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Fucking Pissed Off, Sc.2: Hot Flip-Flopping Fuckers Enjoy A Flood Of Piss & Creamy Spunk! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 26/May/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 20 seconds
Comments: 25


Pity the poor folks who had to clean up after Tony Conrad and Jeffrey Lloyd met up for this tremendous piss and spunk fiesta, which begins – innocuously enough – with Conrad jigging his butt for the camera in a deliciously hot pair of cheek-exposing Barcode Berlin shorts. Not that he’s alone in his antics for very long. Soon Lloyd is joining the fray dressed in a butt-clinging wrestling suit; at which point the action turns decidedly hardcore, with both boys taking it in turns to unleash their meaty, uncut swords and in order to engage in a hot, sweaty session of cock-sucking.

That in turn soon results in Lloyd deciding to give his mate’s pert little ass-hole a closer inspection; before finally succumbing to the overriding urge to plunge his shaft deep into Conrad’s arse. It’s at this point that you’d be totally forgiven for thinking that the rest of the scene was set to be a predictable romp, leading up to a predictable climax; but proceedings are dramatically interrupted by the sudden decision of both guys to engage in an early piss-fest, with Lloyd taking the full brunt of the yellow nectar!

It’s a move that certainly seems to add fresh impetus to their animalistic fervour; with the lads flip-flopping positions so that it’s now Lloyd’s pucker that’s the centre of attention. Needless to say, the ever-horny Conrad shows little if any reserve when it comes to pounding his pal’s fuck-slit; and before you know it he’s quite literally spurting like a fountain into Lloyd’s rump. Leaving Lloyd himself the opportunity to jerk out his own gooey wad of spunk all over his own furry belly!

Member comments: add comment

Sorry. I dont like pissing.

ivannavarro, 26/May/2016

Fucking gross. What depraved degenerate likes getting pissed on anyway? Sorry. Disgusting.

Robby, 26/May/2016

Great flip-flop scene with two hotties. Just skip the pissing scene! ;) Tony Conrad is just too gorgeous... can't stop watching his face! Even though everything else on his body is almost equally perfect. Jeffrey Lloyd's not bad either. And I particularly liked the cum play and fingering into Jeffrey's hole at the end. Only the pissing stopped me from assigning 5 of 5.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 26/May/2016

Although pissing is not my favorite thing neither, I understand that tastes can differ and that all preferences may get a chance.

Porcupine, 26/May/2016

Though I´m definately not! a fan of pissing in any position or practice here it really turned me on amazingly :-)...Maybe because of Jeffrey, I like this young horny slut. Together with Tony it was outstanding...what a pity Tony isn`t gay in "real life"..but in front of the camera he acts very authentic and convinces with his charming behavior and his cuteness..oh, besides the jockstraps were so hot, I would have buried my face as deep as possible into Tony and Jeffreys butts and enjoy their warm asshole! Yummy....

Chris, 26/May/2016

Les amateurs de pisse dont je ne fais pas DU TOUT partie ont très probablement apprécié ce clip puisque l'urine en a jailli en abondance. Le pauvre petit Jeffrey a dû en boire, des litres d'eau, pour en produire une telle quantité. Quant à la personne qui a dû nettoyer , j'ose espérer qu'elle a été payée double. Ce clip ne m'a pas plu. Je sais parfaitement qu'il faut satisfaire tous les goûts , mais parallèlement, je ne crois pas que les amateurs de pisse soient majoritaires parmi votre clientèle.

Pascaloux, 26/May/2016

@staxus: Staxus tries to cater all the different tastes and likes among us members, which is definately the right way and decision. What you and me are into other members have an aversion. But there are videos almost every member likes as you see the votings which then mostly are more than 4,5...What I miss and hopefully will soon follow: the topic fisting..has been such a long time we got to see this. Are there plans to fix the topic fisting soon, staxus?

Chris, 26/May/2016

I thought the guys were awesome & I love the pissing it sends me crazy. More of these beautiful Boys please. They are magnificent. Should have been 10 more minutes & I love to see their eyes!

pugs, 26/May/2016

I liked this scene, just not the pissing part but for those who like piss I'm sure it was quite a treat =) Both of the guys has worked one on one with Jace, but please do a scene with all of them together with Jeffrey and Tony getting totally dominated by Jace =D

biggerthebetter, 26/May/2016

This scene is great and both Tony and Jeffrey are great cute and horny performers that can do anything. We have been seeing Tony for a while but Jeffrey really becomes a strong member in your stable team. Keep them both long time !

Christian, 26/May/2016

... forget to mention in my previous post that I really liked the intro, Jeffrey looked real sexy and Tony's dance was fun to watch =)

biggerthebetter, 28/May/2016

I like this clip with two hot guys! Golden shower play can be cool and hot at the same time and this one is real fun! If you don't like piss, it's ok to say so but the name calling is really not cool. Some straight people call us gay guys 'depraved, degenerate, deviant and much more" We really don't need this from one of our own. This behaviour I find offensive and totally unacceptable.

DeeJay, 29/May/2016

Great pissing scene, and the ones that don't like it can always skip that part.... The guys are truly supercute and hot!

Julienxxx, 30/May/2016

Just because you do not like a fetish, there is NO reason to be a juvenile!! keep the negativity off of here!! this is a super hot scene!! Millions love piss play, so get over yourselves!! keep up the great work John Smith and Staxus!! that is why we love you !! keep it kinky!!! this scene is one of the hottest ones yet!!

BK, 02/June/2016

Totally agree on how hot guys pissing is. If you don't like don't watch. More of the same please!

plgb, 08/June/2016

super , mehr mit pisse bitte, gern auch ne piss party

piescher, 14/June/2016

the boys are so hot. I'M HARD.

ToxicCumDump, 12/February/2018

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