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Bonus Content: Skin Contact Behind The Scenes HD

3.4/5 (Total votes: 34)


Added: 21/May/2016
Duration: 16 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Never one to shun exposure, Dutch wonder-boy, Kris Blent, savours the prospect of even more attention than usual - this time behind the scenes! - in his recent shoot with Tony Conrad. Meantime, Jaro Stone and Milan Sharp show off their chess skills to the camera; only to find that John Smith is an even sharper grandmaster than they are. Clearly this is one director for whom bashing the bishop is a regular experience!

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Need more manly guys, even shaved without beards but less effeminate and discolored twinks

versalin, 21/May/2016

again a BTS video with distracting too loud music and again too less interviewing and hearing the boys voices. The beginning was very boring and non significant. Yes dutch tall boy Kriss is beautiful but everything was ripple until Jaro and Milan appeared. Why not interviewing them or show more sex with these juwels. At the end Milans cumshot was a little weak but better than nothing. All in all this BTS was too lethargic so I can only vote 3 of 5...better BTS produced will surely follow I figure...

Chris, 21/May/2016

I agree about the music it was too distracting, I would have liked to hear a lot of sounds like the sound of Milan's cock slapping his hips as he was flipping it back and forward, hear the chess pieces move around, the sound of Joshu a and Jaro stroking their cocks getting ready to shoot their loads and many things more. I liked this clip, but I would have liked it even more with less music :)

biggerthebetter, 21/May/2016

...of course I forgot to mention in my last comment Joshua...he is besides Milan and Jaro the biggest juwel here at staxus..he is a boy who is perfection in one human beeing:-) his body, his bewitching smile, his hazelnut brown eyes, his dick, his sixpack body....mhh I could go on with it for hours...just a perfect czech youngster like painted fantasy!

Chris, 21/May/2016

I do agree with most comments above: there've been much better BTS clips from Staxus before, this really seems like a by-product that hasn't been cut with any concept in mind, or any effort taken. The hotties of course save it, nice to see Milan and Jaro back (looking forward to see the resulting clips), and indeed Joshua Levy (not Tony Conrad as stated) is a dream of a guy, whatever he does... I guess everybody would like to marry him instantly! ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 21/May/2016

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