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Fire Me Down, Sc.2: Big Dicked Trainee Makes Amends With A Hard, Spunky Fuck! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 15/May/2016
Duration: 21 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


It has to be said that if ever you need rescuing from a burning building then trainee firefighter, Jace Reed, probably isn’t the best person to call – unless, of course, you fancy a blowjob in your final moments! Certainly that’s the stark conclusion that can be read into the opening minutes of this intriguing number; as Reed’s overactive lust for cock results in him giving Gabriel Angel a clearly much-appreciated jerk-off, when in fact he should be scouring the room for any other survivors – in this instance, Jeffrey Lloyd.

As a result, Reed’s initial smug satisfaction at having drained a heavy load of jizz out of Angel is very promptly eclipsed by the realisation of his mistake; with Lloyd insisting that the only hope the trainee has of passing his upcoming test is to replicate his unorthodox rescue technique on the boss. What’s more, Reed doesn’t need to be instructed twice. Before you know it he’s got Lloyd’s pants off and is eagerly rimming the hungry little arsehole that’s nestling inside; prior to slurping on the horny instructor’s hose, and finally burying his monster cock deep inside Lloyd’s guts.

No question about it, there’s not the slightest hint of delay on Reed’s part; with Lloyd clearly savouring the rookie’s brusque manner, as he takes the handsome ramrod in a whole variety of positions. Given the intense nature of the coupling it’s little surprise that neither lad is able to hold off for long – Reed creaming his instructor’s pucker, before Lloyd takes a final ride on his buddy’s schlong and then finally wanks off his own heavy load of pent-up spunk over his furry belly!

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Who is the best fucker on Staxus ? Any doubt ? Jeffrey can answer it .... easily !! Jace Reed, the best fucker :) . I think any scene with Jace is a very good moment with sex.

Vaclav, 15/May/2016

Jace Reed is really nice. he is verry the best. I like him

provision, 15/May/2016

I often get excited by preview shots, but this one gave me palpitations right away (in a very good way) and this scene was even better than I had anticipated. Amazing work! Perhaps they are very expensive models but please make them exclusive they are both something very extraordinary =D

biggerthebetter, 15/May/2016

I like guys with good pubs and smiles

LynnBouchey, 15/May/2016

If I wasn't sure I haven't consumed any MDMA recently, that could have been an explanation why I'm so excited about this scene and both guys ... even though I cannot really pinpoint it (workout? make-up? hairstyle?), Jace Reed seems considerably better looking to me than in less recent clips... and Jeffrey Lloyd pretty hot as well! <br> This video is a superbe one, the action between Jace and Jeffrey by far overcompensating the incredibly silly story and the first third of the clip. Indeed, 22 minutes of porn good for 3 orgasms... a really rare pleasure! What a nice pentecost surprise. Applause for Jace & Jeffrey, and all the team! 6 of 5, and a new favourite! :-)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 15/May/2016

Excellent job, Jeffrey!! One of the most enthusiastic models!!!

Paul, 15/May/2016

What a pity that french angel Gabriel disapeared that early from the screen after he jerked off...?! again a triple would have been well worth seeing :-) But what to lament...Jeffrey and Jace were so in harmony, it was again gaysex on its highest level..I missed some rimming but guys forget about it if the rest is perfection...the intensive fucking was awesome..all in all more than a NyphoManiac did I also vote 6 of 5 ..;-)

Chris, 15/May/2016

I would like to know how the production company it's protecting the young boys it films doing raw sex and coming in each other's asses from AIDS and other diseases. They all have multiple partners, they all get fucked raw and end up with cum in their asses which we know is unsafe, so how are these boys being protected.?

Mike, 18/May/2016

@Mike...staxus is a gayporn site which concentrates exclusively on raw sex, also with cumming in ass. The boys are checked and make an antibody test which can exposee HIV and other sexual transmitted deseases before they act the first time infront of the camera. You`ll never know what happens in their leisure time, who they meet who they have sex with, this is life as it can`t give a guarentee that they won`t have bareback sex in their "normal" life too!

Chris, 20/May/2016

@ I've grappled with the obvious hazards that "bareback" sex exposes to the models that perform for the various adult studios. With more recent advances in HIV antibody detection a performer's current status with respect to HIV as well as other types of sexually transmitted diseases can be verified and taken out of the pool of performers. Yes, there's always a risk but that's life.

Robby, 21/May/2016

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