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Fire Me Down, Sc.1: Life-Saving Drill Results In A Fiery, Spunk-Drenched Threeway! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 68)
Added: 12/May/2016
Duration: 25 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s obviously important that would-be firefighters know the basics of first aid, including the provision of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; so it’s not surprising that new-boy, Kellan James, is keen to ensure that fellow novice, Alessandro Katz, is clued up on such an emergency procedure. But who to practice on? The good news is that they’ve got the company of horny French favourite, Gabriel Angel, who immediately gets commissioned to lie down on a table in order that the two boys can demonstrate their oral skills.

The bad news, however, is that neither James or Katz appear that bothered about fine-tuning their life-saving skills. Instead, whilst one boy passionately smooches the young Parisian on the lips, the other heads straight for his crotch and gives some clearly much-needed resuscitation to his handsome, uncut cock. Suffice it to say that that signals the start of a tremendous threesome between these gorgeous buddies; with shirts and trousers tossed to one side and dicks getting a good airing as a result. At which point you’re probably wondering which of these over-sexed buddies is all set to enjoy a good old-fashioned ass-stretching.

In the end that privilege goes to young Katz, who’s very quickly the centre of attention – getting his tight little hole rimmed and buggered in equal measure by both his horned-up pals. Given the circumstances it’s little surprise that he should soon be rupturing his balls in excitement; before Angel and James stand either side of him and proceed to whitewash his pretty face in a veritable tsunami of richly-deserved baby-batter!

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Katz...oh boy ! Love him ! Oh yes i do ! First scene for Staxus and a great debut during a 3way with Gabriel and Kellan. Katz is perfect (that's what i think) for bottoming. Perfect ass : tiny, suculent and lickable. I think Gabriel agrees with me lol... Cant wait to watch next Katz's scene. Oh yeah

Vaclav, 12/May/2016

A very enthusiastic performance by Kellan, indeed! One wouldn't guess it's his first scene. And Gabriel is adorable as usual - in spite of his terrible hairstyle. Alessandro is beautiful, no question. But he seems a bit insecure to me in his first scene. And sorry, but the boy should get his balls shaved!

Paul, 12/May/2016

Indescribable sexy trio! The two new lads are juwels, hopefully you hold on them, staxus..In the foreground there is passion ans in comparison to other vids over all the time! I like Gabriels new hairstyle, he is in the age where I also changed my look and style almost every week, it`s normal,guys! What to complain about?! I can only vote 5 of 5 for such an outstanding filming

Chris, 12/May/2016

Such a sexy scene. Loved it all. The absolute best bit for me was seeing Gabriel licking and tasting Alessandro's sweet asshole. It got me so hot and hungry myself. And then seeing him barebacked by both boys in turn. Fantastic! Could we have more of Alessandro and his delicious hole please?

Ryan, 12/May/2016

Not my favorite staxus threesome but good. Regarding Alessandro, I'm much more into the clasically handsome typ like Tony Conrad, but Alessandro has an interesting look sort of like a fashion model :) (I would like his look even more without all that black fur around his privates...)

biggerthebetter, 12/May/2016

Superbe scéne sexy une des plus belle gabriel Angel,kellan james sont super beau et MAGNIFIQUE.j adore Alessandro il me fait penser a Yuri Adamov qui nous manque hate de voir ses prochaine scène

toine, 12/May/2016

will add to my previous comment in the morning: I guess what staxus makes gayporn special and sometimes unique that a small event story presented in the beginning which is mostly good then passes over in romance and finally sex. Other studios just show "the standards"; kissing, sucking rimming fucking. But with the method staxus chose it all makes more sense. The boys are meeting in a park, or like here firemen practice first aid which leads into romantic soul kissing. The background here is very nice and as I already mentioned the kind of filming, camera ancles, close- up views eg was cleverly filmed. Just "bravissimo " :-)

Chris, 12/May/2016

Pour son retour chez STAXUS, Gabriel y a été très choyé en recevant comme partenaires deux nouveaux petits minets magnifiques. Alessandro et Kellan sont adorables et très sexy et ont particulièrement brillé dans l'action dès leur premier clip. Cette superbe vidéo tend une fois de plus vers la perfection et je viens de lui octroyer sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 12/May/2016

Just for fun I browsed through the threesome scenes from this last year, almost all are in the in the 4,7-4,9 star range it seems I'm not the only member who loves them =) we have been spoilt with lots of good threesomes these last 4-5 weeks, keep them coming =D

biggerthebetter, 13/May/2016

Only recently discovered Alessandro - and what a beauty! Shame his testicles and penis are unshaven here. Tidying up of that area would have made it even better. Lovely to see him fellating two weapons at the end.

Mateuzs, 03/September/2017

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