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Fucking Pissed Off, Sc.1 Cocktail Fun Shakes Up To Be A Spunk & Piss Soaked Fuck-Fest! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 83)
Added: 19/May/2016
Duration: 25 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


Ever the excitable young pup, Chad Johnstone is only too happy to show off his bartending skills to Alessandro Katz; but his seemingly boundless energy only appears to increase yet further when he decides to make a pass at his friend by whispering sweet nothings in his ear. We never actually get to hear what’s said, but suffice it to report that Katz’s response speaks volumes. Before you know it the lad is down on his knees, reaching into Johnstone’s shorts, and giving his mate’s hairless dick a very tight embrace with his lips.

You could almost imagine Johnstone creaming in delight right there and then; but to his credit the horned-up beauty manages to contain his excitement for the moment and promptly returns the favour, gobbling on Katz’s knob for all he’s worth. Of course, anyone who knows this filthy-minded fucker by now realises that his restraint is purely self-serving. What he really wants, after all, is to get that perfectly preened cock of his deep inside his mate’s arse-hole; and having taken a few moments to rim the hungry pucker in preparation, he proceeds to do exactly that, pushing Katz up against a full-length mirror in the process.

Cue a truly terrific display of raw fornication between these two gorgeous bastards; with Katz taking the chance to ride Johnstone’s shaft cowboy-style in order to maximise the penetration. It’s no great wonder, under the circumstances, that the cream is soon flying. What may come as more of a surprise is the fact that both guys are so hyped-up by the occasion that they both emit a tsunami of piss to accompany all their spunk!

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Alessandro's second scene here on Staxus : very sensual this boy ! Amazing and sweet position when he faces the mirror and Chad prepares hiss cute ass. And I think Alessandro also feels better this time in his second scene. About Chad, he looks always shy ;), but he loved Alessandro. 2 cumshots ?? Great. It means he loved to have him. I really think so :)

Vaclav, 19/May/2016

Belle scene Alesandro est chaud et sexy

toine, 19/May/2016

A classic

Dong, 19/May/2016

Extraordinary quality! Both boys do so well together, one can see that they like what they do..Oh Alessandro, he is sweet as candy, his asshole is so yummy! I couldn`t have stopped eating his butt for hours and put my tongue where it belongs...deep in Alessandros warm asshole. Though I´m not a big fan of pissing here I liked it...especially at the end when Allessandro first pisses and directly after it jerks off. Also Chad of course is a cutie! Yeah I do vote 5 of 5!

Chris, 19/May/2016

Excepté le final à la pisse qui n'est pas ma tasse de thé, cette réalisation est d'un niveau pornographique exceptionnel. Cependant, c'est aussi tout à l'honneur de Staxus d'être éclectique dans le choix de ses scénarios et de satisfaire les attentes et les goûts de toute la clientèle. J'ose seulement espérer que le merveilleux petit Alessandro aura reçu une prime supplémentaire pour avoir accepté d'être inondé comme il l'a été. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 19/May/2016

Not into the wet sex thing at all, but I am all for diversity of clips. Most often I close down a video like 5-10 seconds after I see urine, but this got me intrigued a bit, it did help a lot that they where very well hydrated. Some pissing scenes I have watched can feel humiliating/degrading but this scene wasn't anything like that =)

biggerthebetter, 19/May/2016

i am overwhelmed with these two Boys.They are awesome together with Alessandro horny all the time & Chad with his gorgeous fat cock. Love pissing scenes & this was very special with a lovely venue & superb filming. 100% perfect. xxxxx

pugs, 20/May/2016

I know, you can't please everyone every time - but pissing really just isn't my cup of tea. - Alessandro is really sweet though!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 21/May/2016

need more manly guys, and less twinks

versalin, 21/May/2016

Nice video. Alessandro is a hot twink that really loves here to give his flexible hole to well endowed old timer Benjamin Dunn doing a good job as always. Congrats to all !

Christian, 29/May/2016

sorry. Both guys are really cute and playfull, and this clip makes us horny. Thanks for it;

Christian, 29/May/2016

very nice pissing. More of this stuff, please!

JWL, 30/May/2016

Absolutely great hot scene, and the simultaneous pissing is so exciting!

Julienxxx, 30/May/2016

If you don't like pissing, go to a different video!! Do not whine about it!! It is HOT!!! great job Staxus!

BK, 03/June/2016

I'm not always into pissing. But I loved this. Particularly loved Alessandro's pretty hole pulled open and rimmed. Just what I like really, but I loved seeing Alessandro enjoying the piss and swallowing some of Chad's as well as his own. Wish I were there!

Ryan, 06/June/2016

Two horny little piss sluts. Not normally into piss scenes but these are two beautiful boys. Alessandro's asshole and balls could have been shaved a little better but all in all a great cum-inducing performance.

Coco, 09/November/2017

Alessandro -- really special. Lovely face and body and he exudes sexual energy. He reminds me of the earliest work of Brent Corrigan when Brent worked (underage) for Cobra Video. Understated, very sweet, and just loves to be fucked. This is especially evident when Alessandro gets to ride cock; he thoroughly impales himself and adores the feeling of a huge cock inside his adorable, tiny asshole. I also went back and watched the three-way that was shot earlier -- very good, as well. Thank you, Staxus, for finding Alessandro Katz!

Ty Huber, 08/February/2018

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