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Fire Me Up, Sc.3: Three Cock-Crazy Firemen Hose-Down With A Torrent Of Spunk! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 62)
Added: 05/May/2016
Duration: 33 minutes, 14 seconds
Comments: 25


If you’re wondering what Chad Johnstone is doing in the shower with his pants on – and you won’t be alone! – be assured that it’s just his way of washing both himself and his clothes at the same time. It’s probably not the most logical explanation, if truth be known; but it’s the one that he gives his mate, Johny Cherry, who (not surprisingly) is clearly unimpressed and very quickly responds by getting down on his knees in order to remove the offending item! At which point Johnstone’s handsome, uncut member bobs into view – signalling the start of a terrific oral session.

But all this, of course, is but a foretaste of the real action to come; featuring the introduction of Jeffrey Lloyd, who’s falling to sleep whilst awaiting his turn in the shower. As it turns out, however, Lloyd’s appetite for a wash-down is nothing compared to his hunger for hard cock; and within a few moments he is quite literally attempting to get Johnstone and Cherry’s dicks down his throat simultaneously, having cast aside his heavy uniform just a few moments before!

Cue a ball-busting suck-fest, with all three lads taking turns to greedily gobble on all the meat on offer; before Cherry becomes the focal point of the action, with his two workmates taking it in turns to pound that dirty little ass-hole of his. To his utmost credit, the young bottom put on a truly sterling performance; banged to the max by his hyped-up colleagues in a succession of cum-inducing positions. Culminating in all three lads finally reaching the point of no return; as a cascade of pent-up spunk leaves the trio dripping with hot jizz!

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3 is the magic number!!! such a horny scene with super hot guys. It's no secret I love ATMs and seeing Jeffrey taste Chad's cock straight out of Johny's bum over and over made me me pretty much explode =D =D =D +++++++ there is nothing not to love about this scene.

biggerthebetter, 05/May/2016

Sweet as candy, super triple!!! Johny Cherry is back, the juvenile sweet angel; these three boys fit together extremely good. I like to see Johnny bottomed, for me its very interesting to see that such a slim body can take enormous long and hard dicks..Also a very passionate vid with soul kissing and emotions! again staxus on its highest level. I voted 5 of 5 from the bottom of my heart

Chris, 05/May/2016

Excellently done!!!

Paul, 05/May/2016

Three is the magic number and this is a Staxus Classic. Ne Plus UltrA.

Dong, 05/May/2016

Staxus at its best: 3 horny models having fun

Stefan, 05/May/2016

cute boys starting out in a shower scene, I love it. i love the wet undies too. Move on to a threesome, the only thing I would suggest would be some foot fetish action.

❤dr , 05/May/2016

Hot footfetish has sadly never been much seen here at Staxus. This good clip is hot ; it would have been even better if cute little returned Johny had had a less flacid dick, that Jeffrey seems to really have a hard time getting fully straight up. Nice however.

Christian, 05/May/2016

Luckily the topic "foot fetish" is disregarded here at staxus, but it is only my personal aversion against it. More videos with toys in ass or deep fisting would be great

Chris, 05/May/2016

Cette exceptionnelle réalisation constitue un nouveau chef d'oeuvre du porno gay que je ne vois que chez STAXUS et nulle part ailleurs. L'excellence de ce clip est encore accentuée par le retour sur le site d'un ange. Cet ange est le sublime petit Johny qui est sans doute actuellement le minet le plus mignon de toute l'industrie. Je réitère donc ma proposition de donner à ce modèle hors normes un contrat d'exclusivité parce qu'il a énormément à apporter au site. Félicitations à toute l'équipe : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 05/May/2016

Nice job, guys ! Staxus paired three of my recent favourites and i have to repeat myself about John Cherry : it's an absolute pleasure to watch him. Jeffrey and Chad took good care :) of him . Just one detail : when Chad was topping Cherry in the last position, i would love so much to see the image from behind :))

Vaclav, 08/May/2016

Johny clearly has a portrait rotting away in his attic.

felixblk, 23/May/2016

I wrote Nonsense ;)

felixblk, 23/May/2016

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