had it all, even a DP thank you Milan. All the guys are super studs. btw, Milan has never look better.

❤dr , 23/April/2016

Just great; awesome

Steffen, 23/April/2016

Simply the best clip this year. - And yes, I agree on Milan, changed a lot to the better! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/April/2016

Probably my favorite clip of this year =) the creampie was really sexy, if I could have one magic wish it would have been Jeffrey slurping up that creampie and then cleaning Milan's cock afterwards, a pity to let that impressive load go to waste ;) Staxus threesomes are something really special, please do more of them =)

biggerthebetter, 23/April/2016

Comme il faut!

Dong, 23/April/2016

I think there is no doubt that Milan is one of the very best bottoms of Staxus of the last 2/3 years... In this scene, he can take Jeffrey's thick cock and later he also achieves to take a second one. You're amazing, Milan. And it's always a pleasure to see you peforming with your smile. Nice choice to join these 3 models... or 3 friends :) .. Nice fuckin' scene and about the oral part...yes, also very good ! . Thanks for this 3way Milan, Jeffrey and kris.

Vaclav, 23/April/2016

Cette scène grandiose représente ni plus ni moins que la perfection pornographique absolue. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 23/April/2016

Outstanding performance I love these Boys :-)

puggsy, 24/April/2016

Yes it's perfection , congratulations to everybody involved in this film :) Just a small thing to say about facial cumshot which concerns all scènes in general . Facial cumshots are better when the face of the guy is really under the cock of the guy cumshooting and not the contrary , often it's poor or a just a small piece of jizz on the face and most in the air .... For the rest it's PERFECT !!

NOELMEAR, 24/April/2016

ATTENTION TO ALL Staxus Executives, producers, directors, set personnel, porn stars, et all. At this time I wish to nominate this scene for the Hottest 3 Way of 2016. This scene was par excellence one of the hottest scenes I've seen in quite sometime. Staxus really outdid themselves! Were it not for the unfortunate ending with Jeffrey Lloyd's load not rocketing into or across Milan's hot little hole it would have been perfect, but I am not complaining too much about it as the excellent fucking that preceded it was off the hook, balls to the wall amazing! There's even a DP part with fully erect cocks penetrating the deepest recesses of Milan's hot hole! Holy fuck this is HOT!

Robby, 28/April/2016

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