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Fire Me Down, Sc.3: Horny Firefighter Cums To The Rescue With A Long, Gaping Fuck! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 67)
Added: 02/June/2016
Duration: 28 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, so maybe neither Martyn Fox or Danny Franklin are about to be selected for any acting awards at the start of this spritely little duo, but given that you’re unlikely to be watching it for its cerebral drama that’s not exactly an issue. This is porn, after all; and having quickly overcome the obvious discomfort of having to pretend that there’s a pretend fire, the two boys – Franklin, the rescuer, and Fox, the floppy-haired lad he’s come to rescue – promptly get down to the real business at hand. Namely, fucking each other’s brains out!

Of course, for Fox this entails getting Frankin out of his fireman’s uniform – an almost universal fantasy for gay guys everywhere! Little wonder, therefore, that the lad rushes at the task with eager gusto; finally pulling Franklin’s handsome, uncut hose from out of his pants and slurping on the beaut with real gusto. Indeed, any criticism of lame acting is now easily forgotten as the fellow feasts on every inch of that thick salami for all he’s worth. What’s more, Franklin is clearly not too adverse to a bit of cock-worship himself; as the two fellows switch positions, allowing the young firefighter to finally gain full access to Fox’s tight little fuck-hole in the process.

Needless to say it’s not many moments before Franklin is fingering the pucker; before working the crack into a gaping monster, which he proceeds to fill with his now clearly aching shaft. Cue an unforgettable romp of mindless copulation, with Fox banged left, right and centre; and resulting in both buddies spewing the deliciously sticky contents of their ripe ball-sacs all over each other!

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Martyn is adorable. He is an angel. I love him.

ivannavarro, 02/June/2016

Martyn is erotic perfection. What a beautiful boy-pussy and he is properly submissive to his stud. Please, please: more footage close-up of Maryn's exquisite hole. Make it gape for us!

Calm Lake, 02/June/2016

The ridiculous "story" and acting - well, let's not dwell on it any further. Indeed, Martyn Fox has the features of a twink lover's dream of a willing, devoting angel. Beautiful face, very kissable lips, and a hot fuckable ass with a great gaping hole indeed. Great cum shot by Danny Franklin, too, only in the wrong place :( And Martyn probably had to cum for an interview with Johan Volny just a few minutes before the scene was recorded! ;) All in all, a 4 of 5 for me.

NmFs, 02/June/2016

The story indeed is instructable. Martin is calling for a callboy in jackets or what was going on, didn`t really understand it. But we won`t see a drama or movie goin`on, we will see romantic and lascivious sex and we weren`t disappointed. Oh, Danny I´m such a big fan of him. He really seems to be gay I guess. He is so passionate (kissing with tongue all time), cute looking and very polite. He is a dreamboy. New guy Martyn is not 100 % my cup of tea but it`s a taste of matter. All in all a very felicitous vid.

Chris, 02/June/2016

Bien que je n'aie pas compris un mot de ce que disait Martyn en début de clip, j'ai énormément apprécié cette vidéo qui est parfaite sur toute sa durée. Ce nouveau petit minet blondinet est mignon tout plein et a été très convaincant dès sa première scène. J'ai hâte de revoir cet ange en action sur le site rapidement et surtout fréquemment. Je mets sans l'once d'une hésitation la note de 5/5 à cette superbe réalisation qui mérite de recevoir félicitations et éloges mérités.

Pascaloux, 02/June/2016

Martyn is really adorable. With Johan, he was good. Now, he was delicious. Adorable indeed. His body language shows us he loves what he does. And when I see boys like Martyn all i can say is "thanks for this good moment". Great ambiance. Very good performance. Please, more of Martyn !

Vaclav, 03/June/2016

Love a guy with a really nice ass, and Martyn sure does have that and he's a great gaper too =) Normally I don't like red heads so much, but Martyn proved me wrong. My favorite part was the end, it was very sensual to see Martin lick the load from Danny's torso =)

biggerthebetter, 03/June/2016

Great duo of gorgeous young lads. Good foreplay and fingering, before Danny does a really tasty job of rimming that hot beauty hole. I would have loved a share of it myself, and could have licked it for hours. But this is a truly wonderful video. The fucking is really great. The cum scene is spectacular, with Martyn licking up from Danny's belly. I had to watch it several times over, and it got me in a frenzy. Great stuff!

Ryan, 10/June/2016

Martyn is most talented and should have a great future. Please cast him in more films.

Sherman, 25/June/2016

More Martyn, and don't shave his ass, it's nice to see a twink with a hairy ass. I like the fact he eats cum , likes piss and has great gapes.

Alex, 05/July/2016

Martyn has a beauty asshole, and Danny rims it so perfectly! Great fingering and the bareback fucking is the best ever. Great stuff!

Josh, 24/July/2016

There is little to be said, with Martyn there is true Sense of gay Love, that is, the Worship of Virility as a new world Religion. These Videos should be shown in Schools to show the Holiness of homosexual Love for Children and Boys. Very beautiful as Martyn loves Danny's Manhood after Ejaculation and how he looks and eats her Boyfriend's precious Sperm. Pure Sweetness!

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

but, God's Power is better Substance.

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

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