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Fire Me Up, Sc.2: Firefighter Hero Gets A Gaping Arse Courtesy Of His Horny Beau! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 01/May/2016
Duration: 19 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


They say that every cloud has a silver lining – and whilst a bad fire isn’t good news for those whose property it destroys, it does at least give firefighters the opportunity to put their training into use. For the handsome, uniformed Danny Franklin, it also provides the opportunity of promotion – a turn of events that certainly appears to meet with the approval of his horny young boyfriend, Chad Johnstone, who’s laid in bed with champagne, awaiting Franklin’s return.

Not that supping fizz is Johnstone’s only intention that evening, of course – as very quickly becomes apparent. Indeed, it’s barely seconds before the fellow has enticed Franklin under the duvet – at which point the gallant officer’s clothes are promptly stripped away and Johnstone makes a direct beeline for his gorgeous, uncut dick! It’s a move that certainly appears to meet with the firefighter’s keen approval, given the eager manner with which he then returns the favour; but it doesn’t take too long before the appetite of both lads is for something decidedly harder.

Cue some fun with more champagne, as Johnstone soaks his boyfriend’s pucker with bubbly; before rimming the tight little hole, and then thrusting his now aching shaft deep inside. That signals the start of a terrific set-piece of wanton fornication, which quite literally leaves Franklin’s arse gaping for the camera – a must-see for anyone who enjoys a well-worked man-cunt! All nicely rounded off by the sight of the two lads jerking off 69-style, unloading their very gooey loads into each other’s mouths. As celebrations go, it’s one hell of a fuck!

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Seeing this new lad Danny Franklin giving his ass with such passion after we saw him in active role in the previous clip is surprising and great. Viewing his well opened gaping hole is surely a keeper ... It would have been perfect with a good filling of hot cum in the end ! Thanks for this good clip to all.

Christian, 01/May/2016

I completely agree with my pre-writer. For me Danny Franklin is a new juwel here at staxus. Just 18 years old cute and passionate. Did you see his asshole in this clip while and during beeing fucked? The asshole skin and inside...can`t describe how horny it looks! He did well as an active but for me his passive role convinced me to 100 %...fabulous, staxus!

Chris, 01/May/2016

This clip is in violation of "The Biggest Pole gets the Hole" rule!

Robby, 02/May/2016

Lots of cool things in this clip, the apple and wine (or champagne, whatever it was) part was a really interesting quirk which I have never seen before =) Love a bottom who don't give it, Danny struggled but he took Chad like a trouper =)

biggerthebetter, 02/May/2016

I will add to my comment of yesterday that Danny is a boy with the most beautiful and horny asshole here at staxus. It is shining so brilliant and when he relaxes after Chad stops fucking him hard he can open his hole as wide and deep that one can look inside... Indeed the moment with the apple was nice but would have been a lot hotter if the apple hides and lingers completely in Dannys ass...:-)

Chris, 02/May/2016

Ce second clip sur le thème "des pompiers" est formidable. J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé les gros plans réalisés sur l'endroit le plus intime du magnifique corps de Danny, lequel a confirmé brillamment l'excellente impression qu'il m'avait donnée lors de sa premier scène. Quant à Chad, en plus d'être très mignon, il est aussi très "fripon" et cela se lit sur son visage. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 02/May/2016

This is how i enjoy watching porn :) . I like Chad since his ever fisrt scene here. And Danny seems to be an interesting bottom. Loved the "doggy" part. yes !

Vaclav, 05/May/2016

Great cum eating climax !! Nice legs and armpits. Bad BOY complexions. Keep them around

DrDick, 25/May/2016

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